Michelle Morgan Lou Heartland

Michelle Morgan Lou Heartland

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Michelle Morgan Lou Heartland

The Heartland television series has been a popular show on CBS dating all the way back to when its first season aired in 2007! It has had 16 seasons and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Hopefully, we have many more years of the Heartland ranch to look forward to. Of course, there have been many actors tied to this show, and many of them have, like the viewers, been with the series since the very beginning in 2007. One such cast member is of Michelle Morgan. Read on to learn more about the actress Michelle Morgan, as well as the character that she plays on the Heartland tv show. 

What Is Heartland?

Heartland is a Canadian tv series, filmed in High River, that has had its home on CBS for the many years that the show has been on air. It is a sprawling family saga that largely focuses on the Fleming family and the ranch that they own, called Heartland— hence the name of the tv show!

The series begins with the unexpected death of Marion Fleming, who is the mother to Lou and Amy, who the show will focus greatly on.

Heartland will delve into how this tragedy affects all of the family members, and then from there, the show diverges to follow all of the characters throughout their lives in the years to come.

We see the struggles and triumphs of not only the Fleming family, but their friends and the others that they come into contact with, especially on the ranch. It is a powerful exploration of humanity and the ups and downs that life may throw at you!

Who Is Michelle Morgan?

Michelle Morgan is one of the many cast members on Heartland. She plays Lou Fleming, who later becomes Lou Fleming Morris, and has done so for all 16 seasons of the show!

Keep reading to learn more about the actress behind the character. Michelle Morgan is a Canadian born actress, as are many of the cast members on the Heartland show. She was born July 16, 1981 and was born in Calgary, Alberta. While she is best known for her role on Heartland, Michelle Morgan also has plenty of other acting credits to her name. Also, she is a producer, director, and writer in addition to being an actress. 

Michelle Morgan grew up in Toronto and Vancouver after her birth in Calgary in the 80s. She then went to the University of Toronto, where she studied Theater and Classical Literature, before going on to her career in film and tv. Some of her other credits, besides Heartland, include the zombie movie Day of the Dead, and a role as FRAN (Friendly Replicator Android) in a couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Michelle’s first short film, titled Mi Madre, My Father was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Michelle Morgan has also got some directing credits under her belt. Not only has she directed episodes of the Heartland tv series, but she has also directed a few episodes of the show Hudson, which is a Heartland spinoff. She was also selected to join the Director’s Chair, Story & Leadership Program in 2020, where she is able to develop the feature film project The Plains, which is a post-apocalyptic western.

Michelle has a very full professional life, but she doesn’t let that stop her from building a family and helping the community, too. In 2012, she married her husband Derek Tisdalle. The two of them have three children, whose names are Mara Carmen, Noah Santiago, and Celeste. Michelle is an advocate, too, and advocates for women’s rights.

She has volunteered across the country of Canada at different women’s shelters, for over 15 years— not letting her career stop her from her philanthropic efforts!

She was also the “I Am Courage” campaign ambassador for the Brenda Strafford Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, as well as the brand ambassador for the Homefront “My Homefront” campaign. Homefront is a nonprofit based in Calgary, which serves domestic abuse victims. 

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Who Is Lou Fleming?

Lou Fleming is one of the core characters on the Heartland tv series, as she is one of the original family members that the show focuses on. Lou is the older sister of Amy Fleming, and the daughter of Marion, who dies in a tragic car accident in the first episode of the show. Her full name is Samantha Louise (Lou) Fleming, so Lou is just a sweet nickname that she was given by loved ones. She does get married on the show, so her surname then changes to Morris. 

We see many plotlines and events happening for Lou over the years and the seasons of the show. One of these plotlines is when she becomes the mayor of Hudson. She faces criticism from the community and other characters for some of her choices or actions, and this is challenging to deal with. A disaster strikes the town while she is mayor, which really requires her to step up and show everyone what she is made of! It truly puts her leadership to the test on the show. 

Lou also fosters and later adopts Georgie with her husband, Peter. She and Peter have a biological daughter named Katie, too. These are both pretty big life changes that we see Lou deal with, and we are able to see both the good and the bad of these experiences. Lou also has a complicated relationship with her sister Amy— there are many complicated relationships on the show!

Amy tries to be loving and supportive to Lou, but there is a rift between them. It seems that Amy feels Lou was not as supportive as she should have been, or has not properly been there for her. These complicated feelings and this strained relationship is something that Lou must work to heal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michelle Morgan still on Heartland?

Michelle Morgan is an actress who is well known for her time on the Heartland television series. She has been there since the beginning of the show, all the way back in 2007! She is best known for this role as Lou Fleming, though she does have other acting credits to her name as well. She is still on Heartland, though the show is also following the storylines of other characters, so she may not be seen as much in certain seasons. In fact, Michelle Morgan has stepped into a director role for some of the Heartland episodes and has directed some of the episodes in season 16. 

Did Michelle Morgan have a baby on Heartland?

Michelle Morgan plays Lou on Heartland, and her character has both biological and non-biological children. For instance, Lou and Peter first fostered Georgie when she was younger and first appeared in the show.

Later on, they also became her adoptive parents. She also had a child that she birthed in season 4. In season 4, episode 18, which is called Passages, Lou and Peter welcomed baby Katie Fleming Morris.

In fact, when they were filming this season, the actress Michelle Morgan was pregnant in real life! Writers were able to incorporate the pregnancy of Michelle with her first child into the season of the show, which, as we can all attest to, worked out very well!

How many seasons was Michelle Morgan on Heartland?

Michelle Morgan has been with Heartland since the very beginning. This is because she is noe of the core characters and is part of the Fleming family, which the show centers on/ There are currently 16 seasons of the television series, and she has been a part of every single one!

That is a very long time to be tied to any one project, but in later seasons, Michelle Morgan was able to branch out a bit more and explore other interests and passions to advance her career while still on the Heartland set. For example, she now directs some of the episodes of the show, but did not start doing so until season 14. 

Why is Lou gone so much on Heartland?

There are certainly some times where Lou, played by Michelle Morgan, is not on screen or seems to be gone a lot from the Heartland set. There are a few reasons for this.

Sometimes, in the later seasons, when Lou is not on the screen, this may be because Michelle is directing that particular episode instead. She does also do some directing work on the set. In season 7, Lou was on a book tour, but this was written into the show because Michelle Morgan was pregnant and needed some time off.

There is also the fact that this is a family saga that spans many years and has many characters. There are points where other characters may be put more in the background as the storylines of different characters are explored. This is another reason why we sometimes do not see Lou— because we are focused on a different plotline.