smz For Horses

SMZ For Horses

SMZ TMP For Horses There are plenty of antibiotics out there, and they are all formulated to treat different kinds of issues. Some of the antibiotics that we humans use can even be prescribed for our horses, too! One example of an antibiotic such as this is SMZ. Read on to learn more about the …

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Isoxsuprine For Horses

Isoxsuprine For Horses

Isoxsuprine For Horses There are some supplements and medicines that we see used in treatment for humans, but also for our horses! These are safe for both humans and animals to use, and sometimes they are used to treat the same thing, while other times, the medicines are used differently depending upon the species receiving …

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Glucosamine For Horses (1)

Glucosamine For Horses

Glucosamine For Horses The nutritional needs of our pets are not something to ignore. Every animal will need different nutrients, just as we humans do— and it is important to be able to deliver these, not only for your pet’s health but so they will be able to perform their jobs properly, too! There are …

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Tack Stores Calgary

Tack Stores Calgary As a horse boarding facility, we visit a lot of tack stores in Calgary and we are constantly looking for great service, price and quality gear.  We also like a good sale.  You might be looking for women’s boots, ladies items,  or a quick sale. We also have gathered a lot of …

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Bute For Horses

Bute For Horses When it comes to the medication of our animals, steroids can be an important medication for dealing with a myriad of different issues. They are most often prescribed to deal with pain, but as there are different kinds of steroids, they can be used to treat different issues. Your horse may end …

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Thoroughbred Horse Breed

Thoroughbred Horse Breed The Thoroughbred horse is one that even those who are not dedicated horseback riders are likely familiar with. This is because the Thoroughbred is the horse that is most often used in horse racing. In fact, they are largely the reason this sport exists today! They were developed in England by royalty …

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omeprazole for horses

Omeprazole For Horses

Omeprazole is an effective treatment for horse ulcers, or equine gastric ulcers known as equine gastric ulcer syndrome. Omeprazole is available over the counter, but it is always recommended that you work in conjunction with your vet in ulcer diagnosis and treatment.