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Actor Robert Cormier Heartland

Actor Robert Cormier on Heartland

Robert Cormier was one of the stars of the tv series Heartland, filmed in High River Canada. Unfortunately, he has since passed away at the young age of 33. He passed away due to injuries that he sustained during a fall on September 22, 2022. His death was unexpected and a shock to his family, friends, colleagues, and fans alike. On Heartland, he appeared as a farrier named Finn Cotter in seasons 15 and 16. The character is first seen coming to the ranch with his grandfather and his horse. He was a kind soul who became a potential love interest for Amy.

Read on to learn more about the late Robert Cormier, including facts about his life and his acting career!

Robert Cormier Was an Actor, an Athlete, and a Great Brother

After the accident that he sustained his injuries from, Robert Cormier passed away in a hospital that was located in Etobicoke, Ontario. Those that knew him remember him as not just an actor, but also an athlete and a great brother. His obituary can be found on the Ridley Funeral Home website, and says that “He had a passion for helping others and was always looking to achieve more. He enjoyed movie nights with his family, and looked up greatly to his father. He impacted many people throughout his life whether it was family, teammates and friends. Rob’s memory will live on through his passion for art and film; as well as his three sisters who meant the world to him.”

His family also thanked the members of the Critical Care Team in Toronto for caring so well for Robert after the accident, and for their compassion in such a difficult time.

Heartland Also Paid Tribute to Robert Cormier

Cast and crew often say that the set of Heartland is like a big family, so it is no surprise that Robert Cormier’s colleagues were also devastated by his passing. They publicly expressed their grief and sorrow at his passing, and even dedicated season 16 to him. They first tweeted “We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Robert Cormier. He was a beloved member of the Heartland cast the last two seasons. On behalf of the Heartland cast and crew, our thoughts are with him and his family during this difficult time.” when the news of his passing became public. 

In addition to this, the team put together a tribute to feature some of his best moments on the television series. The team has said of Robert Cormier: “For those of us who knew Robert Cormier and worked with him, he was a kind-hearted, talented actor. He was passionate about art and film. His legacy will live on in the upcoming season of CBC’s Heartland.”

He also worked very closely with Amber Marshall, who played his potential love interest Amy Fleming, while on the last two seasons of Heartland. She said, after the news broke, that Robert was a joy to be around. She also penned a tribute to him, accompanied by many snapshots of the pair, and said “He had an infectious smile, and such a big heart. He was especially kind and gentle with the animals on set, which goes a long way in my books.

“Robert, I am so thankful I was able to get to know you and work alongside you. You left us far too soon, but I promise you will always be remembered. #RIP”.

Details of His Death Have Been Kept Private

After Robert’s untimely passing, his family asked for privacy during this time. They made an announcement and thanked all of those who had helped to care for Robert and keep him comfortable after his accident. We know that he sustained injuries from a fall, which caused his death, but we do not have further details of the event, the accident, or his passing. His family and loved ones have chosen to keep these details and pertinent information private. Fans may want to know more, but they should respect the wishes of family and be respectful of his memory.

Robert Cormier Was Passionate About Both Film and TV

While Robert Cormier was perhaps best known for his role as Finn on Heartland, he also had prominent roles in American Gods and Slasher. He was the first in his family to pursue acting as a career, but originally went to Texas A&M to get a degree in Fire and Engineering Extension Services. Then, he went to York University in Toronto to study World Economics. A year before he graduated, he left and instead went to school at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television. From there, after graduating, he began to land roles in movies and tv shows. 

On tv, he had roles in Designated Survivor and Ransom. He also had movie roles in movies such as Firecracker— which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018, as well as Otto In Pyrenees and The Intersection.

In his down time, Robert Cormier had more than a few hobbies! As we mentioned previously in the article, he was an athlete in addition to being an actor. He loved to play team sports, like football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and lacrosse. He was also interested in firearms, billiards, boxing, and rollerblading. He was a very active guy!

Robert Cormier Was a Canada Native

Robert Cormier was a native of Canada, and was born and raised in this country. It is one of the reasons why it is so special that he landed a role on such a popular Canadian series such as Heartland! He was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1989. From there, he did leave Canada to study at Texas A&M, but then returned when he’d gotten his degree. His further studies kept him closer to home, with him first studying World Economics at York University in Toronto, and then transferring to the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television to study acting— which he pursued afterwards to much success!