Is Horse Manure Good for Raspberries

Is Horse Manure Good for Raspberries?

Is Horse Manure Good for Raspberries?

Horse manure can be a great alternative to commercial fertilizers. It is easy to find, especially if you are an equestrian or live on a farm, and it is also free and all-natural— unlike commercial fertilizers. Manure has been used as a fertilizer since before commercial fertilizers were even developed.

If you have a garden, you can still use horse manure for some of your plants to this day. Read on to learn more about using horse manure as a fertilizer option, and whether or not it is a good choice for your raspberry plants. 

Is Horse Manure Good for Raspberries?

As we mentioned above, horse manure can be a great fertilizer option because it is all natural and also easy to find. However, not all plants will react well to manure, so you should be sure to do your research before deciding to use horse manure as your fertilizer of choice. Each variety of plants has a different set of needs, such as the amount of water or sunlight it requires. It is no different for the kind of fertilizer and soil quality needed by a plant!

Luckily, if you have raspberries, these are one of the plants that can do very well with horse manure as their fertilizer. Horse manure not only provides extra food and nutrients for the plants, but it can improve the quality of the soil, too. Below, we will go over some of the benefits of horse manure for your raspberry plants in more detail. 

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Benefits of Horse Manure for Raspberries

When it comes to the benefits of using horse manure as a fertilizer, there are plenty of them! Take a look below for some of these great benefits so that you can understand why manure is a good choice for your raspberry plants this year!

Nutrient Rich

One of the biggest benefits of horse manure is that it is nutrient rich. There are many nutrients in manure that your raspberry bushes need, which of course is the purpose of fertilizing plants in the first place. One of the main nutrients in horse manure is nitrogen, and raspberries are a type of plant that needs nitrogen. The nitrogen in the manure will break down and release into the soil slowly over time. 

Reduces the Need for Commercial Fertilizers

Many people simply use horse manure as a supplementary fertilizer, and some may use it in conjunction with commercial fertilizers, too. However, due to the nutrient dense properties of horse manure which we went over above, using manure can reduce the need to use commercial fertilizers on your raspberry bushes. In fact, if you fertilize your raspberry bushes with horse manure at planting time, then you can reduce the need for commercial fertilizers by half! 

All Natural

Last but not least, horse manure is all natural! While it may be gross when you consider what manure actually is, it is still a much preferable option than the chemicals in commercial fertilizers. Especially when you are planting something you want to eat later, the more natural you are able to keep the process, the better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put manure on my raspberries?

If you are planning out your garden, you will likely want to fertilize your plants so that they can grow to their very best! And what better way to do that than with manure, which is often free and is all natural, too? The best time to put manure on your raspberry plants is about 4 to 6 weeks after you have planted the berries. You should avoid fertilizing your raspberries in late spring or summer, though, because this can encourage the kind of late season growth that is then susceptible to damages. Also, make sure you are not using fresh manure, which can damage your plants’ roots.

Can I use manure on raspberries?

Yes, manure can be a great fertilizer to use on your raspberry plants! In fact, the manure of different animals has long been used as an alternative to commercial fertilizers— and was even used as a fertilizer before commercial fertilizers were developed. The use of manure as fertilizer dates back many, many years, back to our ancestors. Even better, it is still a great option today because it is all natural and can be very easy to find in many areas— and is typically free! For those who live on a farm or are equestrians with horses of their own, manure is a fantastic alternative to all of the store bought fertilizer options out there.

What grows best in horse manure?

Horse manure is just one of the many types of animal manure out there that you can use to fertilize your garden and help your plants be as healthy as can be! However, you should always do your research before fertilizing your plants so that you can be sure that the type of manure or fertilizer that you have chosen will work well for your plants. After all, different kinds of plants can have different needs and can therefore respond better— or worse— to certain fertilizers. The types of plants that respond well to and grow well in horse manure are those like corn and  garlic. In addition to these, horse manure can work wonders for your grass lawn and help it to stay green, lush, and healthy! 

What is the best soil mix for raspberries?

Soil is really one of the number one determining factors for deciding what can grow in an area, and what kinds of plants will not grow well. If you are planting a garden, it is important to be aware of your soil mix. You can also add soil to cultivate your own soil mix of sorts— especially if you are working with potted plants, too! When it comes to raspberries, the kind of soil that they grow best in is a sandy loam mix of soil. A well drained loam can also be very beneficial for your raspberries if you do not have the exact sandy loam mix.