Jordan Burtchett Quinn McGregor Heartland

Jordan Burtchett Quinn McGregor Heartland

6 Facts & FAQs About Jordan Burchett, Quinn McGregor from Heartland

If you are just starting out on your Heartland journey, you may not have come into contact with Quinn yet. This is because his character is a relatively new addition to the Heartland universe. That being said, he has quickly become a fan favorite– maybe he is one of your favorite characters as well! His storyline largely follows his burgeoning relationship with Georgie and the possibility of what their future together will hold– hopefully, lots of happiness, of course. It is largely thought to be one of the most promising and inspiring storylines of the show. Quinn is played by Jordan Burtchett, who puts on a heartwarming performance. 

Jordan Burtchett is the actor that plays the role of Quinn McGregor on the hit TV show Heartland. Jordan Burtchett is an actor of British and Irish heritage, and he hails from Canada. He was born in 1994 in Vancouver, Washington, in the United States.

He came to acting in his late teenage years, and found fairly recent success in the film industry. Some of the other shows that he has been a part of– besides Heartland– include Supernatural, 2 Hearts, and The Killing. As Quinn, Jordan Burtchett first joined Heartland in Season 13. At first, his English riding style and polished looks didn’t fit in, but he quickly learned to adjust to the Western lifestyle as the show goes on.

Below, we go over some more fun facts about Jordan Burtchett, as well as the character he plays, that you may not know. Beware that some of these may contain spoilers if you are not caught up on all of Heartland!

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Jordan Burtchett’s acting career started in musical theater

First things first, were you aware of how Jordan Burtchett’s career in the performing arts started off? It started in musical theater! His family moved to Canada, where he grew up, when he was just a toddler. As a child, he would make his own movies with his brother– showing that his interest in film and tv was fostered from a young age. 

Once he entered high school, Jordan’s priorities shifted to other things, like sports and church, but he did not lose that interest in the performing arts completely. That spark within him was ignited again when he got a role in a school musical in grade 11. This can be attributed to jump-starting his acting career, as he also got an agent not long afterwards! 

He still went on to go to college and study Environmental Science to give himself a bit of a backup plan and safety net from acting. Once he graduated from the University of Columbia with a degree, in 2017, he began to work in a restaurant. As he worked at the restaurant, he was also seriously pursuing acting by going on auditions on the side, for various roles in films and television. 

His role on 2 Hearts was Jordan Burtchett’s big break

While the school musical was his first role ever, he was not getting paid for this and it is not exactly the same as his big break. Instead, Jordan Burtchett got a role in 2 Hearts, which is largely considered to be his big break into the industry! Before this role, he had already begun to accumulate an impressive resume of acting credits. 

Some of these included his first paid acting gig in Cult, as a young Stuart. He also worked on the Netflix original show The Killing. In this role, Jordan had the amazing opportunity of working opposite the actress Joan Allen and with the director Jonathan Demme. He then went on to nab a recurring role on 2 Hearts!

Another time you may have seen Jordan oncreen is in the Netflix movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. This movie was incredibly popular when it came out. Jordan was only in the movie for a few minutes, playing a character called John Ambrose McClaren in a brief scene. Unfortunately, he was not chosen to play this character in the sequel movie, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, which was very frustrating for him.

Jordan Burtchett’s newest project

These days, Jordan Burtchett is kept plenty busy by his recurring role as Quinn McGregor on Heartland! However, like many actors, he is still pursuing other roles and projects that he can work on in conjunction with his role on Heartland. Most recently, he can be found in the comedy movie Drinkwater, which came out in 2021. It was also previously named Change of Pace.

The movie is set in and centers on a small town in British Columbia, Canada– the town is called Penticton. The movie follows the life of a character called Mike Freshwater. He is a high school student who is shy and keeps to himself. He is also a target of bullies– his main bully is a character named Luke Ryan. Unfortunately for Mike, his life at home is not much better. This is because his father is too focused on the government and handling his own personal rival to pay attention to what Mike is currently going through. It isn’t until a new girl arrives on the scene that Mike’s life begins to look up.

Jordan Burtchett is actually playing the role of the bully, Luke Ryan, in this movie! It is a great example of his range as an actor and is worth a watch.

What episode does Quinn come to Heartland?

As we mentioned above, Quinn McGregor is the character that Jordan Burtchett plays on Heartland. He is a fan favorite, but did not get his start on the show until much later seasons. His relationship with Georgie is one of his main storylines, but he did not come onto the scene until several seasons after she and Phoenix arrived at the ranch. Quinn is introduced in Season 13, Episode 6, “A Time to Remember”. This is much later than Georgie and Phoenix, who was introduced back in Season 6!

When Quinn is introduced on the show, he is introduced as one of Georgie’s old friends from her Europe trip. His character first appears at her high school graduation. Quinn comes from a family that owns a major show jumping operation in Florida– he is originally only on a short visit to Hudson. However, things don’t turn out this way for him– instead, at the end of Season 13, he is offered a great opportunity. Quinn is offered a position as a coach at Hillhurst Stables, where Prince Ahmed and Olivia kept their horses, so he decides to stay.

Do Quinn and Georgie get together?

Many fans follow the storyline of Quinn and Georgie’s friendship with bated breath, hoping for the sparks to fly and for it to grow into something more. Part of this can be attributed to Jordan Burtchett’s looks and charm, as well as how he plays the role convincingly and puts on a heartwarming show. Plus, Quinn and Georgie have chemistry!

Luckily for fans, the two characters do get together and are still going strong in recent seasons and episodes. The episode where the two lovebirds do finally get together is Season 13, Episode 10, “The Passing of the Torch”. They are together and watching and waiting for Lou’s election results at Maggie’s. Quinn tells Georgie about his job offer to coach at Hillhurst Stables and asks her for a reason to stay. In response, Georgie finally kisses him!

Earlier in that same episode, Georgie also confesses her feelings and pours her heart out to Quinn while at the Kelowna show jumping competition. She even confesses her love, and yet, Quinn walks off to collect his ribbon without a response! How crushing. Of course, that worried Georgie, and she assumed that he did not feel the same way about her. 

Does Quinn propose to Georgie in Heartland?

Later on in the series, as Quinn and Georgie grow and learn together, it makes sense that they would want to take the next step in their relationship and get married. Many fans are at the edge of their seats, wondering how and when Quinn will propose to Georgie. While it has not happened yet, Heartland teased us with this possibility in a recent episode of the show. 

In Season 14, Episode 7, “Courage”, many viewers thought that this was when Quinn would finally pop the question! Even the title of the episode seemed to be a clue. Many of the clues dropped in the episode seem to be leading up to a big reveal or a dramatic moment. First, Lou notices a jewelry box in Quinn’s luggage, and then at breakfast, Quinn says that he has an exciting announcement to make. 

Instead of a proposal, though, Quinn wanted to tell everyone at breakfast about how close Georgie is to securing a spot in the North American Youth Championships. There, she would be able to compete against future Olympic athletes! However, the existence of the jewelry box may be a clue that a proposal isn’t too far in the future.