horse trailer camera

Best Horse Trailer Camera

Best Horse Trailer Camera

We have backup cameras for our cars and our trucks, but not for our trailers— and when we are towing precious cargo such as our horses, a backup camera can be more important than ever. After all, we want to be sure that our horses have a safe and comfortable ride! Transport can be stressful enough already for these sensitive creatures.

Read on for more information on why a horse trailer camera can be a wise investment for you, and for a list of some great models of camera to jump start your search for the perfect model!

Why Do I Need a Horse Trailer Camera?

You may be wondering if investing in a camera for your horse trailer is worthwhile, and we give a resounding yes! This can be a great investment. After all, we have come to rely on the backup cameras in our vehicles to make maneuvering that much easier, and when you hook up your trailer, you lose that visibility. Having a backup camera on your horse trailer can help to make transporting and trailering your horses much smoother. This, of course, benefits not only your vehicle and avoids any accidents, but benefits your horses, too. It can help to reduce their stress by giving them a smoother and more effortless ride! 

Best Horse Trailer Camera

There are so many cameras out on the market these days, so it can be overwhelming to find one that is the right fit for your needs— not all cameras will be suitable for your horse trailer! Below, we have rounded up a few great options for horse trailer cameras. 

Wireless Backup Camera for RV Truck Trailer with 7 Inch Monitor

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First up is this wireless backup camera, specifically designed for trailers, RVs, and other commercial vehicles. It has a large 7 inch monitor that helps you to see clearly the area behind the trailer, and is also waterproof and weather resistant. In addition, it is set up with dual antennas that send a strong signal back to the display screen. The camera signal can reach around 984 feet in an open area and up to around 240 feet on working vehicle range. 

Wireless Backup Camera System with 7 inch Split Screen

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The next option is this wireless backup camera that has a split screen. The camera’s display is 7 inches, coming with the split screen capabilities as well. It is quick and easy to install, taking under an hour and not requiring a professional to help. Plus, it is able to switch between different views and angles of the camera for the best visibility possible. 

EWAY WiFi Magnetic Hitch Wireless Backup Rear/Front View Camera

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The EWAY rear and front view camera is our third and final option. This one has a smaller screen than the other two options we discussed, as it is wifi based and connects right to the screen of your phone or iPad. However, this can be more convenient in certain cases! It is also easy to set up, as it attaches via a strong magnetic base and therefore needs no hardware or complicated setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a backup camera for trailers?

We have gotten used to having backup cameras in our cars and trucks, and it has certainly made things easier when we are driving or trying to pull into a tight spot. But what happens to that visibility once you hook up your trailer, you may wonder? Luckily, there are different cameras out there that you can mount on your trailer to use as a backup trailer when you are towing it around. These types of backup cameras are commonly used for trailers, RVs, and campers, to name a few commercial vehicles. 

Can you put a reverse camera on a trailer?

Trailers typically don’t come with their own backup cameras like a lot of cars do. This is tricky, because hooking up a trailer to your vehicle always makes it a little harder to drive— so you likely want your backup camera to keep your bases covered and make sure you are able to maneuver your trailer safely. There are different backup or reverse cameras that are designed so that you can mount them on your trailer with ease! An example is the Brandmotion Universal Trailer Rear Vision System. This particular model is able to work automatically, and reverse can be selected manually or automatically with the transmission. It can also be switched on at any time. It is a versatile system that is great for a trailer or similar type of commercial vehicle! 

What is the most expensive horse trailer in the world?

When it comes to our horses, we want the best for them! Horseback riding and everything required to care for our horses can be an expensive past time, but it’s totally worth it in the end. So, when we transport our horses in their trailers, it makes sense that we want them to have the ultimate comfort, too. Transport can be stressful, after all! The most expensive trailer that was ever built (at least, so far!) is a 4 Star custom-outfitted living quarters trailer. It was built in the year 2020, and it sold for a hefty price of $575,000. Not bad— we envy the horses who are lucky enough to be spending their time in there!

Who makes C&C horse trailers?

C&C horse trailers are considered to be the best custom horse trailers out there that money can buy! The company began in 1974 as a partnership between C&C Industries and Mastertrack trailers. Originally, this was a collaboration between two childhood friends, which makes it all the sweeter! Ron Crupi and Scott Campbell were the names of these two. Together, they were able to make use of a vast knowledge of areas such as fabrication, engineering, and, of course, business, so that they could offer these custom horse trailers to the world. Today, as we mentioned, they are still known for being the best of the best!