Equ Streamz Review

Equ Streamz Review

Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 05:25 pm

EQU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Bands

The Newest Magnetic Technology for Horses

Magnetism has been around for years, being used on both people and animals as a traditional and holistic healing practice that does not involve chemicals or medication. Magnetic therapy can be used for just about anything, from maintaining the general wellbeing of your horse all the way to helping serious injuries to heal faster. The magnets work by increasing the flow of blood throughout the horse’s body, which in turn moves oxygen more freely throughout its limbs and arteries, relaxing the walls that surround soft tissue and encouraging cellular regeneration. Although this may seem like total hocus-pocus nonsense, it has been proven to not only help horses heal but to help them feel better in their daily lives and to greatly reduce the constant pain from many different conditions, such as arthritis.

There are tons of magnetic products on the market for your horse, ranging from boots to blankets. And while these are effective, most of the products have serious limitations. The magnets can heat up and harm the horse’s skin, the blankets can be cumbersome and annoying for the horse when it is trying to relax, and some of these products even require a charge or a battery pack installed somewhere on the mesh of the blanket. While they do have a positive effect on the horse, they are old and outdated. Luckily, the EQU StreamZ is now available, a slim and simple solution that is slowly replacing the way equine lovers view magnetic therapy. Say goodbye to huge blankets and say hello to the easy-to-wear ankle band!

EQU StreamZ Magnetic Horse Bands

The new StreamZ magnetic technology is turning some serious heads in the world of equestrian health. These ankle bands are a form of non-invasive tech that you can easily strap to the horse’s ankle and leave on for a full eight hours with zero adverse effects. Whereas the traditional magnets, stitched into the rugs, blankets, and boots of the most popular magnetic therapy horse products, use a process of pulsating magnetics, the StreamZ uses an all-new, all-innovative 360-degree resonance technology. This revolutionary feature is going to put the spring back in your horse’s step.

There was only so much support the previous rugs and blankets could provide for a horse. Plus, the old magnetic tools didn’t have such quality reviews. But now we can do more. The StreamZ has taken everything we have learned over the years about magnets and their healing properties and used the knowledge to design the StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Fetlock Band, a solution that is small, low impact, and has a lasting effect on the health of your horse. This marvellous invention is already changing the way we look at using magnetic fields to help horses.

One of the main issues with the traditional magnet blankets and rugs was their time limit. It was impossible to leave the magnets with your horse for too long because they would overheat and harm the horse. This was due to the pulsating effect of the magnets. The increase in temperature meant you could not use the magnetic devices after a horse exercised or competed since they were already hot and the magnets would only make it worse. Well, those days are gone! No more pulsating technology. The StreamZ spins!

EQU SteamZ Magnetic 360 Resonance Technology

The StreamZ works because inside of the magnetic horse band is a clever strip of magnetized silicone. The result of this continuous strip is a 360-degree field of energy spinning relentlessly around the horse’s leg. What’s the catch? Well, there is none! Your horse can wear this fantastic ankle band twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There will never be an increase of heat caused by the spinning magnetism inside of the band, which means your horse can wear the StreamZ even when they are exercising.

Not to mention the price difference. The StreamZ is far more affordable than a full-sized rug or a blanket. It even functions better and for longer. It is easier to equip to your horse, too. All you have to do is strap it around the horse’s ankles. In fact, there is nothing a hefty blanket or rug does that this versatile unit doesn’t do better. But wait… there’s more!

When you purchase the StreamZ you don’t just get one band for your horse, you get two. Simply wrap the bands around the horse’s hindlegs or forelegs and let the magnets do their silent work. Even though they are strapped around the legs, which feel far away from the important parts of the horse, the magnets will still work to get the blood flowing, the oxygen moving, and the cells kicked into high gear. The spinning magnets help push minerals all throughout the horse’s circulatory system, not just one spot. This results in a healthy and happy horse that you can depend on. We suggest allowing your horse to wear the bands for at least eight hours each day to help with pain relief, regeneration, and general goodness for the horse’s systems. However, you can leave the StreamZ on indefinitely with no negative effects at all.

The Reviews on Equ Streamz for Horses

People don’t lie. Horse lovers don’t lie about what products work on their beloved animals and which don’t. A quick search will show horse owners all over the world raving about the StreamZ Magnetic Bands. People are reporting a drastic decrease in veterinary bills, noticeable differences to the horse’s health within 24 hours, happier horses, and overall better performance on every level. Whether your horse is injured, has arthritis, is recovering from surgery or an injury, has tendon problems, or is lame – try the StreamZ. People have reported improvements with chronic tension, sprains, bowed tendons, tendonitis, cartilage injuries, ligament inflammations, bucked shins, osteoporosis, circulatory issues, and even hoof problems. 

Equ Give your horse the life they deserve with these amazing magnet bands. People all across the world are happy with their results, and you will be too.