Heartland Spoilers Faqs

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

15 Heartland Spoilers & Common FAQs Answered

If you don’t want any spoilers for Heartland, stop reading here! Even the most loyal Heartland fans might have some questions about the show, though, as there are so many different storylines and characters that can be hard to keep track of. Take a look below for answers to some of the common FAQs about the show. Many of the questions involve the relationships of the different characters, but you will also see answers about some of the big events that happen on the show, too. 

Do Lou and Scott Get Married on Heartland?

The characters of Lou and Scott have a relationship in the earlier episodes and first season of the show. Unfortunately, though, they do not end up staying together and never get married. Lou does propose to Scott in Season 2, Episode 5, but Scott rejects it and their relationship is at their breaking point.

In Season 3, when Scott and Ty’s plane crashes, Scott says that letting lou go was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. Throughout the series, Scott continues to regret his choice, but he and Lou remain on good terms.

Do Lou and Peter Divorce on Heartland?

Lou and Peter do get married, but then they start to experience marriage problems in Season 8. These issues make Lou start to question Peter’s dedication to her and their family. The issues start to snowball and drive them apart, which leads to separation. They continue to try and work things out, but end up signing dovirce papers in Season 10.

The couple agrees to be there for their daughters and start to co-parent in the ensuing episodes, and Peter makes more of an effort to be around and available for the sake of their daughters.

Do Lou and Peter Get Back Together on Heartland?

In Season 10, Lou and Peter unfortunately decide that they need to dovirce in order to move forward, and that their issues cannot be resolved. This is when they sign the divorce papers. Peter does continue to be there for Lou, though, so fans may hope that they can get back together.

At the end of Season 15, Lou and Peter do decide to get back together. They realized that they still have feelings for each other, even though they tried to move on with other relationships and Lou was going to marry Mitch. In the Season 14 finale, they also admitted their feelings for each other. 

Do Lou and Mitch Get Together in Heartland Season 10?

Mitch first shows up as the new ranch hand at the Heartland ranch. After Lou and Peter sign the divorce papers in Season 10, Lou and Mitch do get together. They go on to have many ups and downs in their relationship in the next few seasons.

They end up buying a ranch together and even getting engaged, and the two seem on track for their happily ever after. However, by the end of Season 14, Lou and Mitch will break up and go their separate ways– because Lou decides to give it another try with Peter.

What Happens to Georgie and Adam in Heartland Season 10?

Adam first comes onto the scene as Georgie’s math tutor in Season 9. They begin to warm up to each other, though Georgie dislikes him at first. By the end of Season 9, they are dating!

The couple is still together in Season 10, but towards the end of the season, there is trouble in paradise. Georgie finds out in Season 10, Episode 13 that Adam has been reading her texts, and she breaks up with him for it.

Does Mallory Come Back to Heartland?

Mallory leaves Heartland back in Season 7, when she goes along with Jake to Paris. She does return, though, for a 2 episode arc in Season 10. She returns because she wants some advice from her family and needs help finding herself. 

What Happened to Mallory and Jake in Heartland Season 10?

In Season 10, Mallory returns to the ranch for what seems to be an innocent visit, but it is actually because of Jake’s proposal. Jake then confronts her about it and they realize how much they love each other, so they decide to get married there on the Heartland ranch. 

When Does Ty Come Back in Heartland Season 10?

Ty goes to Mongolia in Season 10, because he has an opportunity to help save Gobi bears– an endangered species. He leaves while Amy is pregnant, but then returns in Season 10, Episode 17, because he needs intensive care. He recovers in time for Amy to give birth, and then goes back to Mongolia for a bit in Season 11.

When Does Amy Give Birth on Heartland?

Amy gives birth to baby Lindy in Season 10, Episode 18. She plans for a home birth, though her family is nervous about that, and she gives birth successfully.  Ty is in Mongolia for a lot of her pregnancy.

Who Dies in Heartland Season 12?

In Season 12, Jack’s old friend Will Vernon passes away. Will Vernon’s wife tells Jack the news, and Jack makes a trip up to the fishing cabin so that he can try and deal with his grief over the passing of his good friend. 

Who is June Bartlett on Heartland?

June Bartlett is played by Carol Huska. She’s Jack’s younger sister, who had passed away tragically at the young age of 17. She had fallen off a wagon. We learn that Jack blamed himself for his sister’s death, because if he hadn’t been at his rodeo competition, he would have been there to prevent her accident.

Who Shot Ty and Amy on Heartland?

In Season 13, Episode 10, Ty and Amy are shot by a poacher who was actually aiming at a wolf. The poacher’s name was Grady, and was one of J.D. Werth’s associates. He’d been asked to go out and shoot the wolf, which was wandering too close to a housing project being worked on. 

Does Ty Die in Heartland Season 14?

When Ty and Amy were shot by the poacher, Ty saw the wolf coming at them and shielded Amy with his body. This led to him getting the brunt of the shot, while Amy was only hit in the shoulder and it was not as severe. She makes a full recovery, but Ty ends up dying in Season 14 due to deep vein thrombosis. 

The deep vein thrombosis developed from his gunshot wound, and the condition was hidden until he collapsed from it. His death was a shock to the family at Heartland and the shows’ fans alike. We will miss him!

Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

Graham Wardle left Heartland in Season 14. While fans were certainly bummed out, he had been a part of the show for a very long time and wanted to leave so that he could move in another direction and pursue other passions of his– and other projects, too! 

When Will Heartland Season 14 be on Netflix?

Heartland Season 14 should be dropping on Netflix sometime in 2022. The first 13 seasons are already there and ready to binge!