Madison Cheeatow Jade Verani Heartland

Madison Cheeatow Jade Verani Heartland

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Madison Cheeatow Jade Verani Heartland

The Canadian series Heartland has been a staple of television for a long time, running on CBS for 16 seasons. In fact, the show dates all the way back to 2007!

Many viewers have been with the show since it first aired, staying loyal and sticking with all of these characters since the show’s inception. Many of the actors have been with the show for a very long time as well!

One example of an actress like this is the Canadian-born Madison Cheeatow. Take a look below to learn more about the actress Madison Cheeatow, as well as the character that she plays on the Heartland tv series— the character known as Jade Verani. 

What Is Heartland?

You may not be familiar with the Heartland television show, especially if you are coming across this article out of the blue! Well, Heartland is a Canadian tv series that can be found on CBS.

It focuses on the Heartland ranch and the cast of characters that work there and own the ranch. It is a family saga that spans many years and many seasons— 16 seasons, to be exact, with more to come!

The story is still not over for all of these individuals. It begins when tragedy strikes and Marion Fleming, the mother of Amy and Lou, dies in a car accident.

The series then closely follows these girls, the resort of the family, and everyone they interact with at the Heartland ranch. Amy starts to come into her own and tap into her talent of working with horses, which she learned from her mother. The other characters on the show also face their own challenges, struggles, and chase their dreams across the years that the series spans. 

Who Is Madison Cheeatow?

Madison Cheeatow is an actress with many credits to her name, one of the most popular being her role as Jade Verani on the Heartland tv series through a number of seasons. Madison was born in Ontario on November 9th, 1993, to Andrew Cheeatow and Margot LeBlanc. She studied performing arts in Toronto before landing some of the roles that helped her to break into the movie and film industry!

The big role that she landed that helped her do this was her role in the Ruby Skye PI detective series, as she played the lead role. Along with her role as Jade on Heartland, this is one of Madison Cheeatow’s most recognizable parts. After being a part of the Ruby Skye series, Madison began to land one big role after another!

Some of the other credits she has are several shorts, including The Last Christmas and Anna, which she wrote. Madison Cheeatow has also been on other television series besides Heartland and Ruby Skye. Some of the series she has had roles in include Good Witch, Hudson, and Slasher. In addition to being an actress, Madison is a director and writer, too.

Another fact that people may not know is that her character on Heartland, Jade, was only supposed to show up for a couple of episodes. This was the plan when she auditioned, at least! Fans of Madison and of Jade will be happy to know that showrunners loved Madison and the character so much that they decided to keep both of them around!

Luckily, though, Madison has stunt doubles who ride the broncos for her on set when Jade’s scenes require it, since she was not an experienced equestrian when she joined the Heartland set. 

Madison has a full home life, too, in addition to her professional life! She has been married to Chris Spoke since 2018. Her husband is not a fellow actor, but instead is the founder and CEO of August, which designs and sells digital products. The couple currently have 3 children together. The oldest is Isla, born in 2018, and next comes Noah, who was born in 2020. In 2022, they welcomed their third child, whose name is unknown. 

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Who Is Jade Verani?

Now that we know more about Madison Cheeatow, who played Jade Verani on Heartland, we come to the character of Jade herself. As mentioned above, this is a character that was only supposed to have a very small part in a few episodes of the show.

However, though she is still a minor character, Jade endured and appears in different episodes throughout the many seasons of the show after her first appearance. She does have a very powerful character arc in her first segment of episodes, and fans seemed to really respond to her. 

While Jade is not always easy to get along with and is difficult to make— or keep— happy, many viewers love her for her rebellious spirit and brave, wild energy. She first appears at the Heartland ranch in Season 7, where she is seen stealing a belt in front of Maggie’s diner. She was a troublemaker and was always getting herself into scrapes and into trouble.

However, this is also because she is a bot of a lost soul. Jade was still young at this point— only 16— and needed to find her way. She befriends Georgie during her time on screen and ends up becoming one of Georgie’s closest friends. As the Fleming family and everyone at Heartland helps Jade to find her way, she also begins to find a passion for horses and for riding broncs— and of course, riding broncs is the perfect complement to her fiery personality. Even when falling off a bronc, Jade has a smile on her face, and the challenge is good for her and helps her to grow up! 

A couple of seasons after Jade’s introduction, in Season 10, she has really found her groove— and found a place where she belongs. Heartland is that place for a lot of characters on the show who were struggling in life and needed a place to grow.

Jade has become more responsible, is friends with Georgie, and has a real passion for broncs and rodeo. She even tries to get a job at Maggie’s Diner as a waitress, which comes full circle from her first appearance on the show! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What nationality is Jade on Heartland?

Jade Verani is a character on Heartland who is played by the actress Madison Cheeatow.

She is a Canadian born actress. There is also an actor on the show named Jade. Jade Hassoune is a Lebanese Canadian actor. He plays the character of Prince Ahmed Al Saeed on Heartland.

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How many children does Madison Cheeatow have?

The actress Madison Cheeatow has been acting for several years and has many credits to her name. You may know her as Jade Verani on Heartland. Madison is also a mother, in addition to being a successful actress and performer!

Back in 2018, on January 31st, Madison Cheeatow married Chris Spoke, who is the founder and CEO of a boutique agency that designs and sells digital products.

The company is called August.

They currently have 3 children.

Their first, a daughter named Isla, was born in April 2018. Their second child is a son named Noah who was born in April 2020. The couple recently welcomed their third child in June of 2022, whose name has yet to be released or announced. 

Is Jade a different actress on Heartland?

The character of Jade Verani is a pretty popular one, as fans love her for her rebellious personality and passion for rodeo. She is a female bronc rider who is also best friends with the character of Georgie on the Heartland show.

She is a smaller character than some of the others, like Ty, Amy, and Georgie, but she has a recurring part and is still well-loved in her own right! Over the years and the seasons that Jade has appeared, she has been played by the Canadian-born actress Madison Cheeatow.

As Jade has grown up on the show, so has the actress playing her, which is always cool to see! This is something that has happened with a lot of the younger characters and actors on Heartland, as the show is such a long running one. 

Check out her IMDB page here

Is Jade in season 15 of Heartland?

Jade Verani is a recurring character in much of the Heartland show, across the years and across the seasons, too. What is so special about Jade is that she has her own unique storyline, even though she is more of a minor character than some of the other stars.

Jade first comes to the Heartland ranch as a bit of a lost soul and without a purpose, but before long, she is able to overcome her fears and insecurities to truly come into her own.

This is done, of course, with plenty of help from the Heartland family, and then Jade feels as if she has found her place at last. She does not appear in a large capacity in Season 15 of the show, but fans of her character will be pleased to hear that she does make an appearance!