Is Horse Manure Good for Tomatoes

Is Horse Manure Good for Tomatoes?

Is Horse Manure Good for Tomatoes?

Horse manure is readily available and very easy to find if you live on a farm or have a horse of your own— even if you keep it in a barn that is not on your own property.

This resource was commonly used by our ancestors for purposes such as making fires and fertilizing the plants that they grew. You may be wondering whether you can use horse manure to fertilize the plants that you grow today, like your tomatoes.

Read on to learn more about horse manure as a fertilizer, and if it can be a beneficial choice for your tomato plants!

Is Horse Manure Good for Tomatoes?

It is important to remember that plants are complex, and no two kinds of plants are going to be the same when it comes to their needs.

This is why it is important to do your research before introducing different fertilizers, such as manure, to your plants. Luckily, tomato plants are some of the kinds of plants that do well when you fertilize them with horse manure. 

You should be aware, though, that some people recommend avoiding giving manure to flowering plants, and tomatoes are technically a flowering plant, so be aware of this when making your decision and be sure to weigh pros and cons.The manure is able to feed the plants and improve the soil quality where it is placed, too. We will go over the benefits of horse manure for tomatoes in greater detail below.

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Benefits of Horse Manure for Tomatoes

There are some great benefits to using manure as a fertilizer, as we mentioned earlier in this piece. Read on for some of the benefits of using horse manure to fertilize your tomato plants.


One of the benefits of horse manure is that it is a milder option than your typical commercial fertilizer. These are made with chemicals and may burn or damage your tomatoes. Plus, who wants to put chemicals on food that they will be eating later? If you compost your horse manure properly before using it on your tomato plants, you can avoid burning or damaging your tomatoes. It is a more gentle fertilizer option!

Nutrient Rich

The purpose of fertilizer is to provide nutrients to the plants, and horse manure is rich in nutrients. This is what makes it such a good fertilizer for plants such as your tomatoes. It often contains more nutrients than commercial fertilizers, and these are all naturally occurring, too, rather than formulated, which is another plus.

Easy to Find

Of course, last but not least, horse manure is incredibly easy to find! If you are an equestrian or have a farm, then it is likely that you will be able to get this horse manure for free. After all, if you have a horse around, there will be plenty of manure, too! However, even if you do not have a horse providing you with free manure, this is still easy to find at most commercial stores, and still does not cost very much. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best manure for tomatoes?

Manure can be gross, but it actually has many uses! Not only can it be used to make fires, but it has been used as a natural fertilizer for many, many years! This is also great for those who are growing vegetables on a farm, because there is a lot of manure from all the animals! The best manure to use when you are growing tomato plants is horse manure. It can provide food for the plants and can improve the quality of the soil at the same time. 

Can you put horse manure around tomato plants?

Horse manure can be a great fertilizer for many kinds of plants in your garden, and if you live on a farm or are an equestrian, it is pretty easy to come by, too! That makes it cost effective and more natural, too, when you are comparing it to the other fertilizer options that you can get for your plants. You can put manure around your tomato plants, as it can help to enrich your soil and provide food for the plants. However, some say that manure should not be used to fertilize flowering plants, so this is also something to be aware of when you make your decision!

What vegetables do not like horse manure?

There are plenty of plants out there that like horse manure, or other kinds of manure as well— and therefore respond well when you use them as fertilizer. However, that being said, there are other plants that do not respond so well, so you should avoid using manure to fertilize them. The kinds of plants that usually do not like horse manure are vegetable root crops. Some of the types of vegetables that would fall under this umbrella are carrots, potatoes, and radishes. Salad green type vegetables also do not respond well to horse manure, and this can be seen by the plants getting damaged or burned if they are fed with horse manure.

Is horse manure good for a veggie garden?

You’ve likely heard about how great manure can be for your garden and for plants. After all, it is free, all natural, and if you are an equestrian or have a horse of your own, it is also easy to find! But, it is also important to remember that plants are complex and have different needs! Not all plants will respond the same to something, whether it be the amount of light, shade, water, or manure that they are getting. In the case of your vegetable garden, specifically, manure can be a great addition. It is rich in nitrogen, so vegetables such as garlic, brussels sprouts, and rhubarb can reap the benefits of horse manure. These vegetables like nitrogen. Other vegetables, though, such as lettuce or root vegetables, do not do so well with horse manure, so bear that in mind when planning out your garden plots!