Therapy Blankets for Horses

Therapy Blankets For Horses

Last updated on September 30th, 2020 at 05:28 pm

Therapy Blankets for Horses

We all need some therapy from time to time. And no, I’m not talking about the man on the couch with his notepad. I’m talking about comfort and relaxation therapy. Just like humans, horses need to relax once in a while. If they could go downtown and get a soothing Thai massage, they probably would – but that’s a little unlikely.

The next best thing for your horse is a therapy blanket. Think of a therapy blanket like a big cozy shroud to wrap your horse in, more of a healing blanket than anything. Whether you go for infrared therapy or magnetic therapy, or maybe a royal blue fleece (it’ll drive all the mares in the stable crazy), therapy blankets are never a bad choice. Used by the pros, the racers, the Olympic-level horses, and the humble farm horses all over the country, therapeutic blankets are more popular now than ever. The benefits of these wonderful creations are undisputed.

Therapy Blankets For Horses Benefits

Benefits, because of a blanket? – yes! It’s true. These therapy blankets are more than they seem at first glance. Most are infused with state-of-the-art technology, right there in the fibres. They use the horse’s own energy to induce therapeutic heaven using infrared.

The smart design brings an increase in blood circulation, natural pain relief, and a snappier recovery from fatigued muscles and joints. Did I mention they’re also stylish? Horse blankets are comfortable, non-invasive, and can mean the difference between a grumpy and a healthy horse.

What if you were tired and sore after a long day in the field and crawled into bed blanket-less? Horrible, right? Treat your horses the way you would treat yourself.

Let’s take a look at the most popular horse blankets on the market today, manufactured by Back on Track, the leader in horse comfort and safety. Keep in mind there are more accessories than blankets. There are saddle pads, leg wraps, boots, and sheets – all therapeutic and made from high-tech magnetic or ceramic fibres.

Back on Track Mesh

Back on Track mesh horse blankets (also known as rugs) is the ideal product for your horse. Usable throughout the year, these blankets are breathable in the hot and stuffy summer months and offer extra warmth in the chill of winter. A thin ceramic fibre lays underneath the mesh to include total protection in every season. Back on Track’s Mesh Rug may be used as a stable sheet or as another rug underneath. With double chest buckles and belly pop closures, a large tail flap and loops for the leg ties, these blankets are easy to wear and easy to take off. Don’t let your horse go unprotected.

Another option is the mesh rug with a hood. It’s a great option for horses with neck stiffness or soreness, the tension in their overused muscles, or more serious ailments like arthritis. Think of this as the perfect combo for your horse.

With Back on Track’s patented technology, their mesh rug assists in speedy healing, better recovery of joints and muscles – and of course, comfort. The fabric’s unique composition provides infrared warmth via the body’s own heat, thus increasing the circulation of blood. Because the material also has elastic properties, it fits well on most horses (snug as a rug, anyone?). The neck cover is even detachable. This allows you to be flexible to your horse’s particular needs.

The rug and hood are also combinable with many other of Back on Track’s horse accessories, like their Turnout Rug for the coldest of winters.

Whether your stable is in balmy California, cold Ontario, or on the moon, a Back on Track mesh blanket is the perfect option for your horse. The standard rug is available in black, but if you opt for the blanket and hood combo, choose from red, green, or blue to fit your horse’s personality. You can also buy the hood separately.

Back on Track Fleece Blanket

We’re going to step it up a notch with Back on Track’s collection of beautiful fleeces for your horse. Not quite as technological or medicative as the mesh blankets, we talked about, fleeces are more about warmth and comfort therapy. There’s a reason these rugs are selling like hotcakes.

They still offer the much-desired infrared benefits we talked about before, since they are lined with Back on Track’s specialty material. But where these fleeces really shine is as a method of recovery. You can use them for the horse’s general health and wellbeing, and even during warm-up for competitions.

One popular option is the standard fleece, which covers the neck and body and features adjustable straps and a smooth fit. Coming only in black, the Back on Track Fleece Rug with Neck is a full-coverage solution that’s a little pricier than their more stylish ‘Nights Collection.’ Back on Track’s Nights Collection Fleece Rug comes without the neck protection. But man, what a rug they are! Available in stunning blue and red, these are for the horses with class and poise.

Therapy Blankets for Horses are Amazing.

The rug is quilted, preventing chafing and stretching, and it looks fantastic. If I were a horse, this is the blanket I would want to go to sleep in.

Magnetic Horse Blankets

Magnetic therapy is nothing new. It has been used for years by both humans and animals. In recent years, magnetic therapy for horses has been a proven alternative to drugs and expensive supplements.

These blankets generally have static magnets sewn into their covers and are used to help horses with a wide variety of physical issues. They can improve the healing time of fractures while strengthening tendons during the process.

They can also act as pain relievers, lessening arthritis pain and controlling the pain from agitated nerves. Postoperative pain and carpal tunnel syndrome are also reduced by using magnetic horse blankets, as well as a whole slew of everyday irritations your horse may suffer.

When dressing your horse in a magnetic blanket, keep in mind this should only be done while they are at rest, stabled, or relaxed and travelling. Never ever, and I mean ever, use magnets for your horse during physical activities like exercise or training. Because of the magnet’s stimulation of the circulatory system, this could cause a dangerous rise in body temperature by your horse overheating.

You don’t want that.

You also don’t want a cheaply made blanket with heavy coils and batteries, as these can shift and cause problems when you’re not paying attention. If possible, find a magnetic blanket with the magnets sewn into place (preferably over important acupuncture points), without messy plugs or batteries.

You will also want to ensure the magnets are soft and cushioned so that your horse doesn’t become uncomfortable and ornery.

Like the other rugs, magnetic blankets are usually made with a breathable mesh material or something similar, which will allow infrared warming for your horse’s exhausted muscles. Of course, there are many other magnetic therapy products to choose from. One popular option is magnetic mats, which the horses stand on to treat their worn and tired hooves.