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Soloshot Alternatives

Last updated on February 19th, 2023 at 06:36 pm

Motion Tracking Cameras for Horse Riding – Soloshot Alternatives

Tracking Your Ride

Recording your ride can be an awesome experience. If you are not familiar with what recording your ride is, it basically just means that you are tracked by your camera without anyone needing to be the cameraman. You can put the camera down and it will record a video of you riding by tracking your movements. This allows you to make solo films of yourself and your horse. The camera will adjust, pan, and zoom as needed. 

2023 Update

Down below we have a number of mounted follow-me camera mounts that serve as great alternatives to the soloshot. However, as technology has changed over the years drones have become a better option and they have come down in price. Here are our recommendations for drones to solve the problem of filming yourself while riding.

The one option is a little more money…but this would be for a serious filmography which some of you are. The other two are more budget-friendly.

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Soloshot was one of the first cameras that did motion tracking, and maybe they weren’t quite as good as everyone had hoped. They were also locked to the outdoor world, you could use them inside.

Equestrian and Western riders alike want to auto-record their rides, but it needs to be reliable and work inside and out. The tech has to work, and it has to work well. You need to be able to trust your gear and focus on your horse and your ride. You also don’t want to spend a fortune, so we look at the pros and cons of six Soloshot alternatives.

A lot of people want an alternative to Soloshot, one of the most well-known tracking cameras for riders. The good news is there are lots of alternatives. Because most tracking cameras are not designed specifically for riding horses, you can find many different tracking cameras that are quality, that are affordable, and that have lots of neat new features. 

Today we will look at the best Soloshot alternatives so that you can record your ride with confidence.  

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Move N See Pixio Robot Cameraman

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The Pixio Robot Cameraman is your very own tracking system. If you are going to be doing some serious riding and need an awesome robot cameraman that can follow your every move and track you with expert precision, this is one of the best models. This is especially loved by equestrians all over the country. It really does serve its purpose. 

The Pixio is great for indoor or outdoor tracking, it has an impressive range of about 330 feet or 100 meters, and it works as an independent camera to track your movements all on its own. It even has a tight automatic zoom capability and is able to live stream. This means the camera can track, record, and live stream your ride while it is happening. 

It’s a little expensive, but that’s because it really does work. It’s a fully robotic cameraman that can track your every move while you ride your horse. 

Move N See Pixem Robot Cameraman 

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The Pixem Robot Cameraman is extremely similar to the Pixio, but it works a little differently. This one is designed for use with your smartphone and tablet. You can easily attach your smartphone directly to the Pixem robot to achieve indoor and outdoor tracking with the same range of 330 feet or 100 meters. It even allows your smartphone to record in 4K if it’s capable. The Pixem also uses the automatic zoom of your device, giving you the best quality of video no matter what kind of phone you own.

By downloading the free Pixem application, you can also do live streaming. It’s never been easier or more affordable to have your own robot cameraman without an actual camera. This is a great unit for those on a budget, and for who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a camera and tripod system.

Mevo Plus: Live Event Camera 

The Mevo Plus is the real deal. While this is not a robot cameraman, meaning it doesn’t track you and it won’t follow your movements, it is an excellent camera for recording your ride. This is because it has a massive field of view. If you set it in a strategic spot, it’s guaranteed to capture a massive area. There’s no need for it to track you!

This is a seriously advanced recording system with a 150-degree glass lens, a 12MP CMOS sensor, and the ability to record your footage in either 4K or to live stream it in full HD 1080p. You can stream your ride directly onto Facebook, YouTube, or even Twitter. The camera always works with Wi-Fi, and you can edit your videos instantly using your mobile device. 

With new and improved technology, the Mevo Plus transfers data faster and offers increased performance. It can use any modern memory card, it has a built-in stereo microphone, and you can plug in your external audio to have even better sound. 

The Mevo won’t track your riding, but it is a quality camera that’s about half the price of the Move N See Pixio and Pixem models. It can be used inside or outside, and it’s only about 2.5 inches tall. 

Swivl C Series Robot

The Swivl Robot was designed to work in the classroom, but it can definitely work for recording your riding. It’s best used inside, but you can absolutely put it anywhere. The Swivl will rotate automatically to capture video of your riding. It’s important to note that this is not a camera, only a swiveling device. 

You will need to connect your own camera to record video and audio. The Swivl Robot only works to track you and move the camera automatically. You can connect up to five microphones to the base of the swivel to record high-quality audio. You can also project the audio to connected speakers.

One of the big bonuses with the Swivl is that it is designed for seamless uploading, sharing, and collaborating. You can use the desktop app, the mobile app, or your web browser to do multi-camera recording. Like we said, this is primarily used for in the classroom, but with some clever tweaks you can easily adapt the Swivl to record yourself while riding. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Runner ups

If you are only going to be outside you can definitely use a drone to follow and they are less expensive. Here is one that is more expensive but the best on the market

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Here is another one that is a little more cost-effective.

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Final Thoughts

There are some quality alternatives to using the Soloshot to capture your riding on video. However, the best video recording robots are going to cost about the same as the Soloshot. And so, it really comes down to how perfect you want your video and how much money you want to spend. 

For example, if you are only using your smartphone to record, something cheap and effective like the Swivl Robot would be fine. If you have a real camera and don’t mind spending the money, the Pixio is definitely the best. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have a camera or a robot already, the Soloshot is probably the best. It’s popular for a reason.