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Some fans of Heartland love Peter Morris, and some fans hate him! If that is not the hallmark of a good actor, we don’t know what is. When the character first came on the scene, he was an enemy of the Heartland ranch. However, he then became Lou Fleming’s secret boyfriend and later married her. From there, he became her ex husband, but they reconciled in later seasons. What a whirlwind! However, Peter Morris would not be the character that he is without the actor who has portrayed him across the show’s many seasons.

Read on to learn more about the actor behind the character of Peter Morris!

Acting Is a Family Business for Gabriel Hogan

The actor who plays Peter on Heartland is none other than Gabriel Hogan, He has 45 movie credits and many tv series credits to his name after his years in the acting profession. He also grew up in a family of actors, so the profession was something he was familiar with as a career path even when he was a boy. He was raised in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto by parents who were both actors— the stage actors Susan and Michael Hogan.

His older sister, Jennie Rebecca Hogan used to be an actress, but is now a personal trainer. He also has a younger brother, Charlie Hogan, though Charlie is involved with the construction industry rather than acting. Still, with famous actor parents as well as a sister who had acting experience, acting is truly in Gabriel Hogan’s blood!

He was not a child actor, though, like many well known actors start out as. Gabriel did not start acting or enter this industry until he was in his early 20s. This could be attributed to his passion for ice hockey, as he was a skilled player in high school. After graduating high school, though, he decided to act— he started out in the theater, like his parents had. In 1997, he started to change his goals and hone in on tv and movie acting instead. The first major role he landed was as Lt. Bobby Danko in Peacekeepers. The part got him the Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Lead Actor.

What Does Gabriel Hogan Do as a Side Hustle?

Acting isn’t the only thing that Gabriel is good at! Of course, he has so much talent and charisma that we are not worried for his acting career, but he also has some other interests and goals for his life, too. For instance, he has been experimenting with screenwriting and hopes to direct his own movie one day. In addition, he co owns a company called Backlot Casting in Los Angeles. The company has launched a self tape auditioning app to help give actors more exposure!

On top of all of this, Gabriel Hogan has a musical bone. He creates music with his wife, Inga Cadranel, who is a lovely singer. They play together in different bands, such as Battlescar, which is a punk rock band. They even go on tour!

Who Is Gabriel Hogan Married To?

As we mentioned above, Gabriel Hogan does have a wife. His wife is none other than Inga Cadranel. She is also an actress, and the two of them have two children together— a son and a daughter. Their son’s name is Ryder, and he is 5 years older than his younger sister. Currently, they live as a family in Southern California. Both Gabriel and Inga commute to their acting jobs from here. In the past, Gabriel has admitted that it can be tough to parent two children when he and his wife are both away shooting for roles— but they are able to make it work! They try to spend their free time with their children and visiting other family members.

Is Gabriel Hogan Still on Heartland?

Of course, one of Gabriel’s best known roles is that of Peter Morris on Heartland. After appearing on many seasons of the show, you may wonder if he is still a part of the cast. The answer to that question is yes! He first appears in the end of season 2 and is the oil guy that the ranchers hate for digging up their land. However, he wins the approval of the Heartland family over time and becomes Lou’s husband, as well as Georgie’s adoptive father and the biological father of Katie.

Later, he and Lou split up and divorced due to his being away from home for work so often. But, even though he and Lou are no longer together, Gabriel and his character remained on the show!

Lou is planning her wedding in later seasons when she discovers that she still has feelings for Peter. This leads the two of them to reconcile, and we hope this means the characters will finally get their true happy ending together! 

Unlike some of the other Heartland actors, Gabriel Hogan had very little experience with horses. He credits his newfound riding and handling skills to the wranglers that are part of the Heartland cast and crew, and who were always there on set. He also believes the Heartland horses helped by being such great partners!

Gabriel also feels that the character of Peter is a fun departure from some of the more demanding roles he’s had to play in the past. He describes the character as “easygoing” and “a pleasure to play”. When it comes to favorite scenes, some of his favorites to film were the ones that were set in the Rocky Mountain foothills among the incredible scenery— like the scenes of fly fishing at Grandpa Jack’s cabin.

Does Lou Marry Peter on Heartland?

Yes, Peter and Lou do get married on Heartland in season 3, Episode 1 “In the Cards”. They move to Dubai not long after their wedding and end up returning to the ranch eventually. They also go on to have a daughter named Katie and adopt the runaway, Georgie Fleming Morris.