8 Most Expensive Cowboy Boots Ever

Most Expensive Cowboy Boots

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11 Most Expensive Cowboy Boots Ever

If you ride horses, chances are that you have a pair of cowboy boots! These can get fairly expensive, especially if you are picking out a pair that is truly high quality. However, are you aware of how much the most expensive pair of cowboy boots sold for?

Well, now you know– the most expensive pair of cowboy boots sold for $106,000. They took 800 hours to create, which is part of the reason that they demanded such a high price. 

This beat out the old record, which was made in 2006 when a pair of cowboy boots from Tres Outlaws in El Paso sold for $75,000. The pair of Tres Leches boots took 100 hours to design, 300 hours for the hand carving, and then another 200 hours to dye. They also featured $18,000 worth of gold and silver coins as embellishments. 

Expensive cowboy boots in this range may not be what everyone thinks about when they think about expensive cowboy boots. They may think more about $2,000 – 5,000 for expensive cowboy boots or even $500 for expensive cowboy boots.

What Made the Most Expensive Boot Ever Sold so Special?

Now, you might be shaking your head and wondering why somebody would pay so much money for a pair of boots! There are a few different factors at play here that help to drive up the price of these highly expensive boots. Basically, the price is determined by a combination of the world’s best materials, craftsmanship, and all of the hours of manpower and labor that are involved in making the boots.

The designer of these $106,000 boots was a man named Howard H. Knight, and the boots were dubbed the Phantom Boots– this is because of the floral carvings that look to be floating around the boots. Each of the leather flowers has six separate coats of coloring– a different shade of gray to give it both depth and definition. Howard H. Knight is very well known for designing and creating over the top cowboy boots such as these.

The back of the flowers that are carved on the boots are designed to rise off of the boot itself. Each of them also has an 18k white gold flower in its center, which is a unique design that is not seen on other cowboy boots. These are fairly one of a kind! The background of the boot utilizes saltwater crocodile leather from a Hermes factory in Paris. Black kangaroo leather is used to line the inside of the boots. 

Most Expensive Cowboy Boot Brands

Some of the most expensive cowboy boot brands are Howard Knight Custom Leather, Lucchese, Black Jack Boots, Tres Outlaws, and Stallion Boots & Leather Goods. All of these can offer high end, high quality cowboy boots that are priced in the thousands of dollars. 

For example, Howard Knight Custom Leather makes the most expensive cowboy boots out there! These are not boots that you will find in stores for purchase, though– as their brand name suggests, they offer custom options only. They also offer certain custom leather goods besides cowboy boots. 

Lucchese has been in business and creating cowboy boots since 1883. They have very experienced craftspeople, and many steps and processes go into making their boots the best that they can be. Some of their boots are available for less than $1000, but they are more commonly higher priced– certain styles can cost upwards of $14,000!

Tres Outlaws was the brand that was responsible for the second most expensive pair of cowboy boots, which sold for $75,000. They house the world’s only master bootmakers. These master bootmakers handcraft each pair of cowboy boots, using only the best materials from around the world. You can only get these boots by custom order or by visiting their store in El Paso.

Stallion Boots & Leather Goods is another brand that is located in El Paso, Texas. They are frequented by the rich and famous and are commonly worn on runways in cities such as Milan and Paris. All of their boots are created from a variety of different kinds of leather. 

Last but not least is Black Jack Boots! They utilize some of the most expensive, exotic leathers and materials that are out there. You can find some of them in store at certain retailers, and they do have their own line of custom made boots as well.

11 Most Expensive Cowboy Boots For Sale

The Phantom boots are not the only expensive pair of cowboy boots, though! Read on to find more of the expensive cowboy boots that are on the market, and see what they are selling for today. 

1. Jack Armstrong Cosmic Cowboy Boots – $6 Million

The Jack Armstrong Cosmic Cowboy Boots clock in at a whopping $6 million, those are expensive cowboy boots! A purchase like this is truly not for the faint of heart, but these boots are not really meant to be worn– they should be considered a work of art. This is because they are a work of art, and Jack Armstrong was a well known artist.

Armstrong painted the boots with his own art style, which was known as Cosmic Extensionalism, or Cosmic X. It features bold splashes of color and textures. He even included his own hair, fingerprints, and DNA in the boots, which is something that he does to personalize all of his art.

The cosmic cowboy boots themselves are a pair of 1968 Tony Lama boots that Armstrong procured in perfect condition.

If you buy these cosmic cowboy boots, you could make a new record for the most expensive cowboy boots ever sold.

2. Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy Boots – $106,000

Howard H. Knight’s cowboy boots are a great example of top-quality boot design, and perhaps the most beautiful-looking pair of cowboy boots of all time.

They have gorgeous flower patterns over the entire boot and it uses some really expensive material to actually make the boot. You can tell that these boots are made by someone who loves to make boots and doesn’t have a budget.

Apparently, the maker Howard Knight spend over 800 hours making these cowboy boots, and constructing the way that they would look.

With the price over 100,000 that means Howard Knight was making around $132 dollars per hour, not bad. He could definitely take his time and put his best craftmanship into the boots.

Knight has a passion for boots and shoes, and it has been his things since he was a child, even designing top boots in his teenage years.

These expensive cowboy boots use an 18-karat white gold flower in the center, which accounts for much of their extremely high price tag.

3. Tres Outlaws Cowboy Boots – 75,000

Tres Outlaws is a brand of cowboy boots that specializes in handmade, high-quality boots with a vintage, Western-inspired look. The brand was founded in 2006 by two friends, Mark Allen and Brian Thomas, who shared a passion for cowboy boots and the cowboy lifestyle.

Their bespoke boots, costing $75,000, were designed to reflect the rich and beautiful history of Mexico, featuring Aztec-inspired patterns and other ornate features.

Tres Outlaws boots are known for their unique designs, which often feature intricate embroidery, hand-tooled leather, and other decorative elements. Each boot is handmade in Mexico by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

One of the most popular styles of Tres Outlaws boots is the “El Dorado” boot, which features a distressed leather finish, embroidered shaft, and stacked leather heel. Other popular styles include the “Cherokee Rose” boot, which features a rose and vine design on the shaft, and the “Vaquero” boot, which has a classic, understated look.

Tres Outlaws boots are known for their durability and comfort, thanks to features like leather lining, cushioned insoles, and reinforced shanks. They are designed to be both stylish and functional, suitable for everything from a night out on the town to a day on the ranch.

Overall, Tres Outlaws cowboy boots are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, handcrafted boot with a unique Western-inspired style.

4. Lucchese Baron – $14,995

The Lucchese Baron has been one of the staple styles of Lucchese for generations, and it is not hard to figure out why. It features a gorgeous rich cherry alligator skin leather, which is bold enough to pop and draw the eye, but still subtle enough to be considered a neutral– this way, you can still wear these boots with many different colors or outfits. 

While the boots are no doubt western, they are still timelessly chic and fashionable. Just like other Lucchese boots, they are made painstakingly by hand, and the love and care that the bootmakers have for their craft shines through. 

Some of the high quality features that these boots include are a hung vamp for the interior, lemonwood pegs, hand sewn seams, and stacked heels. All of these are the hallmarks of truly exceptional cowboy boots.

5. Stallion Boots Full Crocodile Majestic – $9,995

This particular pair of boots comes in at $9,995– not a small price! However, if you are a cowboy boot aficionado or collector, these are some of the best. They also have a modest design that allows them to be worn with a multitude of clothing options to get the most out of your money. They are clean, modern, and fashion forward without being too flashy.

Naturally, for this price, these boots require the finest alligator skins available. They are then crafted by hand by talented artisans and bootmakers in Texas, where they monitor every step closely. 

They feature a scalloped wingtip, plus a heel counter with double layer leather in order to offer both style and sturdiness. The texture of the alligator skin is the star player here and is featured heavily on the boot, rather than lots of decorative tooling or stitching.

6. Lucchese Forde – $6,995

The Lucchese Forde boots are one of the pricier Lucchese models. They are sleek and elegant and come in a modern black colorway. Plus, black matches everything, so you can wear them with just about any outfit in your closet– even for formal occasions!

The boots are handmade in Texas and made with American alligator leather. The unique texture of the leather is one of the selling points of these boots and adds just enough flair, while still being sleek and classic. The Lucchese bootmakers make each pair of boots with old world techniques for an authentic, durable, and high quality product. This is what makes them worth the price tag!

The shafts on the Lucchese Forde boot feature gorgeous, detailed tooling as well as precise stitching. Since they are soft and pliable, this makes them comfortable for longtime wear, rather than being a piece you just show off and keep in your closet! 

7. Lucchese Colton – $6,495

This style of boot is another one of the Lucchese brand options. They really convey that authentic western look, and are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and the best materials by impeccably trained bootmakers in Texas. 

For materials, these boots are made with genuine American alligator leather, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but durable and pliable, too. This particular leather is a luxurious chocolate brown. The shaft features classic decorative stitching of scrolling shape, and the bootmakers have made these boots with the old world technique of a hung vamp interior for greater comfort. 

