Alisha newton heartland

Alisha Newton Heartland

Alisha Newton Heartland

The Heartland tv show is a series that has been stretching on for many years and many seasons. And it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, either, not even after 16 seasons!

Due to its many years gracing our tv screens, Heartland has also gifted us with being able to watch many of the actors on the show grow up over these many years. A great example of one of these longtime cast members is Alisha Newton.

Below, we will go over some details about the actress Alisha Newton and the character she plays on Heartland, as well as address her absence on the screen in season 15— she was greatly missed!

What Is Heartland?

If you have heard of the show but have not had the joy of watching it yourself, you are certainly missing out! Heartland is, essentially, a sprawling family saga that is set against the backdrop of the Heartland ranch, which is owned by the Fleming family.

The show centers on the Fleming family and the people that work at their ranch or whom they meet and interact with along the way. It begins after the death of Marion Fleming, the mother of Amy Fleming, and follows the struggles and challenges that the family faces in dealing with this unexpected tragedy.

The show follows everyone over the years, letting us watch as they chase their dreams, fall in love, face tough challenges, and more. It is a show about all of the messy parts of life, as well as the happier and more blissful parts— the show does a wonderful job of showing the ups and downs that each character faces over the years. 

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Who Is Alisha Newton?

Alisha Newton is the actress who plays the character of Georgie Fleming in the Heartland television series. We have been able to see her grow up on the screen along with the character that she plays! Georgie is Alisha’s best-known and most easily recognizable acting credit. She is a Canadian-born actress who was born in Vancouver on July 22, 2001.

She started on Heartland in 2012, 5 years after the show aired in the year 2007. Alisha Newton started acting at just 4 years old when she began appearing in commercials. Then, 4 years later, when she was 8, she began acting in other roles, such as tv or movies. 

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Besides Heartland, Alisha Newton has had other acting credits to her name, too. For example, you may have seen her playing the role of young Annabeth Chase in the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. This movie came out in 2013 and was released by Twentieth Century Fox.

She also had a minor role in The Tree That Saved Christmas, back in 2014, as the minor character of Sofia Dunlap. Other roles that you may have seen Alisha in are as a little girl in an episode of Supernatural, and as the main character of Helen in the 2022 film Devil In Ohio— among many other roles! Alisha is also a gifted equestrian who does a lot of her own riding scenes on the Heartland set. 

Who Is Georgie?

Georgie is a character on the tv show Heartland who has found a home at the Heartland ranch— a lot like many of the other characters who felt they didn’t have any other place to call their own.

She first appears in season 6 as a trouble-making 11-year-old girl. She has just run away from her foster home, and it turns out that Georgie escapes every foster home she is placed in. Jack finds her hiding in the loft of the barn after she runs away from her foster home, and he agrees to foster her and take on this huge responsibility until a new foster family can be found for her. 

Jack ends up wanting to keep Georgie, but his application is denied. Luckily, Lou and Peter step up to become her foster parents so she does not have to leave the ranch. Later on in the series, they become her official adoptive parents! Georgie builds a special connection with the horse Phoenix Rising, who also has a similar history to her of running away from his neglectful former home.

We get to watch Georgie come into her own and grow into a confident and successful young woman on the show, wildly different from how stubborn she had been in the beginning, when she was still in “survival mode” from bouncing around in the foster system. 

Why Did Alisha Newton Leave Heartland?

Alisha Newton, or her character of Georgie, did not appear at all on season 15 of Heartland, and the girls were sorely missed! Georgie is a fan-favorite character, and her absence had viewers worried that she had been written off the show, or that Alisha had left the show for good. After all, the show has been on air for a long time, and this is a very long time for an actor to be tied to one project. In situations like this, many actors may decide to move onto greener pastures or pursue new artistic challenges and new projects. So, it would be perfectly reasonable for this to have been the case for Alisha Newton!

However, Alisha Newton did not leave Heartland, as there are clues that she and Georgie will be back for season 16! It is hard to know what goes on behind the scenes, but it could be that Alisha needed a break or some time off for season 15, but did not want to walk away from the show in its entirety. It could also be, simply, that the writers wanted to focus on the storyline of different characters in season 15, so Georgie was pushed to the background. This is pretty common in long-running shows such as Heartland.

Alisha has been posting pictures of the Heartland ranch and set, as well as with the other members of the cast, so it is very likely that these are hints that we will see her back on the screen in season 16! Fans of Georgie will surely be pleased to hear this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Alisha Newton return to Heartland season 16?

Alisha Newton is the actress who played the character of Georgie Fleming on the Heartland tv series. She was a staple on the show, especially in the later seasons, and viewers loved seeing her journey with the horses and seeing her come into her own over the years. Luckily, Alisha and Georgie will be returning to the silver screen for Heartland season 16. Alisha Newton has posted pictures of herself on set and on the Heartland ranch on social media, cluing us in to her role in season 16 of the show. 

What happens to Georgie on Heartland?

Georgie grows up over the many seasons of the Heartland show, and there are msny storylines and plots that she is a part of over the years. We get to see her grow as an equestrian and nurture her own talent as a rider and the talent of the horses she is matched with. She even travels for training and for prestigious competitions as she grows older and grows into a star in the equestrian world.

In season 14 of the Heartland tv show, she and Quinn leave the ranch to train with a group of elite show jumpers down in the state of Florida. Georgie then does not appear in season 15, but it looks as if she will be making a reappearance in season 16!

Why was Georgie written out of Heartland?

Georgie Fleming was a very popular character on the Heartland tv series, so when she was not present in season 15, a lot of fans were dismayed and wanted to see more of her! She and Quinn had left the ranch in season 14 to train with elite show jumpers in Florida, so it can be assumed that this is where she is, still, in season 15.

Many thought that Alisha Newton, the actress who played Georgie, had left the show for good. Actually, though, it is believed that we will see more of Georgie in season 16 of Heartland! The actress has been posting pictures of the set on her social media platforms, so it seems Georgie will be making a return to our screens.

Does Alisha Newton ride in Heartland?

Alisha Newton plays Georgie Fleming, who is a character that does a lot of riding and spends a lot of time on horseback throughout the show! After all, some of her storylines involve her time in competitions and working with her equine partners in events like show jumping. She even left in season 14 to train with show jumpers in Florida!

Alisha Newton, the actress who plays Georgie, does actually ride the horses in her scenes. Some of the other actors have stunt doubles for their riding scenes, as they are not actually talented riders in real life. Alisha, though, is comfortable around horses and is a gifted equestrian!