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Banamine for Horses

Banamine for Horses

Banamine for Horses What is Banamine? Banamine for horses is a brand name, but the drug itself is called flunixin meglumine, and it is used as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, inflammation, and fever by lowering particular biochemical reactions in an animal’s body, specifically in cattle, horses, and pigs. And while there are other …

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Soybean Meal for Horses

Soybean Meal for Horses

Protein and Your Horses Nutrition There may be a number of different reasons that you are reading this article, but primarily people are looking for soybean meal for their horse because of protein. It’s either you just want more because the hay supply you have may not have enough, or your vet has recommended increasing …

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Chia Seeds For Horses

Chia Seeds for Horses

What’s the Deal with Horses and Chia Seeds? Chia seeds have exploded onto the equine market in recent years, being advertised as a miracle seed for our majestic friends. And it’s true! Chia seeds are a miracle in themselves. These seeds are tiny tablets filled with all the nutrients and goodies you can ask for. …

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Equ Streamz Review

Equ Streamz Review

EQU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Bands The Newest Magnetic Technology for Horses Magnetism has been around for years, being used on both people and animals as a traditional and holistic healing practice that does not involve chemicals or medication. Magnetic therapy can be used for just about anything, from maintaining the general wellbeing of your …

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Can Horses See Colour

Can Horses See Colour?

Everything You Need to Know About Your Horse’s Eyes A lot of people think horses are colour blind like a dog. Some people even think horses have magnified vision like an eagle. These things simply are not true! Horses are no more colour blind than they are capable of seeing beyond the horizon. Horses have …

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