Best Electric Fence Charger for Horses

Best Electric Fence Charger for Horses

Best Electric Fence Charger for Horses

Choosing the Best Electric Fence Charger

Fences don’t charge themselves. If you have an electric fence keeping your horses in the pasture, you are going to need a quality charger. For this reason, we have composed a list of the best electric fence chargers you can install yourself to keep your horses safe. 

What is the Best Electric Fence Charger For Horses? The best electric fence charger for horses is the Parmak Df-SP-LI Solar Pak Fence Chrarger. It has everything you need to make sure that your fence stays electrified and your horses are safe. As a boarding facility owner I know first hand what needs to happen when it comes to electric fences, and reliability and safety are paramount.

There are a few different kinds of chargers. To pick the best one, you need to know a few things about what you’re looking for in a charger, like the type of power, the voltage rating, and the current rating. You have low-impedance, continuous output, and solid-state. Each type is a little different.

When it comes to chargers, some are powered using DC and some are powered using AC. DC-powered chargers are much simpler because they use a battery. With AC Chargers, you need to connect to the electricity grid by plugging the charger in. This could be a hassle as you need to run a cord from your charger to your socket. 

And finally, you can purchase a solar-powered fence. These are great unless you live in a place with very little sun. Solar-powered chargers can also pretty expensive to buy. But if you don’t mind spending the money, solar power is definitely the way to go. Even better, try a dual charger that offers battery power and solar power.

Keep in mind that when dealing with horses, the minimum recommended voltage on your fence line is between 2,000 and 3,000 volts. It’s also recommended that you use high-tensile wire between three and five strands.  

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak Low-Impedance 6-Volt Fence Charger

This is one of the best electric fence guards you can buy. It is so much more than a simple charger. It comes included with an integrated performance meter to give you information about your electric fence. It uses a battery and a solar source to charge your fence, and is strong enough to give a shock through brush and wet weeds. However, it does require a 6-volt battery to charge the fence with low impedance. 

This charger works to cover about 40 kilometers of fencing. It’s great for small and medium pastures. The charger also ensures computer precision for your wiring system. And it works even when it gets wet. Wet weeds and bushes mean nothing to this charger, you can always control your horses. When it comes to the solar charging, it stores maximum energy during sunny days and then consumes the energy as necessary, though it can still work during cloudy days. With a charged battery, you get 21 days of continuous service. 

Zareba EAC50M AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric Fence Charger

The Zareba EAC50M Charger is a great unit, especially for horses. It works to energize up to about 80 kilometers of fencing, outputting 2 joules at 75 ohms. This charger is AC powered and ideal for larger pastures. It has moisture-resistant internal components, it comes included with a weather-resistant case, and it has a pulse indicator light. The fence even comes included with a 3-year protection plan that covers damage caused by lightning. 

Plus, this charger works even with heavy weeds. When you get too many weeds on the fence line, the energizer still works to cut through the line. Even with a lot of resistance on the line, the charger will work to pass electricity through the length of the fence. You can even get an upgraded version that work with up to 120 kilometers of fencing. If you need to keep horses in and other animals out, this is one of the best chargers.

As a side note, Zareba actually makes a lot of different types of electric fence chargers. They are an extremely well-respected company with hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews online for their products. If you are looking for a DC or an AC charger, they have you covered. They also offer different levels of coverage depending on what distance you prefer.

Fi-Shock EAC100M-FS AC Low-Impedance Fence Energizer

The Fi-Shock Energizer is one of the best you can buy. This is the big boy, offering a massive 160 kilometers of range with this single unit. It works in wet conditions, it pushes electricity through your fence even if it’s heavy with weeds, and it has a bright indicator light so you can always see if the controller is working. It outputs 6 joules at 75 ohms, is 115-volt, 60-cycle, and has a pulsed output at 1-second intervals. The energizer comes included with a 2-year warranty that covers lightning strikes, but you can upgrade it to 3-year if you register online with your proof of purchase.

This is an ideal energizer not only because it offers great distance, but also because it works well in any weather, it consumes less energy, and it has pretty solid storm protection. It also uses a fuseless connection and digital timing. For people who aren’t super skilled at installing things like this, the Fi-Shock Energizer is surprisingly easy. Plus, it’s insanely affordable! 

Red Snap’r EAC25M-RS AC Low-Impendence Fence Charger

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive with a shorter range, you may want to check out the Red Snap’r 25-Mile Fence Charger. It works to energize about 40 kilometers of fencing, it offers great control for a variety of animals, including predators, and you can use it with almost any type of fence. Whether you have high-tensile fencing, polywire fencing, or polytape fencing, this charger will work. It has a smaller output of only 1 joule at 75 ohms, and it includes an indicator light so you can see that it’s working from far away. 

As a low-impedance electric fence charger, it gives a low internal resistance, which allows for an increase in joules on the fence line. Even if there are lots of weeds and vegetation pushed against the fence, the electricity continues running to keep the fence hot. And finally, you get a 2-year limited warranty including any damage from lightning.