Best Heavy Duty Horse Clippers

Best Heavy-Duty Horse Clippers

A Guide on what Clippers to Buy

Horse clippers come in all shapes and sizes. But there is a bit more to horse grooming than just grabbing any old pair of clippers and getting to work – you can’t just use a pair of buzzers like you would to buzz your own head. Horse hair is thick and matted, and it takes a tougher breed of shaver to get the job done right. Without the proper clippers, you are only going to make life harder on yourself and your horse.

When shopping for a new pair of heavy-duty horse clippers, there are a few things you want to look out for. First is a reputable name. You don’t want to get a no-name pair of clippers, as they might not stand up to repeated use. The only downside to this is that a pair of quality heavy-duty clippers are going to cost a bit more. But at least you will have a long-lasting motor and durable blades to groom all the horses in your stable.


The motor is the most important feature in horse clippers. Without a solid motor, you run the risk of burning out before you finish a full day of grooming. This can be a huge pain in the neck. And if you have a long list of horses in need of a trim, you are going to want clippers with a rotary motor. They work by spinning on a shaft to generate a whole lot of torque, which is more important than the speed of the blade or the RPMs. The torque from a universal rotary motor will give you the power needed to cut through several coats of hair before lunch time.

Most clippers that use a rotary motor will come with an exhaust system – something to keep your hand cool when the motor heats up. The annoying thing about this is that cuttings and hot air will get blown around.

The second type of motor you’ll find in most heavy-duty horse hair clippers is an electromagnetic motor. These motors work with a pivot, with magnets on either side of the clipper’s body sending the blade back and forth. While these produce a lot of speed, they don’t have enough torque to do as good of a job as rotary motors. They also heat up and can get really noisy.


The blades are what actually cut the horse’s hair, and there are two systems of blades found in most common clippers. Be sure to try and buy clippers that have carbon steel blades. These will add to the life of the clippers because they are more durable than flimsy, ordinary blades.

An adjustable blade system means the blades are fixed to a lever on one side of the body. Moving the lever will shift the teeth in the desired direction, allowing you to adjust the length and cut quickly with only one hand. This will only work up to a certain length, at which point you must add a plastic attachment to lengthen the restrictions of the blade if you want the horse’s hair to be longer.

Next up are detachable blades. These have a fixed length and you will need to switch them out with a different length when you want to change. The upside to this type of blade system is that they last longer – detachable blades are super robust. They can cut through much thicker hair than the adjustable types can and are often paired with rotary motors. It also takes a bit of time to change the blades, which can be annoying. Both types of blades have their ups and downs, and it depends on your preference.

Lister Star Heavy Duty Professional

This heavy-duty professional clipper isn’t the biggest name in the game, but it is recognized by the pros as a solid, well-built, and functional animal clipper. This model features a permanent magnet motor that boasts impressive power and speed to tear through the thickest coat of hair, featuring a constant speed so that it will not slow down.

Lister Star’s lightweight design makes it super portable and less of a burden on your wrists while grooming. Combined with its durable, fast-moving blades, this little tool is guaranteed to make grooming sessions quick and easy for you and your horses. Because of its clever design, there is almost no chance of nicking the horse’s skin or pulling on their hair, even in densely matted sections – and your horse will thank you for it.

Another small but useful feature is the overload switch. This will protect the motor from burning out if too much hair clogs the blade.

The only drawback is sound, as these can create quite the “clipper racket.” It is something to keep in mind if your horses get skittish at the sound of all that vibration – though it balances itself out because these clippers will get the job done faster than others. This also means the blades won’t get dangerously hot.

Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster

The Oster Clipmaster is as heavy duty as they come. If not the best professional horse clipper on the market, then definitely in the top three. You will buzz through the thickest coats of hair on the fattest-bellied horses with these first-class clippers. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Clipmaster is incredibly loud. It comes in at a huge thirteen inches, meaning it weighs a lot more than other clippers too. But that’s the price you pay for heavy duty, right?

The Clipmaster’s cord is fifteen feet long, insulated, and strengthened to withstand all barn conditions. The clipper itself is robust, strong in case you drop them. Hhe blades are built from Cryogen X blade technology. You can switch between 700 and 3000 cutting strokes a minute with the variable speed model, utilizing the lowest speeds for sensitive animals since the motor will be less noisy. This is also handy for sensitive spots like the face and legs.

The only drawback to all this power is that you will likely need blade coolant and clipper oil to make sure the blades are cleaned properly and continue to function as needed. But all things considered, these are the king clippers of heavy-duty horse grooming. They have a serious reputation with most horse owners as being the best.