Horse Breeds

Thoroughbred Horse Breed

Thoroughbred Horse Breed The Thoroughbred horse is one that even those who are not dedicated horseback riders are likely familiar with. This is because the Thoroughbred is the horse that is most often used in horse racing. In fact, they are largely the reason this sport exists today! They were developed in England by royalty […]

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dutch warmblood horse

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Dutch Warmblood Horse The Dutch Warmblood horse was a breed that was originally developed in the Netherlands for the purpose of doing heavy agricultural work. It was used often in the woods and on farms in the years between the two world wars. They are no longer used as often these days, at least not

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Belgian Horses

Belgian Horses

The Belgian horse breed is easily recognizable as a draft horse, and this large breed is known as being one of the strongest breeds of draft horses out there! As the name may suggest, they came first from Belgium before spreading across the globe. It is believed that these horses descended from the Great Horses that were bred for medieval knights. They are still the most popular draft horse in many countries today. Below, we will go over some of the unique characteristics and personality traits of the Belgian horse, as well as some of the breed’s long history. 

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appaloosa horse

Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa Horse The Appaloosa is a distinct horse that is well known for its unique spotted coat and versatility in the ring. They are descended from the Spanish Horse, though their true origin can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece and China. While these horses are best suited for experienced riders, their

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andalusian horse

Andalusian Horse Breed

Andalusian Horse The Andalusian is a particularly striking breed of horse, easily recognizable by its elegant build and luxurious mane and tail. They were a status symbol in Spain among aristocrats and the upper class, as well as being the preferred horse for warriors. It was Carthusian monks from the Iberian peninsula who originally helped

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american quarter horse

American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse There are many different breeds of horse out there, but the one that you are likely to come into contact with the most is the American Quarter horse. They are the most populous breed of horse in the world! The AQHA, or the American Quarter Horse Association, is the largest breed registry

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american paint horse

American Paint Horse

American Paint Horse The American Paint horse is one of the most recognizable breeds, with distinct colorings, and they are very common in both Western and English riding disciplines. It is very likely that you have seen more than one American Paint in the ring! In addition, the American Paint horse has a fantastic temperament,

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arabian horse

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse When it comes to the Arabian horse breed, it is easily one of the more recognizable breeds of horse, even for people who are not equestrians or are not familiar with horses on an intimate level. The Arabian is easy to pick out of a lineup due to its arched tail and dished

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