black as knight horse supplement

Black as Knight Horse Supplement

Last updated on April 22nd, 2023 at 08:55 pm

Black As Knight Horse Supplement

We want our horses to look and perform their best, so it is only natural that horse supplements would emerge on the market. The Black As Knight Horse supplement is not a performance enhancer for, but in fact, was created as a way to enhance the colour of your horse’s coat.

What Is It Black as Knight Supplpement

The Black As Knight horse supplement is a nutritional supplement that is administered to dark-coloured horses in order to preserve and enhance the beauty of their coats. It is administered orally in their food and can be used daily. 

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This supplement is meant to prevent the sun-bleached look that can occur in your horse from sun exposure or fresh body clips. It is formulated to enhance the coat colour of dark-coloured horses, specifically. It also contains fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to add a healthy shine. The formula of the Black As Knight supplement supports the health of your horse’s hoofs, joints, mane, and tail as well. Typically, it takes about a month of use before you will begin to see improvement in the coat colour of your horse.


Black As Knight contains vitamins and fatty acids, such as folic acid, riboflavin, and biotin. It also contains an ingredient list that includes paprika, ground soybeans, seaweed, molasses, chopped wheat hay, salt, pure cane sugar, and annatto. All of these ingredients are safe for your horse’s consumption. They are organic and grown in the USA.

How It Works

Paprika’s Importance

Paprika is one of the most common recommendations when you are looking to darken your horse’s coat. This is because paprika naturally contains copper, though it also contains capsaicin, which is a substance that is banned in horse competitions. Copper is crucial to many of the processes that occur naturally in your horse’s body, and one of these is the melanin production process.

Copper’s Effect on Coat Color

Copper is a trace mineral and is an important part of many of the processes that occur to keep your horse healthy and functioning. Copper is so important for coat coloration because the enzyme that is responsible for melanin production, known as tyrosinase, is copper-dependent. This enzyme is the one that results is black or brown pigments. Many horse colorations contain some combination of these pigments, and darker pigments such as brown or black are also affected by zinc levels. When copper levels are low, a horse’s coat will typically take on a rust-coloured appearance and suffer depigmentation. The colour shift is often more immediately noticeable in the horse’s mane. Conversely, if copper and pigment levels are high in a horse, the coat will have greater resistance to any sort of damage.

How to Use Black as Knight Horse Supplement

The Black As Knight supplement should be administered according to recommendations made by the manufacturer. This is to ensure getting the best results.

There are also ingredients that may affect your horse’s showing ability, so it is important to be fully aware of all of this information so that you can make a choice that best benefits your horse.

When Administering to Your Horse

It is recommended that you mix in the supplement to your horse’s daily grain meals for easy administration; the supplement comes in a granular, powder-like form. The dosage amount is 2-6 teaspoons per day. For larger horses or hotter summer months, double or even triple doses are recommended and can be administered safely.

When Not to Use

It is important to be aware that paprika, one of the active ingredients in the Black As Knight supplement, will show up in drug tests for horses that are actively competing. CAPSAICIN is a banned substance, which is a component of chilli peppers, and often shows up in the varieties of paprika.

It is banned because it is often used as a stimulant, painkiller, and to mask other drugs. If your horse is actively competing, you should cease administering the Black As Knight supplement at least one-two weeks before the start of any competition. Being paprika free is important for the show.

There is also a show-safe version of the supplement, which is paprika-free, but still contains the other ingredients of the regular formula. The show-safe version is called the Show Horse Formula, and your horse can be switched over to this two weeks prior to shows if you would like to continue using the supplement during show season.

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Are horse supplements a waste of money?

The acids, vitamins and minerals in supplements can help to improve the efficiency of energy utilization and can benefit your horse by making it perform better and compete at the top of its ability. 

How do you keep a black horse from sun bleaching?

Paprika is commonly recommended to combat sun bleaching in black horses. There are also some external methods, such as UV sheets with neck covers or a UV protectant spray– or a combination of the two. Reducing sun exposure will also help prevent sun bleaching.

Most horse supplements will have a natural combination of healthy oils, acids vitamins and minerals. If you are looking for the original horse coat enhancer, Black as Knight may be the answer. Other supplements can also help get that shiny black coat, things like sunflower seeds and certain healthy oils.

How can I darken my horse’s coat?

Copper and zinc are essential for coat colour, as they are necessary for the melanin production process. Alfalfa and lucerne are also known to darken coats. If you would like to darken your horse’s coat, try adding any of these to your horse’s meals. You should also ensure that the horse’s current diet is meeting requirements for minerals such as copper and zinc.

Is Paprika good for horses?

Yes, paprika is safe for horses, and can in fact improve a horse’s coat colour. This is because it contains copper, which is a trace mineral that is important to many processes within your horse’s body– including melanin production.

How much paprika do you give a horse?

You should feed your horse about three tablespoons per day per 1200 pounds of horse.

Why do black horses fade?

Black horses often sun bleach, due to exposure to the sun, other elements, and even sweat. They can also suffer from copper deficiency, which will affect the colour of their coat, often turning it a rust colour.

One of the best black horses is the Friesian, and even they can fade from exposure to the sun.

How do you keep their coats black?

exposure to the sun and inadequate nutrition are the reason Friesians lose some of their jet-black coat. We are very careful with turnout and try to avoid having the horses go out during the brightest part of the day in direct sunlight. If they go out during the day, they wear a flysheet and have shade.