Horse Fly Spray That Actually Works

Horse Fly Spray that Actually Works

Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 06:54 pm

What are Some Horse Fly Sprays That Actually Work

Flies and How to Keep Your Horse Protected

Flies are the worst. The absolute worst. They have been bothering humans since the dawn of time and they can be equally as annoying to your horses. Even if you have somehow managed to reduce the population of flies on your farm, they are persistent insects and may continue to swarm and pester your horse. This is dangerous for a heap of reasons. When flies land on your horse’s legs they will stomp in frustration, which can hurt their feet and legs alike. Not only that, but flies that are continuously chowing down on your horse can leave ugly festering sores. It’s not pretty. Nobody wants their horse to look like a leper. And don’t even get me started on diseases. Flies are mother nature’s pathogen carriers, spreading disease like dust on the wind.

How do you stop the scourge of the flies? Well, it’s impossible. Like I said before, even if you manage to quell their numbers, they are probably still going to show up – and your horses are going to take the brunt of their irritating fury. Horses can’t exactly run inside and shut the door and light some candles. They need you to protect them.

It should go without saying that the most important thing is to keep everything spick and span. Get the manure as far from the horses as humanly possible. Get rid of stagnant water. Keep the grain covered. Sweep away excess dirt and grime and muck. Keep it clean, your horses included.

Repel, Repel, Repel!

Regardless of everything else, you always want to repel the flies from your horses – because as we know, they’ll just keep coming. There are countless methods to keep your horses fly-free. But which one works? You can try fly sheets, which are a mesh-like material often coated in repellent to keep away the bugs. There are also fly masks (also mesh), which keep the flies from landing in the horse’s eye goop and starting a nasty infection. Then we have ear nets, used to keep bugs and flies out of a horse’s ears while riding or moving about. Wraps, collars, mesh packages soaked in repellent. All these strategies are okay, but what really works is the fly spray.

Wipes, sprays, and roll-ons are the perfect method for repelling all the buzzing insects besieging your kind and gentle horses. Ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and flies won’t stand a chance against today’s top synthetic formulas (mostly all-natural). These sprays are better than the previously mentioned methods because they are designed to keep the insects away from your horses in the first place. Which is to say, they won’t even try to land on them! The right fly spray works as an invisible barrier around the horse, not killing the flies, merely abating their presence – as some insecticides that kill the bugs can be toxic to live animals. Some products combine a little bit of both to be more effective.

Which Spray Actually Works?

So, which spray actually works? It often depends on who you ask. Some horse owners endeavour to make their own sprays. They think they have the magic formula and whip-up homebrews to spray their horses with. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly go around door to door asking for the secret recipe. You will just have to see for yourself. Read the reviews (and to the end of this article), ask your friends, and get a list of sprays together you think will work. Then you need to go home and try them. Some horses may not like certain sprays, and it is important to have a test run to see which works and which makes your horse the happiest. Follow the instructions on the label, make sure your horse isn’t yucky with sweat, urine, or manure – maybe a quick bath will help – and then apply the spray. Be sure to apply it carefully to the horse’s face to avoid getting any its eyes.

Here are two of the top products that – yes! – actually work. On a side note, you may want to rotate sprays, since the flies can get used to them and they may become less effective as time wears on. Just wash them first to avoid any unwanted reaction to the different formulas.

Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Fly Spray

Not only will Absorbine UltraShield control gnats, mosquitos, ticks, and flies, but it will also give your horse’s coat a shiny gleam with its added conditioners, like aloe. Even more, you can use Absorbine on your dogs to fight off ticks and fleas. Absorbine’s citronella scent will keep you and your horse smelling fresh – and hey, it even doubles as sunscreen for your horse on those extra sunny days. Weatherproof and sweat-resistant, Absorbine promises a full 17-day fly-free vacation for your horses, rain or shine.

The bottle Absorbine comes in is designed for even distribution over your horse’s body, that way you won’t miss any delicate spots the flies love to pester. The only downside is that you have to wear gloves. But look, if your horse doesn’t like it, take the bottle inside and you can use Absorbine around the house.

Pyranha Wipe N Horse Fly Spray

This is the top of the line when it comes to fly repellent for your horse. Like other sprays, Pyranah repulses and kills all the evil winged-bugs we hate so much – flies, mosquitoes, gnats. It also doubles as a conditioner, which will keep your horse smelling better than your bedsheets. Comfortable and non-invasive, we highly suggest using this spray, as it is reviewed most highly by horse owners everywhere. Water-resistant, oil-based, and easy to apply, this is the perfect deterrent against houseflies, deerflies, mosquitoes, and all other creepy crawlies, and it will keep your horse looking clean and non-greasy. Pyranha offers 14-day protection – no need to reapply constantly. It can be sprayed on the horse directly or wiped on by hand. The only downside is that your horse may be allergic to it, though this is very unlikely. Out of all the products we have tried around our ranch, Pyranha is our favourite.