Gift guide for horse owners

Gifts for Horse Owners

Last updated on September 5th, 2021 at 04:46 am

Gifts for Horse Owners

The Best Gifts for Horse Owners

Finding the proper gift for a horse owner can be a nightmare. What do you get someone who already has everything they need? You can’t get them supplies for their horses because they undoubtedly have it all already. That’s why we have put together this awesome list of the best gifts for horse owners. 

If you can’t get them horse supplies, you can get them some nifty and unique gifts that really show you understand how much they care for their horses. Some of these gifts may not be practical, but they will definitely put a smile on the face of any horse owner. 

But before you go buying gifts, you should know a bit about what kind of horses your friend owns. Find out favourite colours, find out the names of the horses, and even find out what discipline your friend rides. If you don’t want to give yourself away, you can always ask another friend who rides horse questions to get a better handle on the facts. 

Custom Horse Portraits

One of the most unique gifts you can purchase for any horse owner is a custom horse portrait. Everyone loves a quality piece of artwork in their house, and what’s better than a professional portrait of your friend’s favourite animal? 

These are also super popular for dog owners and cat owners. People love their pets, and having them immortalized in a portrait is a great gift that they have probably never thought of getting for themselves. The only issue here is that you need to find a custom portrait artist to do the work. You will also need to get a photograph of the horse for the artist. But you can generally find qualified artists online on a freelancer website.

Matching Equestrian Gear

Most horse owners are already going to have all the gear they need. But they might not have any fun matching sets. Try picking up a matching saddle pad and polo wraps to satisfy your horse-loving friend. It’s like getting someone a pair of novelty socks for Christmas. It will make their horse look adorable, and the owner will love it too. 

You can find these online in lots of different colours and patterns. There are even entire collections of different gear all with the same matching patterns and schemes. Find out what your friend likes and try to go from there. 

Something For the Barn

Most horse owners spend a lot of time in the barn, either their own barn or the barn where they board their horse. The truck, the trailer, the barn and the paddock. Those are the spots. After that you will find them in the arena or out on the trails.

All the horse people I know need certain things for their barn life.

  • Saddle and tack holders. Everyone needs a place to hang thier bridles, lead ropes and halters. They also usually have some kind of saddle stand or wall mount for the saddle. Sometimes these are provided by the boarding facility, and sometimes not.
  • Furniture. Ok so everyone needs a place to sit after they ride, and usually take off their boots. A comfy chair can also be nice. Calgary Interiors is a custom furniture place in Calgary that can help get you something really nice, custom and special.
  • Food. Yup, keep it locked in tupperwear because of mice, but riders don’t always have the best nutrition, so something that they can keep in their lockers would be ideal. In fact the tupperwear or a yeti for the food would also make a great gift.

Fancy Brushes

Chances are your friend has enough grooming supplies to last a lifetime. But chances are they also don’t spend gross amounts of money on brushes. Try getting them a unique set of fancy brushes, which are typically available online. You can surprise your friend by giving them a seriously high-quality brush that they would never have bought with their own money. 

Plus, fancy brushes can be customized or monogrammed, they are a great addition to show kits, and it’s a practical item that your friend will actually use with their horse. 

Handmade Horse Plushie

Any customizable horse trinkets are great. People love miniature plushies of their animals, portraits of their animals, custom key chains with photos of their animals, and things like this. One of the coolest things you can do is get a plushie version of your friend’s horse. These are handmade and typically high quality. All you need is a picture of your friend’s horse and an artist who specializes in making plushy dolls. If you know how to sew, you can even do it yourself!

Your friend will be able to take this plushie with them when traveling, and it will be a great reminder of their horse later on once their horse has passed.

Professional Photos

Anyone who knows anyone who owns a horse is well aware of how much they like to take photographs with their animals. As a special gift, think about purchasing a professional photography session for your friend and their horse. This is something most horse owners will never purchase for themselves. But we guarantee they will appreciate having some professional photos taken of them and their beloved animal.

They can frame the photographs, post them online, and enjoy the experience itself. This is one of the best overall gifts you can get for a horse owner. 

Personalized Travel Bags

Everyone who owns a horse has travel bags. They need different bags to carry around their boots, helmets, and all their other gear. But they probably purchased all their travel bags from the local shop, meaning their gear is probably lacking some serious character. You can go online and search for unique travel bags for your friend, giving them gifts with personalized fabrics and unique monograms to make travel more comfortable and a little more stylish. 

The SaddleBox Monthly Subscription

The SaddleBox is a fun monthly subscription service that delivers a box of treats, tack, and other horse goodies once a month, right to your door. Purchasing a subscription for your friend is a huge surprise they can keep on enjoying. The SaddleBox is a unique subscription that will keep arriving at their door every month full of exciting and thoughtful gifts tailored to horse owners. 

Each box includes gourmet horse treats, new grooming tools and tack, and unique gifts that your friend probably doesn’t have. Things like a horse-print scarf, apple nuggets, and fancy brushes. Plus, SaddleBox works to help find horses forever homes through their partnership with The Right Horse Initiative, so you know the money is going to a good cause.

Honestly, this is the coolest gift on the list. It’s like Christmas once a month for horse lovers. The gift box will keep arriving month after month with new stuff, and it won’t cost your friend a thing because you paid for it. Plus, each package comes with a photo and description of the horse that your subscription dollars helped out that month. It’s just fantastic! 

Horse Candles

This section is for two different reasons. firstly, you can get candles that are in the shape of a horse, so if your horse lover likes horses a lot then you can get them something that is not only decorative, but also functional

The second thing is for smell. Let’s be honest, sometimes horse stuff stinks. Here is a really great article on the best smelling candles for your smelly horse friend.