Who is Ziya Matheson Katie Fleming Morris From Heartland

Ziya Matheson Katie Fleming Morris Heartland

Who is Ziya Matheson? Katie Fleming Morris From Heartland

If you are a Heartland fan, you definitely know Katie! She is a quiet but defiant young girl who is the biological daughter of Lou and Peter and was birthed with the assistance of Amy and Ty back in Season 4. 

Ziya Matherosn is the Canadian actress who played Katie Fleming Morris on Heartland in 17 episodes of the show. She took over the role from the actress Julia Maren Baker, a British Columbian actress who had played the character of Katie previously. As of this time, this is Ziya’s only acting credit– though she did a fantastic job bringing her character to life! 

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Why Did They Switch Katie on Heartland?

The character of Katie has been played by more than one young actress. So, why did that happen, anyway? This isn’t the case with other core characters on the show, after all. The reason that the face of Katie Fleming Morris was switched is that the young actresses playing her were unable to stay on the show. Julia Maren Baker, for instance, had to leave due to personal reasons, while Ziya Matherson made up her own mind about leaving. 

The roster of actresses playing Katie was pretty large! First, Kiera and Jordan Habart played Katie in seasons 5 through 7 when the character was still a baby. Then, Julia Maren Baker took over in Season 8, until she left in season 11– and then Ziya Matherson was able to take over for Seasons 12 through 14 until she herself left the show as well. Season 15 saw a newcomer, Baye McPherson, who arrived to take on the role of Katie Fleming Morris. 

Why Did Ziya Matheson Leave Heartland?

While we do not know exactly why Julia Maren Baker left the Heartland set– she only cited personal reasons and has said that it was not health-related– we do know why Ziya Matherson left. She was doing such a great job playing the character of Katie that many viewers did not want to see her go. The cast and crew were sad to see her go as well!

Ziya Matherson left the Heartland family after 3 years of playing Katie because she wanted to pursue new opportunities and follow new passions and dreams in her young life. She has her whole life ahead of her, so who knows– we may see her return to acting in the future.

How Old is Katie on Heartland Season 15?

There is a new actress playing Katie on Season 15, so we aren’t missing out on the character due to Ziya Matherson’s absence! In this season, Katie is 12 years old, and is being played by Baye McPherson, another Canadian actress. Baye McPherson is also 12 years old, the same as her character– and the same age as her character’s best friend, Parker.

Katie was a core character but was still relegated to the background for most of her time on Heartland. However, in Season 15, she has gained a large amount of screen time, so Baye McPherson has plenty of time to shine in her role! Her character is beginning to get her own storylines and express her feelings about her parents’ relationship, as well as go on adventures with Parker, her best friend.

Baye McPherson fits right in on the Heartland set, as she is a huge animal lover, and comes to the show with a background in dance, music, and acting. She is doing a great job playing Katie so far, so hopefully, she sticks around to bring life to the character and put an end to the revolving door of young actresses playing this part!