how to be a cowboy cast

How to Be a Cowboy Netflix Cast

How to Be a Cowboy Netflix Cast

How to Be a Cowboy is a Netflix series that can be enjoyed by anyone interested in how ranchers and cowboys still lead their daily lives. It is certainly not just for equestrians! Even better, the show follows a real cast of characters, rather than being a fictionalized show.

The most famous character and the star of the show is Dale Brisby, who was already educating people on cowboy life before filming for How to Be a Cowboy.

Read on to learn more about the cast of How to Be a Cowboy on Netflix, including some of the other characters who appear on screen alongside Dale Brisby! 

What Is How to Be a Cowboy?

How to Be a Cowboy is a Netflix series that aired in September of 2021. It had one season, and followed a cast of real life characters in the day to day running of Radiator Ranch, which is owned in real life by the star of the show— Dale Brisby. It is a look into the everyday life of the modern cowboy, which we might not be as familiar with today. In fact, some viewers may be surprised to realize cowboys and ranchers are still thriving to this day!

How to Be a Cowboy Netflix Cast

Below, we will tell you some facts about the unique cast of characters you’ll find on How to Be a Cowboy. 

Dale Brisby

First up is Dale Brisby, the star of the show and the owner of Radiator Ranch, where a lot of the show is set. He has a huge social media following on both Instagram and YouTube, and has been using his social media skills to give viewers a glimpse into the everyday life of a cowboy. He also is a champion bull rider and rodeo star, who started his career in 1987. He has a master’s degree in Agriculture from Texas A&M. 

Jorden Halvorsen

Another member of the show’s cast is Jorden Halvorsen. She is the first female intern at the ranch, and is also the newest intern. Jorden is recognized as being a skilled bull rider, but has suffered a bad knee injury that needed surgery. She is from North Carolina. 

Donnie Ray Daytona

Donnie Ray Daytona also works at the Radiator Ranch. He moved from Texas to Missouri to achieve the goal of becoming a real American cowboy. He then interned at the ranch with Dale, and showed an impressive work ethic— which led to him being hired as a full time employee. 

Leroy Gibbons

Leroy Gibbons has a connection to Dale Brisby besides being on the show together— he is Dale’s brother. Leroy is a man of many talents. e Not only is he a rancher, but he is also a recording artist! He is more reserved than Dale, as you can see on the show, and has a quieter sense of humor than his brother does. 

Cheech Nation

Last but not least is Cheech Nation! He also appears on How to Be a Cowboy, and also goes by the name Jesiah Zapata. He is a champion roper and lifetime cowboy, though he is not a competitive rider. Instead, Cheech Nation is a professional radio announcer and works at rodeos, as well as ranching. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dale Brisby?

Dale Brisby is the star of the Netflix series How to Be a Cowboy. He is a champion bull rider and also a top rodeo contestant. In addition to all of this, Dale Brisby has his own YouTube channel called RodeoTime. He shows us the insider scoop of being a cowboy and a rancher in both this YouTube show and in the Netflix series. Of course, being a cowboy, Dale Brisby is also an outdoors enthusiast! 

Who is the star of How do you be a cowboy?

How to Be a Cowboy is a Netflix series that— you guessed it— teaches viewers how to be a cowboy. The cast goes over some of the unexpected and day-to-day duties of being a cowboy and running a ranch. The How to Be a Cowboy filming locations are mostly in Texas.

Whether or not you are an equestrian, it is easy to get into this show! Dale Brisby is the name of the star of the show. Dale combines his modern-day social media savvy with his rodeo skills and the cowboy know how he has developed to keep the traditions of cowboys and ranchers alive. He’s also using this knowledge to teach the world how to be a cowboy and how to do it right! 

Who is Donnie on How do you be a cowboy?

Dale Brisby is the star of How to Be a Cowboy, but there are other members of the cast, too! One of these is Donnie. His full name is Donnie Ray Daytona, and he works at Radiator Ranch, which is the ranch that Dale Brisby runs. He was first an intern at the ranch, but then he was able to stay on and become an employee— Dale obviously thought that Donnie had what it takes to be a cowboy! That means that he also features on the show and can be seen in episodes doing various jobs or helping Dale out. After all, it takes more than one person to successfully run a ranch. There are lots of jobs to be done— as we can see from the show and from Dale Brisby’s YouTube channel! 

Is How to be a Cowboy on Netflix?

How to Be a Cowboy is a one season tv series. It focuses on Dale Brisby and the other cowboys and ranchers that he comes into contact with while running his own ranch, Radiator Ranch, and— you guessed it— being a cowboy! Dale Brisby was the perfect choice to be tapped for the show because he already had his own audience and was following through his YouTube channel, RodeoTime. The How to Be a Cowboy show is a Netflix original and was released on the Netflix streaming platform in September of 2021.