where is heartland filmed

Where is Heartland Filmed

Last updated on October 21st, 2023 at 07:20 pm

Where is Heartland Filmed?

Heartland is hands down the best show in the world for horse lovers.

But where is Heartland filmed? And what are the various Heartland filming locations?

Where is Heartland Ranch? And is it a fictional town?

The show Heartland is filmed in Calgary, Canada, Millarville Alberta, High River Alberta and Longview Alberta. The Heartland Ranch itself is located in Millarville which is about an hour south of Calgary. The diner is in the Town of High River Alberta Just east of Millarville.

Maggie’s Diner and the Heartland TV set is located at 123 3rd Ave SW in High River, Alberta, T1V 1R3.

The backdrop of the show is set against the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The Heartland ranch setting is as legit as it gets, with the actual film set nestled in Albertan ranching country, surrounded by farms and plenty of horses.

Heartland is not just filmed in a boring old studio. It’s actually filmed on a dedicated studio set and in a handful of real local venues less than an hour from the city of Calgary. The quaint community of High River is turned into the TV town of Hudson using film magic. Want to get exclusive behind the scene details directly from the Heartland set? Visit the official CBC Heartland page for more information on the show, or search #hlinprod on social media. High River is a great place to visit if you are a fan of Heartland TV series. There are several businesses in town that cater to Heartland fans, and you can even take a tour of the ranch where the show is filmed.

High River (AKA Hudson) just so happens to be the best small town in Southern Alberta, making it a great location to film Heartland. There’s even a visitor’s centre in town where you can get a scoop on all the various filming locations for an authentic visit. 

Get More info on High River – https://highriver.ca/

The Fictional Town in the Show is of Course The Real Town of High River

If you’re interested in visiting the real-life Hudson, check out behind the local museum. The film crews park their vans behind it. If you see them there, it means they’re filming somewhere! But don’t get your hopes up, as they aren’t filming often.

Speaking of a visit, be sure to check out the Museum of Highwood in High River. This place has all kinds of great artifacts from the show itself, like the wardrobes worn by the actors. They have a pair of Amy’s shoes and Ty’s iconic jacket. This is also a great place to pick up some incredible Heartland merchandise. The best part is that the museum is free for all visitors. Additionally, for Heartland fans, it’s best to begin their High River experience at the Museum of the Highwood. The town’s Visitor Information Centre is located inside, and these employees always seem to have the scoop on filming. Trust me, you’ll want to chat them up for Heartland juice. They’ll have it, plus tips on what else to see and do around town.

What else has been filmed in the area? Fargo, Unforgiven, and the Revenant! The area surrounding Calgary is one of the most beautiful and wild in the whole world. 

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Heartland Filming Locations, High River, Calgary and Alberta

If you’re wondering “where is Heartland filmed?”, it’s primarily in Alberta, Canada. The cast, including Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) and Shaun Johnston, film across various locations. Interior scenes are shot in Calgary, highlighting its scenic beauty, including the Heartland house.

The Millarville Farmers’ Market and Race Track are notable for rodeo and horse race scenes. Even for those unfamiliar with the show, this location is worth a visit. You may even see Amber Marshall as she lives around here.

Is Maggie’s Diner Real?

High River is a key location. Maggie’s Diner on 3rd Avenue is a notable filming spot, and while the exterior is real, the interior is fictional and not operational.

Nearby, Evelyn’s Memory Lane on 4th Avenue is a real retro diner reminiscent of Maggie’s and was the backdrop for a cattle drive scene in season 4. George Lane Park, another HR location, was Amy’s graduation venue in the series. The Motor Hotel has also been featured, though it’s less appealing in reality than on screen.

maggies diner heartland set
Olive and fitch Heartland set

The Tv Shows also filmed in Millarville

Heartland is filmed in locations beyond High River, including a working ranch west of Millarville. This ranch is private, so fans can only view it on Google Maps.

Notable filming spots near Millarville include the Anglican Church, where Lou’s season 3 wedding took place, and the Millarville Farmer’s Market and Race Track, recognizable by its green and white horse stables and rodeo scenes.

Horse Riding in Heartland

Near Calgary, you can experience Heartland with trail rides, especially at The Cowboy Trail, which mirrors the show’s ranch setting. Hiring a local trail rider introduces you to cowboy life amidst stunning landscapes.

