Amber Marshall Amy Felming Heartland

Amber Marshall Amy Heartland

Amber Marshall- Amy Fleming Heartland

Amy Fleming is a well known and very loved character on the Canadian tv series, Heartland. Amy has a dedication and commitment to her family and her horses that quickly made her a fan favorite. She is also known to be down to earth on the show. Of course, this popularity is largely credited to the actress who is able to portray her so flawlessly. Read on to learn more about the actress who plays Amy Fleming, as well as a little about the character of Amy Fleming, too!

Who Plays Amy Fleming on Heartland?

First things first, you will want to know who the actress is behind the character of Amy Fleming. Well, that would be Canadian-born Amber Marshall! She was born in London, Ontario in 1988. She’s gained a large fan following from her time on Heartland as Amy Fleming, and the show can credit part of its success— it has been airing for over a decade!— to Amber’s portrayal of Amy. Heartland is one of the longest-running Canadian dramas. Her love for animals also translates to the screen and helps her to play Amy Fleming accurately. The actress is also married to her husband, Shawn Turner. 

Amber Marshall Could Ride a Horse at 4 Years Old

One of the reasons that Amber Marshall was so perfect for the role of Amy Fleming is that horses play a role in her real life, too! Many of the actors on the show had to go through extra training with the horses or were not familiar with horses before coming to the Heartland set. This is not the case for Amber Marshall, for whom horses hold a special place in her heart!

She did grow up in the city, but was still able to have her first horse ride at a fair when she was 4 years old. 

From there, she took regular horseback riding lessons that kept her around horses for much of her life, even before working with them in a professional setting on the screen for Heartland. When she was 10, Amber got her first horse. She also took hunter and jumper classes for a bit before she fell in love with Western riding. The great thing about acting on Heartland is that Amy is able to combine her two loves— horses and acting!

Amber Marshall’s First Job Was at a Veterinary Clinic

We mentioned before that Amber Marshall has a real-life love for animals, just like the character she portrays on the show. The perfect example of this fact is her first job. Amber wanted to be a veterinarian for most of her childhood as she grew up. In fact, her first job was even at a local vet clinic when she was a teen. She volunteered there for a year and then was hired on officially as a veterinary assistant while she was in high school. On set, she even gave Graham Wardle vet tips— he plays Ty Borden, her on-screen husband who is a vet! She hoped that her tips would help to keep the show as authentic and accurate as possible. 

Amber Marshall Is a Winner of the Canada’s Screen Star Award

As an actress, Amber has also been acknowledged for her amazing work. She won the Canada’s Screen Star Award during the first annual Canada Screen Awards. This was specifically due to her work portraying Amy Fleming on Heartland. She accepted this role in 2007 and has been with the show from its very first season. Amy’s character is one of the big stars that the story of the show focuses on. 

When Amy was young, she had a passion for acting. This meant that she also started younger than some of her contemporaries. She went to Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts and joined the Original Kids Theatre Company, acting in her first play at the age of eight years old! All of this led to her landing an agent by the time she was 11 years old. Her first tv series role was in 2000, when she got a part in a tv series called Super Rupert. When she was 18, she got the role of Amy on Heartland and hasn’t looked back since!

What Is Amber Marshall Up to Now?

You may not be surprised to learn that Amber Marshall has lots of similarities to Amy Flemnig in real life. She and her husband, Shawn Turner, own and run a 100 acre ranch. On the ranch, they have many animals, including horses, alpacas, rabbits, chickens, and more! It is very close to the Heartland set, which means that Amber is able to ride to work sometimes.

In addition to the ranch, Amber has her own jewelry and merchandise line, too. She also publishes her own magazine. The magazine is called Amber Marshall Life & Style. She only releases a few issues a year so that she can provide quality content, and only writes when the inspiration strikes. She of course is passionate about helping animals in need, and she tends to donate a percentage of her sales to organizations that can help to make a difference, including the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (or CAAT).

Amber also makes sure to make time for her fans and to make public appearances. She thinks connecting with fans is very rewarding! Some of the events she also hosts include the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto and motivational speeches.

Amber Marshall Has Her Own Country Store 

Maber opened her very first brick and mortar on July 30th, 2022 in Turner Valley, Alberta. It is called Marshall’s Country Store, and offers accessories, clothing, and other items that Amber sources and selects herself! She renovated the commercial space herself, and then her Heartland costars, Graham Wardle Kerry James, helped to film and edit the first commercial for the store, a few days before the store’s official opening date. Of course, goods from Amber’s own line of products can be found on the shelves here, too!