Horse Fly Mask

Horse fly Masks

Last updated on February 19th, 2023 at 05:48 pm

Horse Fly Mask

A fly mask is an awesome way to keep your horse comfortable and to protect them from annoying flies. Not only do fly masks protect from flies, they also keep your horse safe from other insects trying to bother them. When mixed with horse fly spray, these things can really help your horse out in the summer.

The best fly mask will cover your horse’s eyes, their jaw, and their ears while still allowing them to see. But it can be confusing trying to purchase a quality fly mask when there are so many of them flooding the market.

That’s what we’re here for. Don’t worry. If you’re looking for the best fly mask ever, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at the most comfortable fly masks, the most affordable fly masks, and of course, the fly mask with the best overall quality.

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Cashel Crusader Mule Fly Mask with Ears

The Cashel Crusader Mule Fly Mask is one of the best fly masks on the market right now. Not only does it work with horses, but it also works with llamas and donkeys! It’s an excellent mask, it’s very versatile, and it protects against the worst swarms of black flies. It comes in five different colours to suit your horse’s personality, its top-rated for comfort and fit, and it offers an outstanding 70% UV protection.

The fly mask is soft, durable, and it’s made from an extremely breathable mesh to give your horse maximum comfort. The forelock hole ensures hair is kept out of your horse’s eyes. The fit is also better than most other brands because the placement for the eyes is perfect. The Velcro jaw strap is just the right length, making sure the mask fits snugly. Regardless how big your horse’s head is, this mask is going to work.

Plus, the mask is extremely durable. This means it will last for season after season, keeping your horse safe and comfortable for longer. The mask also comes at a pretty reasonable price. All things considered, you can’t do much better than the Cashel Crusader Fly Mask. 

Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask without Ears

The Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask is the most affordable fly mask for your horse available online right now. It’s rated flawless when it comes to durability and comfort, offering an ideal fit with any size of horse. Your equine friend will enjoy wearing the Pro-Force fly mask and will never make a fuss when you try to put it on. And in case you have a horse that likes to rub their face, the mask is extra durable so that it won’t rip or tear.

But what other kind of protection can you expect? There is full protection from flies and annoying bugs. There’s also great protection from UV rays. With the unique Equi-Glo Nite Reflector built right into the mask, your horse can easily see at night just like it normally would.

Considering this horse fly mask is hardly more than $10, it is a steal of a deal. This is the most affordable mask that offers the most quality in its class.

Professional’s Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask 

If you’re looking for maximum comfort, the Professional’s Choice Fly Mask is right up your alley! The mask keeps away the flies and conforms perfectly to any horse’s head without the risk of coming off. The mask is also available in all kinds of colours. It’s easy to put on and pull off. The fabric is lightweight and flexible. 

The biggest thing with the Professional’s Choice mask is that horses like wearing it. Horses basically forget they’re even wearing a mask, unlike with other products where they relentlessly try to pull the mask off their face. The eye bulges are thin and transparent, the mask itself is handsome on any horse, and it’s a great deal for the money. 

Harrison Howard CareMaster Pro Luminous Horse Fly Mask with Ears

The Harrison Howard Fly Mask is unmatched when it comes to quality. The mask is crafted from the finest translucent mesh, it’s designed to be extraordinarily comfortable, and it even comes with fleece padding to keep your horse relaxed and cozy. The mask is also designed to stay properly on your horse’s head, no matter how unruly of an animal you’re dealing with.

Additionally, the Harrison Howard horse masks come in three different sizes to match your horse. You can even find a fitting guide at the purchase site, that way you know exactly which size to buy. The masks come in over five different colours, including flamingo and pasture green.

But what does this horse mask do? It provides your horse with the best protection against flies and UV harm. When you equip your horse with a Harrison Howard fly mask, they will be protected from biting insects that can lead to infections, as well as pollen that can lead to allergies.

It’s the way the mask is designed that makes it so valuable. There are fabric panels over the nose and ears that block out no less than 60% of the harmful UV rays cast by the sun. Plus, those fabric panels dry quickly and stay breathable. The edges are padded with fleece to help keep the mask from pushing into your horse’s eyes while also allowing maximum visibility while grazing.

Then there’s the translucent mesh, coated for UV protection and a powerful shield against flies, dust, bees, and any other irritant that could get into your horse’s eyes. The mesh is also easy to see out of and offers your horse a natural 360-degree range of visibility!