10 Best Amy Fleming and Ty Borden Love Moments on Heartland

Who are Amy and Ty?

In case you don’t know here is a little background to Amy and Ty in Heartland

Ty Borden and Amy Fleming are central characters in the Canadian TV series “Heartland”. The series is a family drama that primarily revolves around Amy Fleming and her family. Amy is a horse whisperer who has a special connection with horses and uses it to heal and help them.

Ty Borden, a major love interest for Amy throughout the series, is initially a troubled youth sent to work at Heartland as a part of his probation. However, he becomes an integral part of the Heartland family and eventually marries Amy.

Their relationship evolves over the seasons and the audience witnesses many ups and downs. As far as specifics about their wedding, I can confirm that they got engaged in Season 6, in an episode called “Great Expectations”. The details of their wedding, as it happened in the series, might have been released after my last training cut-off. Therefore, I would recommend checking the most recent episodes or reliable Heartland fan resources for the latest and most accurate information.

From the inaugural season of Heartland, Amy Fleming and Ty Borden have demonstrated shared chemistry. Despite the various challenges encountered in their relationship, they perpetually gravitate back toward one another.

Through the journey of Heartland’s initial 15 seasons, we have been privy to Amy and Ty’s most captivating moments.

Though their love story was prematurely concluded by Ty’s unexpected demise, they shared numerous remarkable moments together.

1 – Their First Kiss

The initial encounter between Amy and Ty was less than ideal. Amy reproached him for driving too near to the horses. However, as they began to understand each other better, feelings of affection emerged.

In the concluding episode of season one, titled “Coming Together,” Amy and Ty share their inaugural kiss. Following Amy’s triumph in the Fall Finale, the two engage in a heart-to-heart conversation in the barn. Ty conveys his pride in Amy and hints at wanting to express more, but struggles to find the right words.

Amy then tenderly reassures Ty, saying “talking is overrated.” It is during this close moment that Ty kisses Amy with fervor for the first time.

2 – Ty Gives Amy a Promise Ring

In the third episode of the third season, “Man’s Best Friend,” Amy and Ty are preparing to attend their school’s closing dance. Unfortunately, on their journey to the dance, Ty’s truck malfunctions, leaving them in a bind.

Rather than turning into a disappointing incident, it morphs into one of the show’s most idyllic romantic sequences. In an effort to lift Amy’s spirits, Ty invites her to dance with him in the back of his immobile truck.

As they share a slow dance with the backdrop of a setting sun, the two revel in a tender moment. Ty further surprises Amy with a promise ring, a token she joyously accepts. This scene eloquently demonstrates the depth of their mutual affection.

3 – Ty Builds a Jump Course for Amy

Upon discovering Amy’s enthusiasm for jumping, Ty constructs a course for her in the forest during the second episode of the first season, “After the Storm.” Amy is still grappling with her mother’s death, making Ty’s thoughtful act significantly meaningful to her.

Amy navigates her horse, Spartan, through the course. The synergy between them as horse and rider is unmistakable as they take pleasure in their newly established jumping course.

As they reach the end of the course, Jack pulls up in a pick-up truck, with Ty as his passenger. A genuinely happy smile graces Amy’s face as she catches sight of Ty, reflecting her heartfelt appreciation of the moment.

In the context of the series, the act of building the course is symbolic, demonstrating Ty’s care and understanding of Amy’s passions, rather than focusing on the precise details of the course itself. The jump course serves as a backdrop to deepen their relationship and to provide Amy some comfort following her mother’s passing.

The scene highlights the growing bond between Ty and Amy as they navigate their personal feelings and shared love for horses. However, the structure, design, and other technical aspects of the jump course aren’t explicitly described or focused on in the show.

4 – Ty and Amy Get Engaged – He Proposes

Amy was initially skeptical about the concept of matrimony, but her affection for Ty transformed her viewpoint. In the ninth episode of the sixth season, titled “Great Expectations”

During a fishing excursion, Amy and Ty find themselves leisurely strolling by the riverside as evening sets in. Arriving at a teepee, they are greeted by the sounds of wild horses and the sight of a shooting star streaking across the sky. Sensing the impeccable timing, Ty seizes the opportunity to propose to Amy, to which she joyously agrees.

5 – The Wedding – Amy and Ty Get Married

In the climax of season eight, aptly named “Written in Stone,” Amy and Ty exchange their vows at last. The matrimonial ceremony is held at their ranch, enveloped by the warmth and affection of close friends and family.

Amy, in a resplendent white dress and coat, arrives on horseback, accompanied by Jack and Tim. The snow-covered ground is illuminated by the soft glow of candles, painting a picture of romantic serenity.

Ty, utterly smitten by Amy’s radiant beauty, expresses his admiration before they proceed to the heartfelt ceremony. After the various trials and tribulations the pair have navigated, this moment holds profound significance, embodying their deep, enduring love.

6 – We’re Gonna Have a Baby – Amy Tells Ty She is Pregnant

As season nine draws to a close, Amy discloses thrilling news to Ty – she’s expecting. Under the celestial display of the Northern Lights on a frosty winter night, Amy lets Ty in on the delightful surprise she has been concealing.

When Ty learns that he’s on the cusp of fatherhood, he’s swamped with waves of joy. The couple seals the moment with a fervent kiss, celebrating the wonderful announcement that promises a new chapter in their lives.

7 – Amy and Ty Become Parents

The tenth season culminates in the episode “Greater Expectations,” with Amy bringing hers and Ty’s child into the world. En route to Cass and Caleb’s nuptials, Amy’s labour begins unexpectedly.

The couple swiftly redirects their journey, returning to the familiarity of their ranch where Amy brings their baby into the world. Ty remains steadfastly by Amy’s side throughout the delivery, filled with immense joy as they welcome a baby girl. They christen their newborn daughter Lyndy, instantly falling head over heels for her. Amidst their shared elation, Ty affirms Amy’s strength and remarkable spirit.

8 – Amy and Ty Become Foster Parents

In the twelfth season’s episode “Room to Grow,” Amy and Ty rise to the challenge of becoming foster parents to a young lad named Luke Kashani.

With Luke’s mother grappling with personal challenges, Amy and Ty step in to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the young boy.

Following thoughtful deliberation, the couple decide to extend their familial warmth to include Luke. They commit to providing a loving home where he can flourish until his mother regains her capability to care for him.

The episode concludes with a poignant moment where Amy and Ty, along with Luke and Lyndy, watch a group of horses galloping freely across the fields, a symbol of the freedom and care they aim to provide their growing family.

9 – When Does Ty Tell Amy that He Loves Her

This happens in Season 4 Episode 10 in an episode called “Mood Swings”

10 – The Ending – Divorce

The narrative thread of their separation began in the eighth season of Heartland and continued to unravel throughout season nine. This period saw them grappling with their separation, informing their daughters about it, and finally deciding on a divorce. This ultimately confirmed their divorced status.

To address the question, did Ty Borden die on Heartland?

In a shocking turn of events in the premiere of season 14, beloved original character Ty Borden unexpectedly collapses and passes away due to a blood clot. This marks the last appearance of actor Graham Wardle, who has been part of the show since its inception in 2007.