Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland

Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

The show Heartland has been running for many years now, and it has had a very successful go of it! It first aired in October 2007, and to this date has run for 16 seasons. It doesn’t seem that the showrunners are ready to slow down, either.

That being said, we have seen many characters and actors come and go on the show over the years. One such actor is Graham Wardle.

Below, we will go over some details on Graham Wardle, as well as the character that he played on Heartland, and why he left the show after so long for greener pastures! 

What Is Heartland?

If you are stumbling upon this article, you may not know about Heartland— Heartland is a family saga style television show that currently has 16 seasons, with more on the way. It focuses largely on Amy Fleming, but also the rest of her family and the people they come into contact with. After the death of Amy’s mother in a car accident, Amy discovers she has a gift with horses, just like her mother had possessed.

The tragedy of her mother’s death affects the family in different ways, and over the years and seasons of the show, the family and characters pursue their dreams, come up against challenges, and go through a myriad of life experiences.

Most of the show is set on the Heartland ranch that the family owns, which is located in the High River area. The Heartland tv show is based on a series of books by Lauren Brook, and it is a Canadian tv series. 

Who Is Graham Wardle?

Graham Wardle is one of the actors who has been with Heartland for a long time, playing the character Ty Borden. Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor, as well as a photographer and filmmaker. He was born on September 6, 1986, in Mission, British Columbia. He and his five siblings were raised in New Westminster, which is near Vancouver. He then studied at the Motion Picture and Production Program of Capilano University. He graduated from this Vancouver-based program in 2007 and won the role of Ty Borden in Heartland not long afterwards!

Graham Wardle had some other roles besides his role as Ty Borden. For example, he was in many commercials in 2007 after and while he was studying at Capilano University. 2007 was also the year that he had a part in the movie In the Land of Women. He acted alongside Meg Ryan and Adam Brody in this movie, and it was prior to his role as Ty Borden in Heartland. Some of the other performances that Graham Wardle has had are a role in the horror zombie flick Yesterday and the movie Mon Ami.

graham Wardle heartland with amy and baby

Graham also appeared in a SyFy movie Halloween and the television show Supernatural. He was nominated for LEO awards for episodes of Heartland, these episodes being Summer’s End and The Starting Gate. 

In addition to all of the film and tv credits that we have discussed above, Graham Wardle has done some work on the other side of the camera. In 2012, he produced The Vessel, which was a short film. He has also co founded a movie production and entertainment company called Maverick. 

Who Is the Character Ty Borden on Heartland?

The character of Ty Borden first appears in the first season of the show, and he sticks around until his unfortunate death in Season 14. In the beginning, Ty is just a worker at Heartland, but he quickly becomes part of the family.

He had a tough home life and was abused by Wade, his stepfather. When he tries to defend his mom from Wade’s physical abuse and attacks his stepfather, Ty is arrested and sent to a juvenile detention facility. It is after this that he is sent to Heartland to work as probation. After spending time on the ranch, he begins to love it and wants to stay!

Ty is told to stay away from Amy and Lou in the first season, but this does not come to pass! He begins to get closer to Amy and they bond over their shared goal of training a horse named Spartan.

As the seasons go by, Ty and Amy— along with the rest of the family— go through their ups and downs. They even settle down, get married, and have a daughter together.

Ty dies in Season 14, which is a devastating blow for Amy and the rest of the family. In Season 13, Ty gets shot by a poacher, and then in Season 14, he develops a blood clot as a result of his injury. It is this that ultimately kills Ty Borden. 

Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

Graham Wardle spent many years and many seasons on the set of Heartland, playing the beloved Ty Borden, husband to Amy Fleming on the show. You may wonder why, after all this time, Graham Wardle decided to walk away from his on-set family.

Luckily, there are no hard feelings, if this was what you were worried about! 14 seasons is a very long time for an actor to be primarily focused or tied to one project, so Graham Wardle simply felt that it was time for a change in his life. He did not leave Heartland due to tension with the other actors or the rest of the team which makes the show a reality.

Rather, Graham Wardle left Heartland so that he could begin to pursue new opportunities, both in acting and in other areas of his life, such as his personal life.

Since he left Heartland, he has dipped his toes into a number of projects in his professional life and has moved away from acting a bit. For example, one of the things he did after leaving Heartland was to publish a book. His book, titled Find Your Truth, is a collection of photography and writing. It is currently only available in a digital format.

There is also Graham’s successful podcast, called Time Has Come. On this podcast, Graham sits down to speak with different guests, where they discuss their personal journeys and how, on these journeys, they have been able to jump into the unknown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Graham Wardle written out of Heartland?

The actor Graham Wardle played the character of Ty for 14 seasons on Heartland before he was written out of the show. This is a very long time to be tied to any one project! Graham wanted to leave the show so that he could explore other avenues of life, and possibly other projects, too. This is why he and his character, Ty, were written off of Heartland after 14 seasons. 

Will Ty come back to Heartland?

Many fans were heartbroken, or at least disappointed, when the character of Ty Borden was written off of Heartland after having a role in the series for so long. This reaction was exacerbated by the fate of his character.

Unfortunately, Ty Borden died in Season 14 when he was written off the show. Those who are holding out hope for a triumphant return of Ty’s character will be disappointed, as his death was a pretty final end to the character and his storyline. Since the character was written off and passed away, there isn’t much hope for him returning to the show, even in a small capacity like in an episode or two. 

What is Graham Wardle doing since he left Heartland?

Graham Wardle played the character of Ty Borden, until he was written off the show in Season 14, after playing the character for all 14 seasons of the show. He wanted to leave the show to pursue other directions or avenues in life, such as other projects, too.

After all, 14 seasons is a very long time to be tied to any one project! Since he left the cast of the Heartland show, Graham Wardle has refocused his energies on being a creative storyteller. He has written a book called Find Your Truth, only available in digital form, and has a podcast called Time Has Come. He has even interviewed one of his Heartland co stars on the podcast! 

Does Amy remarry on Heartland?

After the death of her husband, Ty Borden, in Season 14 of Heartland, viewers of course want to see Amy find happiness again! Ideally, Ty would return, but as he has passed away and his character is written off the show, that would not be possible. Fans of the show may wonder if Amy will remarry on Heartland, as her character and the actress who play her still remain a part of the cast.

There was a potential love interest introduced for Amy after Ty’s death. This was a character named Finn Cormier, who appeared in Season 15, after Ty’s death in Season 14.

Finn does ask Amy out, and she accepts his offer. However, Amy does not remarry in Season 15, which would feel a bit soon and sudden after the death of her husband Ty, anyway!