Chris Potter Heartland (Tim Flemming)

Chris Potter Heartland (Tim Flemming)

Chris Potter Heartland

The actor Chris Potter has had a lengthy acting career which spans around 30 years! He is certainly a veteran in the industry. In addition to this, he is a musician, and a director, and has four children at home!

One of his most recognizable and longest-running roles is as Tim Fleming on the Heartland tv show. Tim Fleming is the father of Amy and Lou and is a fairly selfish person, but still a caring father. He abandoned their mother, his wife, as a result of a drinking problem, but returns to try and become a part of the family again.

Chris Potter himself is a Canadian actor, producer, and songwriter, as we mentioned above. He was born in Toronto in 1960 to a famous father— the former pro football player Ron Potter. If you are a sports fan, you may know the name! Read on to learn more about Chris Potter, the actor.

Chris Potter’s Passion For Acting Came Later in Life

Many actors say that they always knew they wanted to be in films, or were already getting commercial roles as toddlers. Chris Potter, however, had a bit of a different path in his acting career. As he was the child of a famous football player, he received a lot of support in sports-related ambitions. When he was in school, he played several sports, such as hockey, baseball, and football. He wanted to be a famous athlete when he grew up, just like his dad. However, he also was involved in community theatre. 

In addition to all of this, Chris was passionate about music when he was growing up. He left college to chase the dream of being a rock musician. He was able to really discover his passion for acting, though, when he was in theatre— this led him to go on to become a professional stage actor. 

Prior to appearing on our tv screens and making his silver screen debut, Chris even worked as a car and insurance salesman. About his experiences, Chris has said “I’ve been lucky enough to have choices about the direction of my career.”.

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Chris Potter is a Veteran of the Entertainment Industry

Even though Chris was not doing tv acting as a child, he still has built up an impressive roster of acting credits. When he received his first silver screen role, on the tv show Material World, he was able to quit his day job. Before this, the only time he was seen on screen was as a commercial salesman in the 1980s.

The first major role that Chris was offered was as Detective Peter Caine in the series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He was lucky enough to be able to act alongside his former mentor David Carradine, a well known actor, singer, and martial artist. 

Most of Chris Potter’s roles are considered to be “edgy”. He is well known for the movie The Pacifier, the X Men series, and other series like The Good Witch series. Currently, his portfolio is up to appearances in 450 episodes of various shows, 10 feature films, 20 movies, and a lead role in 8 different tv series. In addition, he has directed over 20 episodes himself— though his passion has always been acting, rather than directing.

Chris Potter is an Award Winning Actor

Not only has Chris racked up an impressive amount of credits to his name, he has also won awards! He won Best Actor in a Featured Drama at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival due to his role in a thriller called Rocket’s Red Glare. He also received a Gemini nomination for Best Performance in a Supporting Role because of his role as Tom Harsburgh in a provocative film called Sex Traffic.

Chris Potter Didn’t Accept the Role of Tim Fleming at First

One of Chris Potter’s most recognizable and longest-running roles is as Tim Fleming on Heartland. However, he almost didn’t take the role at all! At first, he refused the role when it was offered. His agent was not super excited about the offer, either, especially as Tim Fleming was not a lead on the show. That being said, he has grown loyal to the show over the years and it is obvious that he quickly grew to love the cast and crew!

He has said in interviews that he looks at playing Tim as an antagonist in the Heartland universe. He has said of Tim that: “he’s the kind of character who stirs up trouble, and people either hate him or love to hate him.” Chris believes the show has the longevity that it does because of the tone that the show’s executive producer, Heather Conkie, is able to set. The slow burn effect of the show is another advantage, where relationships and other progress on the show take longer to develop. 

Chris Potter is an Accomplished Director and Producer

In addition to being an actor, Chris Potter has been able to direct and produce, too. He has said before that: “Directing television is not unlike being a father of four— you get questions all day long, some of them are relevant, some of them are not… you have to keep marching forward.” He would know, as he is a father of four, too! 

His directorial debut was back in the 90s with the crime drama Silk Stalkings. Chirs was also the co producer on The Good Witch series, and has been able to direct and write many of the Heartland episodes in his time on the show. 

Chris Potter is Also a Musician and Songwriter

Chris Potter already has so many passions to his name, from acting to directing! But he is also a songwriter and a musician. As we mentioned previously, he has nurtured a passion for music since childhood. In high school, he was already playing in bands. Then, in college, he dropped out so that he could play in a band called Licks. He has played with a few accomplished London musicians as well.

Another fun fact about Chris and music is that music is often what he turns to when he is stressed. When stressed or anxious, he often picks up his guitar! 

Chris Potter Is a Family Man

In 1085, Chris married his wife Karen Potter. These days, they have four adult children. In the winter, they live in San Diego, and then in the summer, they live in London, Ontario. Once he had children, he looked at acting not only as a passion but as how he would provide for his family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ron Potter related to Chris Potter on Heartland?

Ron Potter and the actor Chris Potter from Heartland both have the same last name, so it would make sense if you wonder whether or not the two men are related! Ron Potter is a former pro football player, and he is the father of Chris Potter, who is an actor on the Heartland tv show. Currently, Chris Potter plays Tim Fleming on the show. 

When did Chris Potter leave Heartland?

Chris Potter was a Heartland staple as the character of Tim Fleming. He has had his share of storylines and different plot points over the years and the seasons, and one of the scariest for fans was in Season 14 when he received a brain tumor diagnosis. It is thought that Chris and his character may not be in Season 15 because of this diagnosis, and due to this, Chris Potter has left the Heartland tv show. That being said, there has not been a formal announcement and Tim Fleming has not died on the show, either. This means that there is still a possibility of seeing Chris Potter in Season 15, and a possibility that he has not left the show at all! 

What TV shows did Chris Potter play on?

The actor Chris Potter is, of course, well known for his role as Tim Fleming on Heartland, a role which has spanned many seasons over the years. However, he has other acting credits to his name as well! Some of the other shows that he has been a part of include Good Witch, Wild Card, and Silk Stalkings. In addition to these, Chris Potter has also had movie roles over the years. Some movies include The Perfect Assistant and The Good Witch’s Garden.

Who does Chris Potter play on Heartland?

Chris Potter is the actor who plays the character of Tim Fleming on Heartland. This character is the father of Amy, Lou, and Shane. His wife is Marion, who died in the very first episode of the show when there was a terrible accident as she tried to rescue a horse. Throughout the seasons, Tim has had a role in the show and on the nearby Big River ranch. Some of his storylines include being kicked out by Jack because he is depending upon pills and alcohol, and is a poor influence around his daughters. Luckily, he is later able to get his life back on track.