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collapsible mounting block

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Collapsible Mounting Block

The importance of a mounting block for getting onto a horse is well documented.  We take a look at a number of different options that you have when getting one.  Specifically for this post, we look at Collapsible mounting blocks for their ease of use, portability and price.  

These portable, collapsible stools are the best thing you can get. They are strong and they work, AND they fold down to a smaller size so you can put them in a saddle bag or backpack. the carabiner is also great for clipping it onto something. They work in a sand ring and they also work on the trail…you just need to find a semi-flat surface.

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I would also recommend if you are by yourself having a rope or leash attached so you can pull it up after you get into the saddle.

Why are mounting Blocks Important?

Using a mounting block is very important as mounting and dismounting a horse can be hazardous.  The risk increases as a result of numerous factors including; the riders age, size, agility, ability, horse temperament and sensitivity. To reduce the risk a mounting block can be used. Even if you are able to mount your horse from the ground, it is better to do so from a mounting block.

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What is a Mounting Block?

A mounting block is stood on by the rider in order to raise them higher off the ground.  This makes mounting and dismounting a quicker and easier task. Using a mounting block allows the rider to quickly take control of the horse and reduces the amount of strain that is put on both the rider and the horse. A mounting block is a necessity for many riders so to have an option of a collapsible and portable mounting block is essential. A collapsible mounting block means the rider can take the mounting block with them if they will be travelling.  They can also use it if they are riding at a location away from their usual school/ riding location.

Without a mounting block, some riders may not be able to remount after dismounting their horse.  They may even choose to only ride on certain routes due to the risk of having to dismount on others. To increase safety for the rider and the horse, a collapsible mounting block can relieve a lot of stress and is a welcome addition to a rider’s kit.

Why is a Mounting Block Needed?

Earlier we mentioned that it is better to use a mounting block regardless of whether or not you are able to mount your horse from the ground. This is because when you mount a horse from the ground you will put pressure on the saddle and this often results in the saddle shifting. This shift and extra pressure can be uncomfortable and even painful for the horse. Many riders reposition the saddle once they have mounted.  The saddle may not be in the ideal position as a result of the movement created by mounting from the ground. Below are two key reasons a mounting block should be used:

Horse health

Mounting a horse from the ground can cause an awkward pull to one side which is damaging for a horse’s spine. With all of your weight pulling on one side of the saddle it causes the saddle to move which in turn, causes the horse’s withers to move too. This basically means your horse’s vertebrae are being moved and this is what causes damage. Mounting from the ground occasionally should not cause problems but doing this constantly will cause several health issues for your horse.

Saddle longevity and stirrup leathers longevity

While the shifting of the saddle causes damage to your horses back, it also causes damage to the saddle itself. The panels become compressed and stirrup leathers are likely to become weakened and stretched as you continuously place all of your weight onto one side. Damaging your saddle can cause it to sit unevenly on your horses back.  This can cause even more issues and pain for your horse.

Traditional Mounting Blocks

Most mounting blocks are very large so to bring one with you when you are transporting your horse is usually out of the question. It can be very awkward to transport and can lead to damage. Although there are no guarantees there will be mounting blocks available wherever you are headed which can cause considerable problems for riders. Due to this, many riders are looking for suitable portable options. Something that is easy to transport, sturdy and practical. This is where a collapsible mounting block comes in. 

What are the Benefits of a Collapsible Mounting Block?

A collapsible mounting block allows you to take it with you and use it no matter what your location. As it is collapsible, you can easily pack it away without taking up much space and can be transported, and even carried, with ease.

Stability is a key factor needed from a mounting block, whether it is collapsible or not. Due to this, it is best to buy a collapsible mounting block that is specifically created for this purpose, through desperation many riders within the horse community have purchased collapsible steps which are not designed for use around horses. These are often unstable and come with a host of other potential hazards. They are also usually not suitable for dismount either due to the instability. However, now there are purpose made collapsible mounting blocks which provide the stability needed.

Types of Portable Mounting Block Reviewed

There are currently a few portable mounting block options on the market. These include:

  • Folding Step Stool – Two-step version, one-step low version and one-step tall version. 

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A folding step stool is a good option when you’re on the move as it can be made small and compact when not in use. A folding stool is easy to carry, easy to store and although it is light it can support a lot of weight. This is a sturdy solution for use away from home. An option like this could even be taken on rides with you if necessary due to its lightweight and compact nature.

  • Foldable steps – These come in a variety of styles, material and heights.  Click on the image to see it on Amazon

Foldable steps do not fold away as small as the step stool does but they do offer an option that allows you to stand higher from the ground when mounting. The foldable steps are plastic which means they are lightweight while still being durable. This is a great option to keep in your horsebox or trailer and provides a stable base for mounting even larger horses.

This is a picture of Daisy my sisters trick horse. Next to her is a folding step so you can see how high it comes up. Some people need a little more height depending on their own height and the height of the horse. Daisy is 14.2.

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These portable steps are tough, durable and slip resistant. They can be stacked and are lightweight meaning they are easy to carry. However, these mounting steps are not foldable which means they may get in the way and take up valuable space in the trailer/ vehicle.  With that said, if you have space they are a great option for keeping in the car/ trailer and they are stackable so if you have more than one they won’t take up any more space.

  • Collapsible Mounting Block –

portable mounting block for trail riding

A lightweight, sturdy and compact option that can be taken with you wherever you go. A collapsible mounting block provides all of the things a traditional mounting block does.  It does this while being portable, easy to use and easy to transport. With this mounting block, you can broaden your horizons and ride wherever as you will always have a mounting block on hand.  This will be a significant benefit you and your horse.

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These are not very common but here is a great option on Amazon USA.


The British Horse Society – Advice on specifications and standard of mounting blocks