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Luke Kashani Heartland

Luke Kashani Heartland

The Heartland tv show is a family drama that has been airing for over a decade in Canada. Due to this, many of the characters have grown up on screen in front of the eyes of their fans. The characters are likeable and the storylines are very compelling, which is one of the big reasons that the show has such a loyal fan base. Some of these storylines tackle difficult issues, too, and one of them is the storyline around the character of Luke Kashani. He is a foster child who ends up having a huge impact on the lives of Amy Fleming and Ty Borden, finding himself in the system as his mother struggles with her mental health.

Read on to learn more about the character of Luke Kashani on the Heartland tv series, including some facts about the actor who portrays him.

Who Is Luke Kashani In Heartland?

Luke Kashani is a character who shows up in season 12 of Heartland. He is the son of Andrea Kashani, and is a troubled boy. His mother has her fair share of troubles as a young mother as well, and is also dealing with failing mental health. All of this makes it very hard to raise her son Luke. Clint, Luke’s social worker, decides that the boy could benefit from some time at the Heartland ranch. Andrea ends up falling asleep in her car at a truck stop and leaving Luke unattended, which seals the deal— Luke goes to stay with Amy Fleming and Ty Borden at Heartland.

Andrea is, of course, resistant to this. She even goes to tell Amy and Ty that, no matter how many horses they buy Luke, he will always be her son. This makes it clear that Andrea really loves and cares for her son. However, she needs to get help for herself before she is able to provide a safe and stable home for Luke. This does help to push Andrea to get help, where before she lost her son, she was resistant to that. 

After Luke had come to the ranch, Ty began to see that he as a child and Luke had a lot of similarities and a lot in common. He empathizes with Luke and wants to help him. Luke has certain behavioral issues, but he also has a talent for STEM. At one point, he even wins a STEM award certificate and Amy and Ty put it right up on the fridge! While Luke is at the Heartland ranch, he learns to ride Boots, with Jack’s help. He starts to do very well at Heartland.

Do Amy and Ty Adopt Luke In Heartland?

You may wonder if Amy and Ty end up adopting Luke, or if Andrea is able to turn her life around and regain custody of her son. Amy and Ty do foster Luke, of course, but they do not adopt him. Luke is able to go back to life with his biological family at the end of season 13. For a long time, Andrea did not see her son and said that she was not feeling well enough to visit. Later on, though, it is revealed that Andrea was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Andrea is able to watch Luke ride at the ranch, and starts to become more appreciative of Amy and Ty and all that they had done for Luke— whereas before, she felt very defensive and wanted to protect her son from them. It takes a little bit, but Andrea becomes more affectionate towards Luke again. Her health starts to improve, and she becomes a better mother to him again.

Luke is happy to be reunited with his mother and to be able to go home and be a family again. Of course, it is bittersweet because he also realizes that means leaving the ranch, which he has also grown to love. He’s sad to leave. Amy and Ty tell him that he is always welcome there at the ranch if he wants to come visit, or if he wants to come stay— as they would have happily adopted him. 

Will Luke Return to Heartland?

Luke has not been seen on the Heartland screen since season 13, when he returned to his biological family. Many of the show’s loyal fans do want an update on how Luke and his mother Andrea are doing. However, it is not likely that they will be returning, as their storyline was neatly wrapped up at the end of season 13. 

There has not been any word or information on Luke’s character returning to Heartland. There is always the possibility of seeing him again, but as we said before, it is not likely. There hasn’t been any indication that he will be appearing on future episodes of the show.

Who Is Lucian-River Chauhan?

Lucian-River Chauhan is the actor who plays the character of Luke Kashani on Heartland. He is a Canadian actor, like most of the Heartland cast, and was born on June 3, 2009. When he joined the cast of Heartland, he was only nine years old. The role of Luke Kashani was also his first ever television role, so this was an extremely exciting opportunity for the young actor! Now, Lucian-River Chauhan is 14 years old, so we think he has a very bright career in tv and film ahead of him.

While his role on Heartland is probably his most recognizable role, it is not his only acting credit. He has had both on screen roles and roles in theater, too. His on screen roles include parts in ParaShorts: Devil’s Playground in 2017, Gabby Duran & The Unsittables in 2019, and Encounter in 2021. One of the roles he’s had in live theater is Theatre Calgary’s Secret Garden. He has also starred in ATP’s Zorro: Family Code. ANd again, he is only 14 years old! We can’[t wait to see what else Lucian-Rover Chauhan is going to get up to in his career.