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Horse Health and Riding Articles.

We have a number of articles in the horse health and riding category. We are all here because we love to ride and love our horses and want to keep them healthy. So these articles are centred around those two things.

Horse Riding and Horse Riding Equipment

So many great choices to choose from when it comes to equipment and riding gear. We love things like Impact Gel saddle pads and front cinches. We also have a number of articles about riding and using great gear.

Horse Ulcers

Over the course of their lives, many owners deal with horse ulcers. We have had a significant amount of experience with them, and have also done a lot of research. We build a section just for this, because most people need help dealing with the issues.

Horse Health

The health and wellness of your horse are paramount. We go to great lengths to research and get the best information. We interview vets, have personal decades of experience and scour resources looking for the best answers.

We have some personal experience with older horses, and managing things that they need. Some need additional supplements, different kinds of feed, different kinds of medicine and maintenance especially if they suffer from arthritis or other ageing ailments.

Horse Gear For Beginners

Are you just getting started? We have a number of resources for beginners. If you are in the process of buying a horse read our article on the calmest horse breeds to see if one of them will fit for your situation.

Are you looking to develop land for your Horse Ranch or Boarding Facility. Check out EPTA Properties. They also have some information on this page, and this page

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