Mallory Wells heartland

Mallory Wells Heartland

Jessica Amlee, Mallory Wells from Heartland (10 Facts & FAQs)

Mallory Wells was a mainstay of a character on Heartland, bringing in some much-needed humor– she started off as a gossipy neighbor, but grew to be considered a family member at the ranch. She is played by Jessica Amlee, who is a Canadian actress. Jessica was born in 1994 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, and has been acting since she was just 5 years old! Take a look below for some of the answers to common FAQs about Jessica Amlee and her Heartland character, Mallory Wells.

Is Jessica Amlee Married?

We always love to know more about the personal lives of our favorite actors or celebrities. Many of Jessica Amlee’s fans wonder if she is married. Right now, she is not married, but she is in a serious relationship with an Australian actor named David Jones Roberts. They post a lot about their time together and their relationship on Instagram, so give them a follow if you are interested in that! 

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Is Mallory in Season 12 of Heartland?

Unfortunately, Mallory Wells does not play a part in Season 12 of Heartland. This is definitely a bummer for some viewers who are big fans of her character. In Season 7, Mallory leaves to go to Paris and is fairly absent from the series until Season 10. Here, she gets a 2 episode story arc before disappearing from the show again.

Mallory returns to the ranch in the episode “Home Sweet Home”, and she is excited to see everyone, as well as to tell them about her wonderful, glamorous new life in London. Everyone finds out, though, that her new life is not as fabulous as it seems, and she is actually back at the Heartland ranch because she needs to find herself once again. 

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Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland in Season 7?

Jessica Amlee decided that she wanted to leave Heartland, so the writers created a story arc that could tie up loose ends and successfully write her off the show so that she could make her exit. In Season 7, the character of Mallory Wells decides to move to Paris so that she can be with Jake Anderson, who is her boyfriend. This made it perfect for Jessica to move on from the show without leaving her characters– and viewers!– in the lurch.

So, why did Jessica Amlee want to leave Heartland in the first place? This was not a personal decision where she was not getting along with the cast or crew, for example. Instead, the actress says that she needed to challenge herself and move on to some new and different projects. 

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Does Mallory Marry Jake in Heartland?

During her time as a character on Heartland, Mallory Wells is dating Jake Anderson. The two have a long dating history over the course of their time on the show. After all, Mallory even moves to Paris in Season 7 to be with Jake, which is a very big step. However, they do not get married then.

The couple actually ends up spending some time apart, sadly, later on in the series. Then, they spontaneously meet again at the Heartland ranch and decide to get married there, on the ranch. If you want to watch the specific episode where the two get married, they get married in Season 10, Episode 14, “Written In the Stars”.

Does Mallory Live at Heartland?

No, Mallory does not live at the Heartland ranch. At the beginning of the series, she is the next-door neighbor of the ranch and likes to come over to help out with the horses. She does not have a very close bond with her own parents, so she begins to view the Bartlett family as her own family. 

When season 5 is drawing to a close, the news breaks that Mallory’s parents have decided that they will be moving to Nashville. Mallory, however, does not want to go with them. She is desperate to stay in town and stay close to Heartland, so she tries to fundraise and get enough money for an apartment for herself. However, she does end up moving to Nashville with her family. 

Jessica Amlee Started Acting When She was 5

Jessica Amlee has always wanted to be an actress, ever since she was a young girl! She was first inspired to be an actress by the show Full House when she was a toddler. She told her mom that she wanted to be just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, which is what prompted her mother to arrange for her daughter to go on auditions. She began landing parts in commercials, and had appeared in 55 of them by the time she was 12! 

Her first TV appearance was when she was only 6 years old, and she had a part in My Mother’s Dreams as the character Angel. Jessica is also the granddaughter of the jazz saxophone player PJ Perry, so she certainly has performed in her blood.

Jessica Amlee is an Award-Winning Actress

Jessica Amlee not only has a lot of commercial and acting credits under her belt, but she has won awards for her acting, too! For her role as Gillian Guess in the movie The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess, she won a Leo Award for the Feature Length Drama category: Best Supporting Performance by a Female.

Other major appearances of Jessica’s, besides her role on Heartland, include Beneath, which is a thriller horror movie, Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, and the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy.

Jessica Amlee Has Been an Equestrian Since Early Childhood

One thing that certainly made playing Mallory Wells easier for Jessica is that she is also an equestrian in real life. Her parents used to have horses, so she has been around animals all her life. She was first put on the back of a horse when she was only 6 months old! She then started taking riding lessons at about age 9, and worked at a barn with her friends in exchange for vaulting lessons.

Jessica does most of her own riding scenes on the set of Heartland and took lessons twice a week while shooting. Midget, who played Copper in the show, was her favorite of the horses to work with.

Jessica Amlee Grew up on the Heartland Show

Like some of the other younger characters and actors on the show, Jessica really grew up on the set of Heartland. She was actually recruited back in 2007 when she was only 12 years old. There actually isn’t even a character in the Heartland books– which the show is based on– named Mallory Wells, but the showrunner, Heather Conkie, decided that she should bring in a younger character to fulfill the comedy side of the show.

Jessica left the show in 2013, 6 years later, and then returned for a 2 episode story arc in Season 10. When she left, she was 18 years old, so she really did go through a lot of milestones over those years on set! She came to the show as a young kid and left as an adult. When she came back in Season 10, she was 22 years old, and it felt like a homecoming to be back.

Jessica Amlee is on Cameo

Jessica Amlee is one of the many actors and celebrities on Cameo– including many other cast members from Heartland! So, what is Cameo? Cameo is a website that lets fans interact with their favorite actors. They are able to request things such as personalized short videos or chats from these celebrities, in exchange for making a donation. So, if you or someone you know is a big fan of Jessica Amlee or her character on Heartland, a Cameo request will be great for things such as birthday wishes or motivational speeches.