Best Riding Helmets for Toddlers

6 Best Riding Helmets for Toddlers

Keep Safe with the Best Riding Helmet for Toddlers

When it comes to toddlers and horses, your kid needs the same kind of protection that you use to stay safe. This means your toddler needs a special helmet to be riding a horse. It’s not uncommon anymore from children as young as five years old to begin riding. But bicycle helmets simply don’t cut it! 

This is why we have put together a list of the best riding helmets for toddlers. These helmets are specially designed to keep your child safe while they are riding. Of course, your toddler should be taught all the safety precautions before getting on a horse. But once they do, having the right helmet will give you peace of mind. 

It’s also important to understand that because your toddler is going to be growing so quickly, you want to check the fit of the helmet before every ride. From one week to the next, your toddler’s head could get too big for their helmet. If the helmet does not appear to fit anymore, it’s important to replace it with a new one. 

The same rules apply for your toddler’s helmet that apply for your own helmet. It needs to fit snugly without being uncomfortable, it should be fully adjustable, and your child should feel safe and confident with the helmet on. Now, let’s take a look!

Troxel Legacy Schooling Helmet

First on our list is the Troxel Legacy Schooling Helmet. Troxel is definitely the mot common name in riding helmets, and for good reason. They make solid helmets that protect your brains. This particular helmet is ideal for toddlers. It comes in both pink and black, and you can even purchase the helmet with a cute pink unicorn on it to give your youngster a sense of style. The helmet is ASTM and SEI certified, it uses the GPS II dial fit system, and you can purchase it for under $100. It has a removable and washable headliner, it uses 7 mesh covered vents, and it will feel snug and secure on your kid’s head. 

Basically, this helmet is great for a small child as young as five years old, whether they are a boy or a girl. It is made with high-quality materials, it’s comfy, the seams are smooth, and it’s attractive. The helmet may be a bit heavier than others, but that’s because it’s doing its job of protecting your child’s head!

Ovation Girls’ Schooler Deluxe Riding Helmet 

This is one of the most popular riding helmets that you can purchase online right now. These helmets come in all different sizes and are great for children as young as two years old. They are also great for fully grown women. While this particular model is advertised as the “girls” helmet, there is absolutely no reason it won’t work for your young boy toddler. Ovation is a trusted brand, they make fantastic riding helmets, and all their helmets come fully certified to be safe and secure. 

This helmet is lightweight, it offers great ventilation, you can get it in eight different colours, and it has an easy-adjust dial to make sure the fit is snug on your toddler’s head. The adjustment teeth are extra strong to give the helmet a longer life, and when your toddler begins to grow, you should be able to adjust it to fit with their growing body. 

The ventilation works well, allowing cool air to pass through the helmet. The vents keep you cool, the washable liner is removable, and the breakaway visors come off and are able to be cleaned separately. These helmets are a little more expensive than the competition, but we think they are worth every penny. 

Tipperary Sportage Western Riding Helmet: Toddler Size

Tipperary is another great designer of helmets. This helmet is great in terms of safety. It’s also a unisex design meant only for toddlers, boy or girl. The entire point of this exquisite helmet is to keep your child safe. It’s available in black or pink, it’s fully certified for all safety rules, and it really makes your child look like a serious rider. It has an aggressive style for western riding, and its top ventilation is extremely functional with rear vents to provide maximum cooling when the temperature is hot.

A lot of science went into designing this helmet. It’s contoured specially to protect the fragile head of a toddler. The backdrop shell is specially contoured, and the interior cradle is lined with comfort foam for increased protection and ideal comfort. Even if your youngster isn’t riding, they will still want to wear this great helmet because it is so comfortable!

Equi-Lite Horse Riding Helmet for Kids

Last on the list for today is a horse-riding helmet for children designed by Equi-Lite. The first thing I have to say about this helmet is that it’s a great budget option. It is significantly cheaper than the helmets offered by Troxel and Ovation. But that does not make it any less safe for your toddler to wear. It’s unisex, available in all kinds of different colours like black, gold, purple, and even green. And yes, it is fully certified for all federal and European safety standards. 

The only downside to this helmet is that it doesn’t look quite as fancy as the other ones. But if that’s not an important feature for you, who cares! It fits very nicely on young children and teens, it’s practical, it’s extremely comfortable, and it will protect your toddler in case of an accident. The helmet is easy to adjust to give you a custom fit, it uses a dial system for quick adjustments, and it has proper ventilation. There are five front cooling vents and four rear cooling vents to allow ideal air circulation to keep your toddler comfortable and cool while riding. If you want a quality helmet at a lower price, this is the one.

Runner Ups

If you are on a budget this helmet from EXZ Bike will work great for your young rider and is safe for bikes and skateboards so it will definitely work for horse riding lessons.