Best Bits for Horses with Sensitive Mouths

Best Bits for Horses with Sensitive Mouths

Choosing a bit for your horse may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is a big undertaking. There are so many options out on the market these days, so it may become overwhelming, especially for a newer horse or rider. Read on for some tips and recommendations for the best and gentlest bits for your horse!

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Horse Bits

A horse’s bit is a very important part of its tack. It is the piece of the bridle that comes in contact with the horse’s mouth and helps to control the horse. There are several things that should be considered when choosing your horse’s bit, and some of these factors help to determine the best bits.

How to Choose the Best Bit

When you are choosing a bit for your horse, you should take the following pieces of the puzzle into consideration. You should factor in the type of horse you are choosing for, as well as its age, temperament, and the amount of training it has had. You’ll also want to factor in the type of riding you will be doing and the amount of training and experience you yourself have had as a rider. 

Best Horse Bits

Snaffle bits are typically seen as a more comfortable option for your horse. This type of bit is also the most common type of horse bit. It is designed to exert pressure on the horse’s mouth without leverage– because a snaffle bit does not have shanks, it does not exert as much pressure overall on the mouth of the horse. For this reason, a snaffle bit is a good option for a horse with a more sensitive mouth.

There are more than one different type of snaffle bit. Considered to be the most gentle, the eggbutt bit is designed so that it does not pinch the corners of the horse’s mouth. The eggbutt has an egg shaped connection in between the mouthpiece and bit ring. 

Bits for Sensitive Mouths 

Finding the perfect bit for your horse is already an undertaking– more so if your horse has a sensitive mouth! You, of course, want to ensure your horse is happy and comfortable when you work together. Read on to learn about some of the best bits for sensitive mouths so that yuo can make an informed purchase.

Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

The eggbutt snaffle bit is one of the more common horse bits. It is typically used for English riding. Like other snaffle bits, this type of bit is designed to prevent the pinching that may occur in a horse’s mouth during riding activity. The eggbutt snaffle bit is also designed to reduce tongue pinching and reduce pressure on the tongue to create a more comfortable fit for your horse. The shape helps to prevent the bit from hitting the roof of the horse’s mouth.

Rubber Snaffle Bit

A rubber snaffle bit is a fantastic option for your sensitive horse! It is one of the softest options out there, as most bits are made from materials such as metal, which makes them less elastic and less gentle. The rubber in these bits creates a smooth fit on the bars of your horse’s mouth. A rubber snaffle bit is also designed to eliminate the tongue-pinching that may occur with conventional bits. These types of bits encourage relaxation and salivation in your horse, and they are compatible with all styles of riding and training. 

Mullen Mouth Bit

The Mullen mouth bit is gentle on your horse and also easy to use, so it is a great option for both newer horses and newer riders. It boasts a curved mouthpiece, which helps to alleviate some of the pressure on the horse’s mouth and sits easier and softer in the center of the mouth. Like the other types of snaffle bits, the Mullen mouth bit targets the pinching at the corners of the mouth that are caused by other bits, and is designed to eliminate this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most gentle bit for a horse?

The gentlest type of bit is a snaffle bit– specifically, the eggbutt snaffle bit. This type of bit is named for the egg like shape connecting the mouthpiece and the bit ring. One great eggbutt snaffle bit is the SS Copper Horse Tack Western English Eggbutt Snaffle Bit. (

What is the softest bit on a horse’s mouth?

The softest bit that you can use for a horse is a snaffle bit made of rubber, rather than materials such as metal. One such option is the JP Korsteel Rubber Mouth Dee Snaffle Bit. (

What is the mildest bit for a horse?

The Mullen mouth bit is one of the mildest and softest bits you can use on your sensitive horse. This is another type of snaffle bit. Its curved mouthpiece is gentle on the middle of the horse’s mouth. A great option for these types of bits is the HORZE Mullen Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit. (

How do I stop my horse from putting his tongue over the bit?

Typically, it is recommended that you prevent the horse from opening its mouth by using a tight noseband or choosing a specialized correction bit for your horse’s bridle.