Best Cordless Horse Clippers (1)

Best Cordless Horse Clippers

Last updated on February 19th, 2023 at 06:43 pm

Best Cordless Battery-Operated Horse Clippers

Which Cordless Clippers are the Best?

If you are in the market for cordless battery-operated clippers, you likely aren’t going to be using them in a heavy-duty capacity. These kinds of small and extremely portable grooming tools are used primarily for a single session with one horse, and typically the battery life on them is no more than one or two hours. Cordless clippers are not something you can use to groom an entire fleet of long-haired stallions.

Here is a chart of the best. This is if you are in a hurry and need a recommendation. We have done the research and testing and came out with a few solutions, including our top pick and budget picks. Down below we go into more depth

Best Horse Clippers without a Cord.

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Before we get into the biggest and best in cordless clippers, it won’t hurt to go over some basic rules when clipping your horse. Since you are only going to be clipping one or maybe two, and this might be your first time having to do this as a new horse owner, let’s go through the crucial steps together.

How To Use Horse Clipper With Your Horse

Have you ever tried to vacuum your floors with a dog in the house? Right – well, this is the same way some horses react to being prodded by big, heavy, vibrating clippers. In that sense, a first-time groomer would do well to go with a lightweight and less noisy solution, like the best cordless horse clippers. Less heat, not so much noise, and a gentler touch will be better for both you and your horse.

Before you switch on the clippers and go nuts, brush your horse’s hair this will keep your horse hair ready.

Body clipping a cordless horse clipper takes time.

Giving your horse’s coat a quick brush will smooth out the hair and decrease the chance of the blade snagging or overheating, which will hurt the horse and take up more of your time. Be sure to brush in the direction the hair grows, the same rule as shaving your own face.

It’s not necessary, but if it needs to be done anyway it wouldn’t hurt to give your horse a nice bath before you start with their haircut. This will smooth the tangles and rinse out dirt, saving the life of your clipper blades. You are only using a cordless – but still, you don’t want the blades to dull too fast. If you are only clipping a small portion of hair, you can probably forgo the bath.

Because of what we mentioned earlier, horses can get a little skittish with all the noise. When body clipping a horse you need to not only do the clipping but manage the horse too.

This is especially true when you put the buzzing clippers close to their ears. Take care not to startle them and accidentally buzz some of their ears off. It might help to put a bit of cotton in their ears first, calming them down and preventing hair from falling into their ear canals. Some horses are calmer when body clipping than others so it’s important to know what your horse needs. You can also try some calming supplements which have been known to help.

More than anything, stay patient while clipping. It can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to finish the job. And if you are a new horse owner and have yet to do this before, it will be closer to two hours.

Make sure to stay calm and patient, because if you get anxious or annoyed your horse will feel it and react in turn. Remember that for a week or two after their haircut, their coat won’t be quite so shiny. It takes a bit of time to regain that lustre.

Best Cordless Clippers for your Horse

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Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

When you need something portable for horses this is one of the best. Has a detachable blade.

Quiet clipper for home grooming. Easy to use, a durable, long-lasting rechargeable clipper with 2 hours run time and a quick charge for grooming anywhere.

Andis Super AGR+ Rechargeable Clipper

This is a slim clipper, highly portable, with a fairly decent battery life. Because it is an Andis product, you know it’s well-designed and well put together. Their series of animal clippers are top of the line. They really are the #1 trusted name in horse clippers. These body clippers have a detachable blade and a lithium ion battery.

Despite the AGR+’s small size, it has a pretty tough kick and can be used heavily all day with small charging breaks. The high-capacity battery runs for a full hour. We know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s roughly the time you will need to body clip an entire horse (assuming the horse isn’t too big). If your horse is exceptionally large, the #10 blade on the AGR+ might make your session long, drawn-out, and borderline tedious. The good news is that with one hour of battery life comes a breezy one-hour charge time. Take a break, grab a bite, and the clipper will be fully charged and ready to go again. If you don’t have any time to spare, you can always order an extra battery pack and switch between them.

This clipper boasts Andi’s high-tech Ceramic Edge blade technology. What that means is that the blades won’t get hot too fast, spooking your horse. They should stay relatively cool for the full hour. The 4×4 blade drive also packs 25% additional blade torque with a 3800 spm blade speed.

Wahl Professional Animal Acro Equine 5-in-1 Cordless Horse Clipper

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While Wahl is a known name all over the world for their clippers, animal or otherwise, they are also notorious for being average. That being said, their animal 5-in-1 cordless horse clippers are an exceptional average. Affordable, easy to use, convenient, and well-packaged, these are a perfect pair of clippers to keep on hand for emergencies or small jobs.

The Wahl comes equipped with two batteries – not just one! – to allow clipping with one battery while you charge the other one. Surprisingly, the charge time of the batteries is significantly longer than with the Andis AGR+. You get an unfathomable eighty full minutes of continuous use from one single charge. And while the charge takes 75 minutes, you have five whole minutes to spare before switching.

Has a detachable blade, a lithium-ion battery, and great body clippers.

Another typical inclusion with all of Wahl’s products is versatility. This comes with a 5-in-1 blade, able to be used for everything from clipping the body to meticulously trimming the horse’s face. Its compact and featherweight design (only 7.9 oz.) means it won’t be too much of a bother for sensitive horses, and it won’t be a burden on your wrists or arms halfway through grooming. This model also comes with four combs, a cleaning brush, oil for the blade, a charging stand, a carrying case, and even a DVD that teaches you how to properly body clip your horse.

Quite honestly, even if Wahl is not as “big quality” a name as Andis, this clipper comes equipped with more and lasts longer – at a cheaper price. We highly recommend it.


Best Quiet Cordless Horse Clippers

We have added this clipper to the list, even though it is a dog clipper. The reason for that is because horse people who need cordless quiet clippers sometimes need to turn to dog clippers to get the job done. Some horses don’t like the sound of clippers, and that can make the job a little harder to do. This pair of clippers could definitely help you out. Make sure you get a lithium ion battery, as they last longer than others. It also has a full body and a detachable blade clipper.

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Can you Use Human Clippers on Horses?

The short answer is yes you can use human clippers on horses, especially the more robust ones. What you need to know is that horse hair is significantly thicker, and usually coarser. If your human clippers have a good blade however they will work on the horse.

What is Strokes Per Minute and Which is Better?

Most people think that higher strokes per minute would be better, but this is not always true. Often higher strokes per minute mean that there is more wear and tear on the blades, and more heat inside the clippers. Also, slower clippers are generally quieter as well. One great example is the Wahl KM2. It is also a heavy duty clipper, which helps people who have more than one horse. Sometimes you need something more heavy duty.

Strokes per minute is the number of oscillations of the blade per minute. When you have a detachable blade clipper or a super 2 speed you can switch out the blades to keep the sharp and cool.

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The best way to avoid blade burns is to buy two identical blades and swap them out during a shavedown, allowing them to cool between use and oil the blades frequently throughout the clip. Don’t use spray “coolant” because it will gunk up the blades.