Horse Riding

This is what it is really all about…riding the horse. These articles and stories are all about horse riding. From training to just for fun and all in between.

Horse Riding Accidents

Horse Riding Accidents

Horse Riding Accidents Horseback riding is a popular activity in America, but it can also be dangerous. Despite the common saying that “everyone falls off the horse,” it is important to take riding seriously and minimize risks. The latest research on horse riding accidents shows that the sport is more dangerous than skiing and motorcycle […]

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What Is Hacking a Horse?

What Is Hacking a Horse? Have you heard other riders talking about hacking their horses? You may find yourself bewildered as you try to understand their meaning. The word hacking has a few different meanings, but in the equestrian world, it means something completely different. Horse hacking refers to a kind of ride that you

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horse quotes

Horse Quotes

Horse Quotes For all the horse lovers out there, we have put together a list of the all-time best horse quotes ever. Of course, these weren’t actually spoken by horses, but most of them were spoken by horse lovers, and all of them were spoken about horses.  There is something about the outside of a horse that

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