Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 09:55 pm

The Best Clippers for Your Horse

It’s time to get the best clippers for your horse. If you’re interested in training during colder temperatures and you want your horse to dry quicker after its exercise, you need to start doing body clipping. 

Body clipping basically means shaving the thick winter coat off your horse in certain areas to avoid an accumulation of sweat. There are lots of different styles, such as the trace clip, the blanket clip, the hunter clip, etc. But we won’t get into that here.

Today we are only talking about the best horse clippers for body clipping. You can purchase these clippers cordless or battery powered. But what you never want to do is use human clippers instead of horse clippers! We can’t stress this enough. If you do plan on body clipping your horse, stick with a quality pair of horse/animal clippers. Not all hair is created equally!

Andis UltraEdge 2-Speed Animal Clippers

The Andis UltraEdge Animal Clippers are fantastic for your horse and other animals. These are definitely the most affordable clippers you can buy that are still decent quality. They have a 14’ cord, which is heavy duty and won’t get in your way while clipping. But the best part about these clippers is that their cool and quiet. They don’t overheat in your hands and they won’t spook your horse. They work excellent with all kinds of different coats, but are better for thinner coats. 

The clippers use a two-speed Rotary motor, they come available in five vivid colours, including blue and orange, and they use detachable blades that are quick and easy to change. If you want some budget clippers for grooming, these are a great option. Great body clippers.

Andis Super AGR+ Rechargeable Clipper

This is a slim clipper, highly portable, with a fairly decent battery life. Because it is an Andis product, you know it’s well-designed and well put together. Their series of animal clippers are top of the line. They really are the #1 trusted name in horse clippers. Has detachable bladess and a lithium ion battery.

Despite the AGR+’s small size, it has a pretty tough kick and can be used heavily all day with small charging breaks. The high-capacity battery runs for a full hour. We know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s roughly the time you will need to body clip an entire horse (assuming the horse isn’t too big). If your horse is exceptionally large, the #10 blade on the AGR+ might make your session long, drawn-out, and borderline tedious. The good news is that with one hour of battery life comes a breezy one-hour charge time. Take a break, grab a bite, and the clipper will be fully charged and ready to go again. If you don’t have any time to spare, you can always order an extra battery pack and switch between them.

This clipper boasts Andi’s high-tech Ceramic Edge blade technology. What that means is that the blades won’t get hot too fast, spooking your horse. They should stay relatively cool for the full hour. The 4×4 blade drive also packs 25% additional blade torque with a 3800 spm blade speed. Great body clippers.

Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine

Here we have the toughest clippers on the list. These are heavy-duty and built to last. The tool comes with a shatter-proof housing, superior balance, and variable speeds. The clippers are surprisingly light, super maneuverable, and they feel sturdy in your hands. You can adjust the speed from between 700 strokes per minute and 3000 strokes per minute. If you have a horse with thick hair, these clippers will groom extremely well. 

The clippers themselves come with a 3” blade, making them great for body clipping. The package includes a durable toolbox case and blade compartments, a brush, and an extra intake screen. The clippers have a matte finish that gives you an extra secure grip, which is handy when clipping those hard-to-reach places on your horse.

And yes, these are the most expensive clippers on today’s list. But you should know that the price is extremely reasonable considering the quality. You will notice immediately that these clippers are not fragile in the slightest. The clippers are heavy. And you should be warned, they are also very loud. If you have a horse that spooks easily, you may want to avoid these clippers. 

Wahl Professional Equine Cordless Clipper Kit

These clippers from Wahl are super lightweight, completely cordless, and one of the most convenient ways to groom your horse. If you’re planning on doing some serious body grooming, especially in difficult locations like the ears and feet, this is a must-have tool. It is designed specifically for use with horses. It even comes included with five different blade sizes inside a single adjustable blade. You get precise trimming at all times, including on your horse’s face. 

Plus, these clippers are strong enough to shave your entire horse! And they aren’t even that loud, which is a nice change of pace. If you have a skittish animal, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your horse will always be calm and comfortable when you are using these clippers. They come with a charge time of about 75 minutes, which should be enough for a long session of uninterrupted clipping. 

The clippers are also ergonomic and fitted comfortably to your hand. And because they are lightweight, the features combine to prevent any fatigue with your wrists or shoulders. The clippers are even backed by a one-year warranty.

Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Equine Clipper & Grooming Kit

The Pro Equine Clipper & Grooming Kit from Wahl is a powerful tool with pinpoint accuracy. This is not a cordless unit, and so you have to deal with the long cord and a bit more noise – but it’s still an excellent tool for trimming your horse’s hair and doing serious grooming. The clippers come with an adjustable taper lever to adjust between the three different blade sizes, either #10, #15, or #30. If you’re looking to do body clipping in record time, the 7,200 strokes per minute will definitely help with that.

The total kit includes the clippers, a face brush, a grooming tool, and even a cleaning brush. This is one of the best professional sets, as it can handle sensitive areas like the face and ears while still zooming through the rest of your horse’s thicker hair. The clippers are a little expensive, but that’s to be expected with this kind of power. 

Final Thoughts

Body clipping can be a great way to make your horse more comfortable. However, it always depends on your horse and the situation. As a general rule, body clipping will allow your horse to dry quicker after exercise, it will make grooming times faster, it will make your horse look sleeker, and it will prevent chills that can result from being outside in the wet and cold with a sweaty coat. 

And finally, body clipping can prevent skin conditions that would otherwise result from constantly damp hair. The only downside to body clipping is that you’re going to need to blanket your horse carefully – and blankets can be expensive. It will also require a bit of maintenance on your part, but that shouldn’t be a huge issue. 

In any case, now you have a great list of the best horse clippers for body clipping. Any one of the items on our list will work fabulously with your horse.