1923 filming locations

Where Is 1923 Filmed

Where Is 1923 Filmed?

1923 is the prequel for Yellowstone, following the saga of the Duttons in Montana in the early 1920s. It premiered in December 2022, and has already amassed a loyal following! It not only has great writing and a star-studded cast, but a fantastic variety of scene locations that really help to breathe life into the story. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan does not use visual or special effects, but instead tries to “shoot [the] corners of the world that people haven’t seen”.

Read on to learn about the many filming locations for the show!

Where is 1923 Filmed?

Most of the filming for the show took place in Montana, where the show does mostly take place. However, there is also some filming that occurred in areas like Malta, South Africa, and Tanzania. Most Montana scenes were shot in Butte, while many of Spencer’s scenes were shot in Africa before his return to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

1923 Filming Locations in Montana

As mentioned above, many of the Montana scenes were filmed in Butte, Montana, at many different landmarks in town. Of course, the state of Montana was the perfect backdrop for the story of 1923! Filming there also ended up being a huge boost to the local economy. Read on to learn in more detail about each of the Montana filming locations for the show.


The production crew repainted the whole city of Butte for filming, which helped get the old fashioned vibe across that was needed for the show. Uptown Butte was used as the city of Bozeman in 1923. The boxing ring in episode 1, for instance, was at the corner of Broadway and Hamilton Streets. Butte is a cool, historic town with features such as coal and copper mines.

Butte KMBF Radio Station

Another filming location was the Butte KMBF radio station in Carpenter’s Hall, in the town of Butte. It was used for the town hall in 1923, where the Livestock Association meeting occurs. The inside of the building was transformed for these scenes! The staff of the radio station were thrilled to have the cast and crew in the building for the show, and were also happy that the space was renovated and historically accurate.

Butte Civic Center

The Butte Civic Center was another of the filming locations for the show in the town of Butte. It was also one of the most important filming locations! It is a 7500 seat multipurpose arena that opened in the 1950s. It was the home of several different sets built by the crew, and many different scenes were able to be filmed here on those sets.

Butte Sheriff’s Department

Another of the many Butte, Montana filming locations was the Butte Sheriff’s Department. Can you guess what sorts of scenes were filmed here, or what the building was used for on the show? It makes sense that the Bozeman’s Sheriff Department scenes for 1923 were filmed here, and that’s exactly what the space was used for.

A-GameZ Cards & Collectibles

The A-GameZ Cards & Collectibles shop was another filming location for 1923, but it was transformed for the show. The crew turned the exterior of this shop into a different business for the show. They turned it into the Silver Dollar Soda Shop. The soda shop first appeared in the very first episode of 1923. It can be seen in a scene where women are outside for a prohibition protest, and they warn Jacob Dutton not to enter the store.

Butte City Court 

Like the Butte Sheriff’s Department, the Butte City Court is another filming location that did not have to change its purpose. It was also the filming location for the town of Bozeman’s City Court on 1923. It is the courthouse where Banner Creighton’s trial is held in the episode titled “Nothing Left to Lose”.

Thornton Building

The Thornton Building was the filming location for a bank in town. It was the First Bank of Montana on 1923. Fans of the show may remember it as the spot where Jacob Dutton attempted to get a loan so that he could feed his cattle. These days, though, the Thornton Building is actually a former hotel, and is available to lease as office space!

Chief Joseph Ranch, Darby

Just like on the Yellowstone tv show, 1923 was filmed at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby. It was built between 1914 and 1917, so it fit in perfectly with the timeline of the show— plus, this is Yellowstone’s origin story, so it also fit with continuity! The ranch is owned and operated by the rancher Shane Libel, as well as his family.

Anaconda Rifle and Pistol Club, Anaconda

This is another filming location that was not in Butte, Montana— one of the few! The Anaconda Rifle and Pistol Club, located in Anaconda, Montana, was where some of the government boarding school filming took place. For example, this was where the sheds that were seen at the school were filmed. The government boarding school was a school that Native American children were forced to attend, under the eye of Catholic priests and nuns.

Daly Mansion

The Daly Mansion was the spot where the crew filmed scenes that depicted crooked businessman Donald Whitfield’s house. The Daly Mansion is a 19th century Victorian mansion that has 50 rooms, including 25 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and 7 fireplaces. It was first seen in episode 4, when Banner Creighton visits to strike up a plan to run the Dutton family. The building is also seen in the Yellowstone show. There, it is the Governor’s mansion.

Rock City, Valier

Rock City, Valier, is another of the non Butte filming locations. It is the remote location where Teonna hides from a wolf after escaping the boarding school. Later, she wakes up in the midst of many sheep, and Hank vows to help her reunite with her family.

1923 Filming Locations In Africa

A majority of Spencer and Amexandra’s storyline was shot in Africa, as this is where they met, and where Spencer was living before their return to help on the family ranch. Take a look below to learn about the spots where these scenes for 1923 were filmed. Apparently, most were filmed during the pandemic, which made logistics very tricky!

Tanzania & Serengeti National Park

One of the first spots in Africa where 1923 filming took place was in Tanzania and at the Serengeti National Park. This was where a lot of Spencer’s storyline was filmed, due to his role as a big game hunter. The national park area was used for lots of the wildlife scenes, as well as some of the safari camps and b roll. 

Umgeni Steam Railway

The Umgeni Steam Railway was also known as the Inchanga Choo Choo. It was where the 1923 crew filmed Spencer’s train ride in episode 2 of the show. This railway is the heart and home of steam locomotive preservation in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Kearsney Manor, KwaZulu Natal North Coast

Another of the African filming locations for the show is Kearsney Manor, on the KwaZulu Natal North Coast. This was the building that served as the grand Stanely Hotel on the show. It is also where Spencer and Alexandra met for the very first time. The property was built in the 1800s by Sir James Liege Hulett. It was recently renovated and is also listed as a Heritage site.

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is the final African filming location for Spencer and Alexandra’s storyline in 1923. This is where the harbor scene was filmed, when Spencer and Alexandra are departing from Africa on an old fashioned tugboat. On the show, they are meant to be leaving Mombassa. Kalk Bay is a real life fishing village where the cast and crew were lucky enough to film.

1923 Filming Locations in Malta

Malta was even used as a backdrop for some of the scenes in 1923. It stood in for Sicily— while Spencer and Alexandra were in Sicily, the scenes were actually filmed in Malta. Read on to learn about the filming locations for the show in Malta!

Fort Manoel, Gżira

Spencer and Alexandra go to Sicily on their way back to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Fort Manoel, Giza was one of the filming locations for these scenes. They ate at a romantic outdoor cafe, and this is where that scene was filmed.

Grand Harbor in Valletta

Season 1, episode 8 of the show was filmed in Grand Harbor, Valletta. This is where Spencer and Alexandra board a gorgeous cruise ship to begin the trip to London.The on screen docks were the Grand Harbor! This episode is also the season finale. 

RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

Technically, this scene was not filmed in Malta. The Majestic, the cruise ship Spencer and Alexandra travel on in episode 8, is actually the RMS Queen Mary. Many of the scenes on the cruise ship were actually filmed on the RMS Queen Mary— which is now a museum and tourist attraction moored in Long Beach, California!