Best Unicorn Ride-On Toys for Kids

Best Unicorn Ride-On Toys for Kids

10 Best Unicorn Ride-On Toys for Kids

When you are young, chances are you wanted your very own pony to ride– and if you have children of your own, they may be saying the same thing now! With these unicorn ride-on toys, you can do one better and give your kids a magical creature to ride upon instead. Besides being fun– and nostalgic for you– these ride-on toys can help with skills such as strength, coordination, and motor skills. They will easily provide hours of entertainment, too. Read on to learn more about some of the best unicorn ride-on toys that you can easily get your hands on. We’ve rounded up the 10 best options below. 

1. WondeRides Ride on Unicorn Horse Toy

First up is the WondeRides unicorn ride-on toy. It is best suited for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old, and it is colourful and bold– a real attention grabber!

Even better, no batteries are required for this particular model. This is because the motion of the child bouncing up and down is what powers the horse. It also comes with handlebars that make it easy for the child to steer the horse as they ride. They can control the speed so that they are able to go as slow or as fast as they would like to. 

This ride-on toy can be used either indoors or outdoors, and its plush, non-slip pedals ensure that your child stays secure as they gallop about!

2. Vroom Rider X Ponycycle Ride-On Unicorn

The Vroom Rider X Ponycycle is another model that does not require batteries, as it is powered by the bouncing, up and down motion of the child who is riding the toy. As your child moves, the head and the legs of the horse move with it, mimicking the motions and the gait of a real horse. This particular toy really helps to convey the experience of riding a real horse! 

It is also a plush model, so it is soft to the touch, just as your child might imagine a real horse to be. This ride-on toy is a great choice for kids who are between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. 

3. iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Hopping Horse

Next up is the iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Hopping Horse! Unlike some of the others on this list, this ride-on toy is ideal for children much younger–kids of 18 months and up can ride on this toy. This makes it great for energetic young toddlers and can occupy them when you are doing things around the house. 

The unicorn toy has a safe design that prevents your child from tripping or falling off as they bounce around. The hopping horse fosters the development of balance, body strength, and motion exposure, as well as brain development. The ears provide an easy handle for them to grab onto as they move around. It even has a machine washable cover!

4. Stable Buddies Electric Ride On Unicorn

The Stable Buddies Electric Ride On Unicorn is different from some of the other options on this list. This is because it is not simply powered by the movement of your child– instead, it is powered by a motor. The motor is a 6-volt motor and has a maximum speed of 2.5 MPH. The low speed makes it still perfectly safe for your child to ride on. 

In addition to being electric and moving on its own, this toy has some other fun features. It makes unicorn sounds and comes with a light-up unicorn horn and even a play stable to make the play experience more real for your child! There are pedals and handles included on the side so that your child can hold on safely. 

5. VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn

The VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn is another option on this list that is suitable for younger ages. It can be a great first horse or unicorn toy for the toddler in your life, as it is specifically designed for children between the ages of 12 and 36 months. 

The toy is also able to change from a rocker to a ride-on toy as your child grows so that you can get more use out of it! It comes with set phrases, melodies, and songs that it will play, and there is a bead wheel that your kid can spin as the toy lights up the horn and plays sounds. This is great for encouraging the development of motor skills!

6. Step2 Unicorn Rocking Horse

The Step2 Unicorn Rocking Horse resembles one of the rocking horses that you might have had as a child yourself. It features a cute white unicorn design and includes a golden horn and a soft, colorful mane. Children between 12 months and 10 years old will be able to enjoy this rocking horse! 

Due to its wooden materials and sturdy design, this ride-on unicorn toy is durable and built to last! It also has handles that are easy to grip for your little and a comfortable, contoured seat. 

7. labebe – Baby Rocking and Ride On Toy

The Iabele unicorn ride-on toy is another that is designed for younger children– it is recommended for those between the ages of 1 and 3 years old. It is also built safely so that children of these ages can use the toy without fear of falling or other injuries. The design has even won awards!

It has a three-sided seat and a seatbelt to keep your child secure as they ride, and the materials used are soft and plush. Inside the plush toy is a wooden frame that makes it safe, sturdy, and durable. The toy has a cute design with a pink and white color scheme, along with a shiny silver horn.

8. Kid Trax Toddler 12 Volt Unicorn Ride-On Toy

The Kid Trax Toddler 12 Volt Unicorn Ride-On Toy is designed for use by toddlers, as the name suggests. It is another one of the options on this list that is electrically powered, rather than powered by the movement of the child riding it. The toy takes batteries and has a speed of up to 4 MPH when moving forward, and 3.5 MPH when moving backwards. 

Since this is a battery-operated toy, it is able to make many different sounds. In fact, the toy has a catalog of more than 100 unique sounds and movements! She can sing unicorn songs as your child rides along. The ears, eyes, head, and wheels of the unicorn are fully motorized as well. 

This toy comes with some extras, which include a grooming brush, flowers, saddlebag, cupcake, and the rechargeable 12-volt battery that powers it.

9. Animal Adventure Ride-On Plush Unicorn Rocker

The Animal Adventure Ride On Plush Unicorn Rocker is a pretty and soft unicorn toy. It has a super plush mane and tail and a matching pink saddle with lovely embroidered details. The toy also has moveable reins so that your child can really pretend that they are riding a real horse as they canter along!

The material that is used to make the unicorn is polyester, which is easy to clean in the case of any messes over the unicorn’s lifetime. That is one of the key ways that the toy was designed to handle everyday wear and tear. This toy is ideal for kids who are over 3 years of age.

10. Kid Trax Silly Skaters Unicorn Toddler Ride On Toy

Last, but not least, is the Kid Trax Silly Skaters Unicorn Toddler Ride-On toy. As the name suggests, it is designed specifically for kids of toddler age. Unlike some of the other options on this list, it is made from a rubber material and therefore is not soft and plush like a real horse might be. 

This unicorn is also wearing light-up pink roller skates! These skates are motion activated, so they light up as the toy moves. Your child can either ride on the unicorn or push it around the house instead. When it comes to materials, the rubber form is still pliable, and it is also inflatable. This toy will help to encourage balance, strength, and motor skills in your child as they play.