Another nod to comfort in the design of these is the use of lemonwood pegs to secure the steel shank to the sole of the boot. These are also a great choice because they offer superior construction. Not every boot brand will do this, so this is a characteristic to look out for!

8. Chocolate Majestic Crocodile Buffalo Boots – $5,350

The Chocolate Majestic Crocodile Buffalo boots are similar to what you might picture when you think of the classic cowboy boots. However, they are made with the highest quality materials and have a bit of added flair! They are Stallion Brand boots, and are made in El Paso.

The boots combine alligator leather and buffalo leather. The shaft of the boot features a hand done stitch pattern, as well as buck lacing against the side seams. The boots also feature lemonwood pegged leather soles, which allow the boots to expand and contract according to the weather conditions. 

Many buyers favor this particular style of cowboy boots because of their vintage charm. Not only that, though, but the boots can be a good fit for formal and more casual occasions! Plus, the thought that was put into the design in regards to expansion and contraction is not something you see in all brands of boot.

9. Black Jack Natural Alligator El Patron Cowboy Boots – $4,997

This option is one of the choices that you can purchase from the well known Black Jack brand. They have a unique silhouette and texture as they are made from real alligator skin. The bumps of the hide actually rise up from the boot in some spots, giving them a unique look. 

To make these boots, the brand sources the alligator leather specifically from American alligators. They only use American alligator hide for these. Black Jack then utilizes an exclusive tanning process. The brand also has its own master bootmakers, who are able to handcraft the boots for the ultimate in style and quality. 

People will be able to tell that your boots are the real deal if you splurge on these! The alligator skin, as well as the boot creation process, is authentic and high quality. They are certainly a statement piece, best fitting someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

10. Black Jack Nile Crocodile Belly El Patron – $4,987

The Black Jack Nile Crocodile Belly El Patron boots are another great Black Jack option and come in at a hefty $4,997 a pair. They are a streamlined, sleek black boot with the unique texture of crocodile skin. The leather that is used to create them is real crocodile hide, not leather that is designed to imitate the look and feel of crocodile! 

In addition, since you can order custom boots from this brand, you can choose the heel height, size, width, toe shape, and color for your own pair of boots. They can be worn with just about any outfit, thanks to their simple but fashionable vibe. Black Jack also offers an optional sole saver for comfort– this can be added to your boots for a small fee of $23. Many people shell out the big bucks for a pair of these boots due to their classic look and versatile nature. 

11. Stallion Black American Alligator Boots ~$3,000

Even Bob Dillon loved Stallion boots.

Stallion has been in the high-quality cowboy boot business since 1980, and that may not be as long as some of the other they definitely have some of them beat in style and price.

This boot the Black American Alligator boot is a simple, clean design but it is exceptionally made. It has an all-black leather look and is exceptional at keeping its on trend style.

The build these boots with calfskin shafts and it tapers to a stacked leather heel, with alligator pulls used to create a finishing sparkle. The traditional toe look is flawless and the 1-1/2″ heel completes the look. the Stallion Black American Alligator boot it incredible and elegant.

Expensive Cowboy Boots FAQ

What Brand has the most expensive cowboy boots?

The most expensive cowboy boot brands are Howard Knight Custom Leather, Lucchese, Black Jack Boots, Tres Outlaws, and Stallion Boots & Leather Goods. All of these can offer high-end, high-quality cowboy boots that are priced in thousands of dollars. 

The most expensive cowboy boots of those seem to be the Jack Armstrong Boots over 6 million dollars.

What is the most expensive material for cowboy boots?

Ostrich leather is the most expensive cowboy boot material. This is because of its exotic nature and scarcity. There isn’t really much skin on an ostrich so you don’t get much from each bird. To get the most expensive cowboy boots you need expensive material and craftsmanship, the most expensive cowboy boots don’t just come from run-of-the-mill material. Unfortunately the most expensive cowboy boots sometimes need material from endangered animals or from practises that are not kind to animals like elephants and crocodiles. The most expensive cowboy boots can also be expensive because someone famous wore them, but usually its from the materials and the brand.

What is the most famous brand of cowboy boots?

Image result for most expensive cowboy boots

Lucchese Boots – lucchese baron cowboy boots – lucchese romia cowboy boots

You can’t talk about high-end cowboy boots without mentioning Lucchese and Lucchese baron cowboy boots or Lucchese romia cowboy boots. The brand’s been a storied name in western boots for over a century, worn by US presidents and countless celebrities alike. (They’re also the official cowboy boots of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The more you know!)

What is the most expensive skin for cowboy boots?

As mentioned above ostrich skin is the most expensive.