Godless filming location

Where Was Godless Filmed

Where Was Godless Filmed

Fans of the Godless miniseries will know that the show was set in the Wild, Wild West of the United States. The town that the show is set in is fictional, but of course, it was filmed in places that still exist to this day!

The Godless cast and crew did not completely rely on sets and builds to film their scenes. Rather, they took filming out to real locations in the West to keep things accurate for the show. Keep reading to learn more about the Godless miniseries, as well as where it was filmed!

What Is Godless?

First off, what is the Godless tv show? In case you have never seen the show before, Godless is a miniseries that focuses on a young outlaw on the run. He flees from his mentor and ends up in the fictional town of La Belle, in New Mexico— a town that is made up of almost all women. The reason for this is a mining accident that took the lives of most of the menfolk. The show was released for one season only in 2017 and went on to win three Primetime Emmy Awards!

Where Was Godless Filmed?

Godless was filmed in a few different locations to really give a true and accurate feel to the show. These mostly include different areas of New Mexico, where the show was actually set. This is not always the norm— there are plenty of instances where a show or a movie is filmed in a different location than where it is supposed to be set, even if the show is set in a place that actually does exist and makes filming there possible! We love that Godless was able to stick to it and properly represent New Mexico during shooting.

There is a real town in New Mexico called La Belle, but the La Belle in the Godless show is made up. They did not film in the real La Belle because it is a ghost town. Instead, most of the filming and production for Godless was centered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They also filmed in the northern parts of the state, which are home to rugged landscapes which made special appearances in the miniseries. A few miles south of Santa Fe, the crew built a set for the town of La Belle. This was made up of 28 different buildings, such as the jail and the saloon, and took more than 12 weeks to complete!

Some of the other scenes from Godless were filmed on the Cerro Pelon Ranch in New Mexico, which is owned by Tom Ford of fashion design and filmmaking fame! Diablo Canyon, a town called Jemez Pueblo, and a tributary of the Rio Grande called Rio Chama were also filming locations. While most of the show was filmed in New Mexico, as you can see by all the locations we have mentioned, the last episode had some scenes in California when the main character traveled there to reunite with his brother. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the ranch where Godless was filmed?

Godless is a Western that was filmed in a few different locations, including on a ranch! You may wonder if this ranch was real or if it was simply a set that was built in order for the show to be filmed here. The ranch that the show was filmed at is called the Cerro Pelon Ranch. It is located in New Mexico and owned by Tom Ford, who is also a fashion designer and a filmmaker. You may recognize his name, as his fashion and beauty brands are named after him. 

What town is Godless based on?

The Godless tv series is filmed in one location, but meant to be set in a made up location. The town that the show is set in does not exist in real life. The town that Godless is set in is called La Belle. Technically, there is a La Belle in New Mexico, but it is a ghost town. The La Belle that is seen in Godless has been said to be completely fictional. The show is not based on a true story or a true town— at least, not that the showrunners have announced— but it does take inspiration from the Wild West and the grit and determination that was needed in order to survive out there! The inspiration of the show can also be easily found in the history of America’s Wild West. 

Is Godless Based on a true story?

Godless has become a pretty popular tv show, where an outlaw on the run ends up finding himself in a small town in New Mexico, that is made up of almost entirely women. With this sort of interesting premise, you may wonder if the show was actually based on a true story. While that would be cool, Godless is not based on a true story. That being said, it does still pull inspiration from the history of the American Wild West. Godless was inspired by the history of mining towns, as well as the grit and determination of those eking out a living in the Wild West. These sorts of stories informed the plot and the worldbuilding of the show when it was being written and then filmed! 

Will there be a season 2 of Godless?

Currently, there is only one season of Godless. It was a miniseries, but got such a fan following that there are now many people out there wanting more from the Godless cast and crew! Unfortunately, the show ended back in November 2017. Due to this, it is very unlikely that there will be a second season of the show. There has not been any announcement of a continuation of the Godless storyline, either, so fans of the show will likely be left disappointed. Often, with a miniseries, the show will only run for a short amount of episodes or for a single season. It looks like this is the case with Godless, too!