A filming location like this, often called a “dude ranch,” offers horseback riding. They might be family-owned or working ranches, allowing visitors to experience trail rides, see filming locations, and explore barns and vet clinics. The TV show prominently features horses, and learning about them and their riders is intriguing.

heartland ranches red barn

How Much Does Canada Make from Heartland?

The provincial economy of Alberta makes a pretty handsome amount from hosting the TV show. Back in 2019, it was estimated that the show poured at least $200 million into the local economy. This money is through tourism, attracting addition film production, and jobs.

The small Albertan town of High River gets very busy in the summer from Canadian and international tourists who love the show and want to see the real-life filming locations, and the local businesses prosper a lot from all the attention.

Do The Actors Ride Horses? 

The majority of the show’s horses, including the ones used in major productions like Lord of the Rings, are owned by John Scott, the show’s master wrangler. The actors, including Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) and Shaun Johnston (Grandpa Jack), do most of their own horse riding, except for dangerous scenes where stunt doubles step in. In season 11, while the show introduced a Przewalski’s Horse, they actually used a Norwegian Fjord horse due to the rarity of the former. Additionally, Heartland’s Alisha Newton and her co-star both own and compete with horses in show jumping events.

Where is Heartland Filmed – FAQ

When Was Heartland Filmed?

The show is the longest-running one-hour scripted TV show in Canada of all time! The first episode aired on October 14, 2007, and the show is still running today.

Typically the show starts filming and production in June and the premiere of the season is in October. The show is primarily a Sunday night CBC show. The different filming locations are used when needed, like Maggie’s Diner. You can also check the official IMDB page.

Where is the Real Heartland Ranch Located?

Many fans wonder where the show is filmed, and if it’s in a fictional town, and does Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) actually live there? It’s primarily shot in High River, Alberta, with the Heartland Ranch situated just south of Calgary. While the Heartland ranch is private and off-limits to visitors, many outdoor scenes, such as the ones featuring horse stables, rodeos, and horse racing, are filmed at the Millarville Farmer’s Market and Race Track, near the Rocky Mountains. This location is also used for filming house, barn, arena, and dude ranch scenes, giving the show a realistic and authentic feel. The show also films in other parts of Alberta, like an episode in season 9 shot in Claresholm. The interior shots, however, are filmed in Calgary.

Is Heartland a Real Working Ranch?

The ranch, associated with Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming), is a working ranch and is private. However, Canada has many other ranches with a similar vibe.

Examples include The Ranch at Panther Creek in Waterton Park, Alberta; Cross Zee Ranch in British Columbia; and Maple Hill Farm in Ontario. These are near the Rocky Mountains and offer trail riding experiences. The fictional town called Hudson is actually home to the diner tack and feed it is part of what Heartland films when they film in Alberta Canada.

The show is filmed in various locations, including a private ranch in Millarville, Alberta, which isn’t open to the public. If you’re in Canada, watch out for filming spots! Fans should also visit the real town that feels like the show’s fictional Hudson.

Is Hudson Alberta a Real Place?

No, Hudson is a fictional town, but they use a real town in Alberta known as High River, as one of the filming locations to make it look like a real town. It’s located just south of Calgary and is the filming location for a lot of the exterior shots in the show. The town has a population of around 2,000 people and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, making it a great place to visit if you are a fan of the show. This town is home to several businesses that cater to fans, and you can even take a tour of the ranch where the show is filmed. Spoiler alert: It’s just as sketch in real life as it appears on the big screen. Fun fact: There are lovely murals all over this town depicting early pioneering life.

In case you were wondering, the ranch that is used for one of the filming locations is not actually called Heartland Ranch. It’s called Scott Creek Ranch.

What is High River all about?

All of of people that live in High River have been asking. about filming? Is it really here in High River?

High River in Alberta is significant to Canada’s economy due to the TV show “Heartland”. In High River, visitors can see places like George Lane Park, the historic Wales theatre, the real Maggie’s Diner, and cowboy areas. You might even spot the crew filming.

Since 2007, the show has brought over $200 million to the local economy. Just a short drive from Calgary, you can take a self-guided tour in High River, check out Maggie’s Diner’s actual menu, buy official merchandise, explore the exhibit, visit local coffee shops, see the medicine tree, and gather more info about the series at the feed store.