Quietest Horse Clippers

The Quietest Horse Clippers

Last updated on July 11th, 2023 at 04:19 am

The Best Quiet Clippers for Horses

Whether you have a show horse, a lazy horse, or a wild stallion who roams your pasture, chances are you don’t want their hair to get all shaggy and unappealing. You are going to need to keep your horses trimmed and pretty. This isn’t just for the horse’s general well-being and, let’s face it, self-confidence, but also for you to admire your beautiful animals in all their glory.

Horse grooming means clippers. To keep those coats shiny and golden brown in the sun, you must clip, trim, and groom. And while this can be an absolutely torturous process between you and your horse, especially with horses that are fussy or skittish at the buzzing noise of the clippers, there are ways to make it easier on all parties involved. The thing is to get the right clippers for the job and for the horse. You want the quietest clippers possible.

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Types of Quiet Horse Clippers

Quiet clippers are great for one horse or for a lot of horses, but especially if you are doing a whole barn of horses at once. This is because the quieter buzzing won’t agitate the horses waiting in line for their makeover.

You have a few main options when it comes to silent clippers, though none are going to actually be 100% silent. More like hushed. You are generally going to choose between a high-powered hair clipper or a weaker touch-up clipper that you can use to lightly trim the horse’s head, legs, and ears. If you use a touch-up clipper for the full haircut, your clippers are going to burn out and it’s going to take forever. Get the right clippers for the right job and you will always be a happy camper.

The difference between a heavy-duty pair of clippers and smaller ones for touch-up work is the size of the motor, which also adds to the sound. The quietest horse clippers you’re going to find will have smaller motors in them, while the bigger the motor means the more noise. Still, there are some companies that have done all they can to make super quiet clippers. Let’s take a look.


Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

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Andis is a big name in animal grooming. You can find Andis clippers ranging in price, size, and functionality. This particular model is a 2-speed unit that offers incredibly smooth operation with low noise output at only 120 volts. You can use them on any breed of horse with any kind of coat. The blade is detachable, meaning you can take it off and clean it in just a few minutes. The housing of the clippers is shatterproof, while the heavy-duty cord is exactly 14 feet long, giving you the range you need to buzz your horses. You can also use these standard animal clippers with your scruffy canines.

Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Equine Clipper

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These clippers are tailored specifically to horses, and they prove it by being ultra-effective when it comes to giving a whole lot of haircuts around the stable. These clippers are tough, durable, and built with impact-resistant housing, and they allow you to groom for hours without having to take a break. Plus, they are super quiet. You can easily give one horse an entire haircut if the battery is fully charged, and you won’t spook the other horses with aggressive sounds while doing it. For a cordless unit that runs on battery power, you can do a significant amount of work. With the addition of detachable blades, you have a comprehensive cutting kit for your horse. Quiet as they come.

Wahl Professional Animal Power Grip Equine 2-Speed Clipper

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These clippers are number one. For a quiet animal clipper designed especially for the equine variety, the Wahl Professional Power Grip 2-Speed Clippers are going to get the job done quickly, effectively, and with minimal noise. The clippers are so small, compact, and lightweight that you can use them not only for clipping the body but also for more sensitive areas like the ears and face. You get a smart combo of function, power, speed, and quiet.

With Wahl’s special Powerdrive Performance System, the blades are going to stay surprisingly cool even in the thickest coats of hair. Plus, no matter how tough the job, they stay quiet, keeping your skittish horse shushed and completely calm. Another bonus of using these clippers is their uniquely designed body, which is meant to be extraordinarily comfortable in your hand, rolling effortlessly as you switch from angle to angle. The rounded body lets the horse hair fall away from your hand and the blade, minimizing the chance of jamming, snagging, or clogging.

Included with the clippers is a storage case, replacement drive tips, a #10 Ultimate Competition Blade, a tool for removing the drive tip, and a cleaning brush with blade oil. These clippers come with every last thing you need to start cutting your horse’s hair. No more need for loud, bulky, overpowered clippers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing hair clippers, try not to skimp on price. Never buy the cheapest model. This is especially true if you’re looking for the quietest clippers, as cheaper models are going to make more noise that can frighten the animals. Since you are going to be using the clippers frequently, it is important to have a pair that are solid quality. Remember, a lighter is going to mean a smaller motor and less noise.

You always want to be able to change blades with your clippers. As the blades dull and get older, they tend to stick and get stuck, and this will lead to excess noise, not to mention pain with your horse. Keep the blades cleaned and always use the lubricant oil that comes in most packages. When the blades start to rust or perform poorly, it’s time to switch them out for a fresh pair. The smoother the blades, the quieter the clippers.